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Experts: Terrorists Could Launch Nuke Attack on US
Voice of America
A group of nuclear weapons specialists has issued ominous warnings before members of the US Congress that terrorist groups like al-Qaida could launch a massive attack on the United States and currently there is little to deter or defend against such a strike. VOA correspondent Meredith Buel has details from Capitol Hill. Sidney Drell, an arms control specialist and physicist at Stanford University, told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee the United States has entered, what he calls, a dangerous time. "I view us on the precipice of entering a new and more dangerous nuclear era with the spread of technology, which means, in particular, the enrichment of uranium, which makes it possible for more societies to enter the nuclear club," he said. "That raises the danger of nuclear weapons getting in the hands of terrorist groups and others unrestrained by the norms of civilized behavior as we know it and therefore these weapons become more likely to be used." The dean of Georgetown University's school of Foreign Service, Robert Gallucci, agrees. Gallucci, a former US Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, says the most dangerous threat is that a terrorist group will smuggle a nuclear weapon into the United States. "The most likely is that a terrorist group, al-Qaida or an al-Qaida cousin would acquire a nuclear weapon and introduce it into the United States," he explained. "It seems to me that that is a threat against which we have neither a defense nor a deterrent." Gallucci says a maximum effort needs to be made to prevent terrorists from acquiring or manufacturing a nuclear weapon...
Hometown Jihad: The Return of Salah Sultan
FrontPage Magazine/Patrick Poole
It was almost a year ago that I first introduced readers of FrontPage Magazine to the story of how I returned to my hometown of Hilliard, Ohio – a sleepy Columbus suburb and a longtime red-state haven – after more than a decades absence, only to quickly discover that the hometown of my youth had vanished and instead had become yet another battleground in the Global War on Terror. This story was first presented to FrontPage readers in " Hometown Jihad," where I recounted my finding a Muslim Brotherhood operative, Dr. Salah Sultan, living right around the corner from me and teaching out of the Islamic school, Sunrise Academy, which had set up shop during my absence in the city's former library building...

STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION deport illegals punish employers

Thanks to reader Gayle K., Co-Chair, New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control for this fantastic video!
**Mexico Is Working To Build A "Fifth Column" in the United States

A letter from a friend of mine...

Thanks to Ed P., New York City
Last night my wife and I arrived at the mid town brownstone of one of the resident Mexican elite in Manhattan, to discuss Presidential politics.The house had been converted from a five family to one family use 50 years ago and was beautiful in white, light colors and furniture, seductively lit in low light except for the art, which was bright and modern and all over the house. About 50 people showed, some members of the richest and most aristocratic families in Mexico. They are scared. Here is what they told me, not knowing who I was:

The recent election barely held off a Hugo Chavez style government from coming to power in Mexico, perhaps because of CIA intervention. The next time they might not succeed.

The Mexican elite have concluded that McCain-Kennedy is dead, and their ability to dump their working class on us is threatened, and revolution is around the corner, as the Mexican masses contrast their situation with an improving living standard in South America.

They have decided on a new strategy-to bring the immigration issue into the Presidential race, by spending their money on Spanish radio and television and lobbying the candidates for President. Corporations with major stakes in Mexico will also be involved.

The weakness of this approach is that it subverts democracy and is not in the interests of many people already here. We need to lobby and advertise right back, educating the American people in how to survive.

"Time for a little plain talk to the leaders of Mexico."

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Fred Thompson (potential '08 Presidential contender) On Illegal Immigration
Hear it all:
Unsafe in America
By Fred Thompson
March 30, 2007 12:50 PM
Editor’s note: Click here to listen to the original radio commentary this transcript is based on.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali can’t leave her Washington D.C. home without guards.
There were many Germans and other Europeans who came to America and warned of the Nazi threat in the 1930s, including writers and filmmakers. Can you imagine that any of them would have ever needed bodyguards?
Hirsi Ali does — right here in America.
Yet too many people still don’t understand what our country is up against. They might if they read her book.
Read it all...

A Glimpse Of Reality... If You Dare...

Intentionally low, static, and misleading official government estimates claim that 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens reside in the United States and that 700,000 new illegals enter and stay every year.
Based upon the analysis presented here, it is likely that in mid-2005 more than 20 million illegal aliens presently resided in the United States, with roughly 12,000 additional illegal aliens entering every day.
Do The Math
Estimate the gross number of illegals entering the U.S., as well as the number of those that evade apprehension by the Border Patrol. A "get away" ratio is applied to the numbers of illegals entering, resulting in a gross estimate of illegals entering and evading apprehension.

Factor in repeat apprehensions of the same individuals and legalizations out of the overall estimate. Many illegal aliens who are apprehended and are returned home try to enter the U.S. again and are subsequently apprehended. Others are legalized and are allowed to stay in the U.S.

Factor "short term stays" out of the overall estimate. Some illegal aliens voluntarily return home in less than year.

Estimate the total number of illegal aliens living in the United States, based upon the estimate of illegals entering and evading apprehension each year.
(Then add extended family and children born on US soil)

A Voice Of Clarity

"What we need is an administration that’s going to deal with the counterinsurgency at home, which is taking root in the Democratic Congress..
Think about the situation we would be in. I mean, think about the implications of that, that the idea that we cannot deal forthrightly with a foreign power out of fear that somehow, they’re going to have a terrorist network that’s going to set in motion all of these kinds of disasters. Isn’t that really an argument for saying it’s time for this regime to come down?
... And for us to take the actions that are necessary to prevent this kind of international blackmail? It seems obvious to me, but obviously, in the world of the U.N. and the diplomats and politicians, what is obvious is what they spend most of their time to avoid."
- Prof. Aurthur Herman, Historian
Hugh Hewitt interview with Professor Herman:

Let's Give Them Their Jihad


Thanks to reader Mr. Jinglz for the link to this excellent site:

** **
10 Reasons to "Declare War on Jihadists"
Jihadists declared war against us. Osama bin Laden has said that it is a duty to kill all Americans. Americans are NOT their only targets. Jihadists routinely murder innocent men, women and children throughout the world.
Ordinary people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, can battle Jihadists. We may not carry guns, but we can (and must) speak out and condemn evil.
We are fighting a new kind of war, and it requires new tactics. We are seizing the 'high ground' on the social battlefield.
We must "lift the fog of war" and identify the real enemy. Although the U.S. Department of State has identified many terrorist organizations, only jihadists have sworn to destroy Western Civilization and tear down duly constituted, long-established governments.
This is not a political issue. Bipartisan agreement to clarify the threat and "Declare War on Jihadists" makes sense. Respected scholars, sensible people and authorities agree.
The hard-fought strides made for civil rights, especially those of women, will be utterly destroyed by the Jihadists.
The Jihadist tactic of murdering people who exercise their rights (including free speech, religious expression, etc.) is inconsistent with the social, political and legal standards of civilized people everywhere. It is also against the laws of all civilized nations.
Everyone has a stake in this war, and each of us can act. We can unite to protect our freedoms and those of our families and children.
You do not make war on a noun (check with your favorite English teacher). You do not make war on a tactic either (ask your favorite general or admiral). You declare war on an enemy. In this case, the jihadists are the bad guys. We are saying so.
When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Have another reason? Please send it along to

So, you want to be a Muslim...

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How to be a (CAIR) Muslim
(The Council on American-Islamic Relations)
There are some Muslims who do interpret Islam differently from how we see the Wahabbi-funded lobbyist group, CAIR, and so many like-minded others practicing their faith. So, please don’t draw too much from this. Everything we know about being a Muslim, we learned from watching the Council on American-Islamic Relations and then looking into Islam to find out what compels the group to act as it does.

So, want to be a Muslim.
Perhaps you are experiencing a craving related to self-actualization, such as the desire to belong to something larger than yourself. Being a Muslim, after all, gives you an instant sense of community (and instant status as a victim), even if it is with a petulant group that contributes little more to the world than temper tantrums and sporadic terrorism.
Perhaps you’ve been raised without a religion, suddenly realized that there is a God, and happen to know Muslims who seem satisfied and happy with their faith (as if that is what determines religious truth). We’re willing to bet, however, that you're getting fed a version of Islam that is quite a bit rosier than reality. In fact, the Muslims that you know may not understand the dark corners of their own religion and the life of its prophet as well as they think.
Or maybe you just want to be different. After all, with the many incidents of Islamic terror around the globe these days, becoming a Muslim is fast surpassing tattoos and nose rings as the most effective way of shocking friends and family. So is that it? You just want to stand out in the crowd… make people feel a little uncertain around you… make them think that there is something mysterious about you?
Terms and Conditions
Well, the first thing you should know about being a Muslim is that it is a permanent choice. Unlike every other religion in the world, only Islam proscribes the death penalty for anyone foolish enough to leave the Religion of Peace. Tony Soprano’s famous statement, “Once you enter this family, there’s no gettin’ out,” sounds like a euphemism compared to Muhammad’s blunt command: “If anyone leaves his religion, then kill him.”
If you realize your error after the fact, then there is the option of keeping your personal beliefs to yourself, as millions of apostates in the Islamic world have learned to do. But, losing the freedom to speak truthfully about your convictions will be a sacrifice that may become more meaningful to you as you mature.
Also, be forewarned that accepting Islam means learning to think differently about your non-Muslim friends and family - and not in a good way. More on this later.
Accept Muhammad
What does being a Muslim mean? As you probably know, it starts with a profession of faith in one God, and that Muhammad, the self-proclaimed prophet of the 7th century, is “His messenger.”
So what do you have to swallow in order to believe that Muhammad was a prophet?
Start with the rather curious interest that Allah had in Muhammad’s quest for sex and power. In fact, whenever Muhammad had a hedonistic or violent craving, Allah was right there to satisfy it with a divine revelation generously in step with the desires of his “prophet.” (As one of his wives wryly put it, right after God “told” Muhammad to take another object of lust as his wife, “Truly Allah seems to be very quick in fulfilling your prayers.”)
Muhammad’s sex life was a matter of great concern for the God of Islam, who ordered Muhammad to marry eleven women in the span of about a dozen years, including a 9-year-old girl and his own daughter-in-law. In addition to this, he was explicitly told to have unmitigated sex with his many slaves. In fact, the commands that concern the prophet’s personal sex life are preserved for eternity in the holy Qur’an, where they exist to be memorized by countless generations.
So busy was God with Muhammad’s sexual desires, that he didn’t have time to say things in the Qur’an like, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or “Don’t take fellow human beings as slaves,” or (our personal favorite) “Stop using children for sex!”
As for power, well, let’s just say that whenever Muhammad wanted to steal and kill, God was always prepared to whisper in his ear and tell him to get on with it. The prophet of Islam even had his critics murdered just for mocking him. He ordered the murder of captives in barbaric fashion, including a man who was tortured to death in order to give up hidden treasure. And, not least of all, he left a legacy of prolific violence that even consumed his own family.
Virtually all of the Jews and other tribes living peacefully in Arabia had been conquered by Muhammad at the time of his death, and he had begun to launch the great Jihad against Christians by then as well. His companions and successors continued a relentless campaign that reached from Spain in the West, to the lands of Hindus and Buddhists in the East - all within a matter of decades.
So, if you think that a man who killed other men and had their wives raped and their children enslaved is your type of prophet, then you’ll find it pretty easy to slide into the next phase of being a Muslim... dichotomizing the world into two distinct categories, with the greatest rank and privilege applying to one, while the other exists merely to fuel the fires of Hell.
Phase Two: Moral Superiority and Personal Arrogance
The dirty little secret of Islam is that it has its own method of determining right and wrong. There is no larger context of morality. Everything on earth is judged only by how it happens to affect Muslims, who are the favored race (according to the Qur’an) and the people of the light – while all others live in ignorant darkness.
For Westerners, raised to believe that discrimination and personal prejudice are wrong, the Islamic practice of blatantly elevating one’s own identity group above all others will be a transition. You will find yourself developing a strong sense of personal arrogance, gradually realizing that you are better than the wicked people around you - who are in their state of lowness by virtue of having rejected Muhammad and the truth of Islam.
As this moral superiority blossoms, it will become much easier for you to accept the system of discrimination against others that is so deeply rooted in Islamic law. Muhammad taught that other faiths are meant to exist in a state of humiliating subjugation to Islam, even to the extent of paying taxes to Muslims (the jizya) until they can no longer afford their faith and eventually must convert to the Religion of Peace. If they refuse to pay, then kill them.
Because Muslims are better than the people around them, Muslims deserve to be treated better. Muslims should have rights that others don’t. They can share their faith, and build residences and houses of worship as they please. Non-Muslims, however, are second-class citizens under Sharia law.
Phase Three: Indifference to Islamic Terror
Personal arrogance, when it happens, will mean a deep peevishness for the concerns of Muslims, combined with stunning disregard for people outside your faith – particularly for the problems they suffer at the hands of other Muslims.
You and your new Muslim friends will decry any slight or indignity that can be blamed in any way on a non-Muslim or non-Muslim government, no matter how trivial. In the meantime, you will become desensitized to the horror that Islamic terror metes out on others across the globe each day. Eventually, you will move beyond mere hypocrisy and double-standards, into the realm of actually justifying the violence, as your heart grows colder toward those who don’t share your religion.
Hey, there's nothing stopping those victims from accepting Muhammad and putting an end to their suffering, is there? If they want to be treated like humans - like Muslims - then they can always submit to Islam. And then, even if they die, it will only be for a greater life in the hereafter, a paradise full of sex and wine.
How long will it take for you to change from naively thinking that the purpose of all religion is to make the world a better place into realizing that the point of Islam is nothing more than Islam? When will you begin to understand that the lives of unbelievers rank well below any Muslim concern, regardless of how minor? When will you become a CAIR Muslim?
Just give it time. It'll happen. It always does.
That’s Islam… (CAIR-style, baby)!

Convert to Wahabbism now - lest you die, infidel pigs

Yes, this vile spew was originally published a few years ago... however, one point to take from this article is that their rhetoric never changes and it is preached all over the world... and has been for centuries. Nothing we do or do not do will alter a single thing.
I love this quote:
Meaning: we cannot undo generations upon generations of brainwashing. And it shouldn't be our obligation either.
"Of course it goes without saying that soon all shall be forced to convert to our religion and follow our beliefs."
Originally published: 4/4/04
Drexler University, PA
(Sheikh Usama ibn Akhmed: Professor of Wahabbism at Drexel University and the president of Wahabbism Now for America.)
America is corrupt! America is immoral!
America is ruled by Satan, who employs the Jews to carry out his bidding!
If you are still reading this, that means that there is still some hope for your soul. I, Sheikh Usama ibn Akhmed, am the president of Wahabbism Now for America. Our organization recognizes the massive moral shortcomings of this immoral culture and attempts to fix it by enforcing the purest form of Islam; this form of Islam, Wahabbism, is the law of the Holy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we will impose it on America and all its inhabitants. We are trying to educate the population of our aims so that they can submit themselves on their own accord without forcing us to resort to violence. Unfortunately, all the respected newspapers we contacted, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Triangle, have refused to run our opinion pieces and have even reported us to the FBI. With the exception of one, The Rectangle. The Rectangle has graciously agreed to allow our commentary to run, and they have partially redeemed their immoral souls by doing so.
Anyway, people of America, know and understand the following rules well, for they are the will of God, and the will of God shall be thrust upon you...
First and foremost, all shall be required to accept that our path is the one and only true path to salvation. So long as all of you follow this, then God may have some mercy on your souls and forget your decades of sinful living.
Part of America's sin-filled society is due to the excessive freedoms that are available to women. These freedoms promote immorality and promiscuity and must be restricted immediately so that a return to purity can be achieved. When we come to power, we will decree that no women shall be allowed to go to school or work. Education is useless to women, because it is God's will that their duty in life is to stay at home and raise children. As for women working, we have mentioned before that their only work in the eyes of God shall be to be good homemakers. Women should not leave their homes, except only when it is absolutely necessary. When they do leave their homes, women should be enveloped from head to toe in a black garment, so as to shield them from the eyes of other men. This is the only way to avoid temptation, lust and sinful living. When outside the house, women should be accompanied at all times by a male relative and should not speak to unrelated men. Once again, this is to avoid sin.
In Wahabbism, the only true interpretation of Islam, it is forbidden to make an image of anything that has a soul and is living, for God has forbidden this. Therefore, we will make it illegal to make statues, portraits or take photographs of anything having a soul (human or animal). These acts show the person who is committing them to be competing with God in the act of Creation, and therefore it is forbidden.
Taking photographs is forbidden even in cases of "necessity" such as citizenship documents or driver licenses. Other forms of identification should be used in those situations such as fingerprinting so as not to violate God's will. If you must buy a newspaper or magazine from some other immoral country which has pictures in it for gaining essential knowledge, then it is required of you to efface all the photos present therein. Or better yet, do not read such books, for all the knowledge you require in the world is present in God's book, the Holy Quran. All clothing, including children's clothing, must be free of any representation of any living being, for this violates God's will.
We will also make polygamy legal. Polygamy is required in many cases so as to protect that chastity of women. As women stay unmarried longer, the chance of them being overcome by lust and sin increases. There is no doubt that a woman having one-half of a husband, or one-third or one-fourth of one is better off than the woman having no husband at all. One need not have apprehensions about this for the Prophet (peace be upon him) had nine wives when he died, and God has told us that we have a good example to follow in His messenger. However, it was made clear that every man may have up to four wives, and that having more than four wives was specific for the Prophet (peace be upon him) alone.
Of course it goes without saying that soon all shall be forced to convert to our religion and follow our beliefs. Most people in the world today live in the lands of disbelief. Even many "Muslim" nations revel in disbelief and immorality. Unless Muslims follow all what we have outlined before, they are not true Muslims in our opinion and in the eyes of God. They are also full of sin. Muslims and non-Muslims alike have a chance to redeem their souls and submit to God by acknowledging the truth present in the above paragraphs and following the principles outlined above immediately and for the rest of their lives.

My Congressional Testimony at Ellis Island on Future of Immigration - Michael Cutler

March 30, 2007 12:32 PM
I testified today before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law on the subject, "Past, Present, and Future: A Historic and Personal Reflection on American Immigration." The hearing was held at Ellis Island, through which my mother first set foot on American soil a few short years before my grandmother and millions of others died in the Holocaust. Here is a segment of my testimony, and you can read all of it here in a file.
. . .
"Ellis Island was a facility that provided immigration inspectors, public health officials and others the opportunity to screen those aliens who were seeking to enter the United States to enjoy a far better way of life than was possible in their native countries. Simply arriving here was no guarantee of being admitted to the United States. Ellis Island was, in effect, America’s waiting room. If there was a doubt that the arriving alien might harbor a dangerous communicable disease, that person was kept here as long as necessary, until public health officials could determine if that applicant for admission posed a health risk to our citizens. Similarly, Ellis Island provided law enforcement officials with adequate time to identify those who might be fleeing criminal prosecution in their homelands. In those days there were no computers that could assist with this vital issue.
Today when aliens run our nation’s borders without being inspected, the potential exists that these aliens may carry diseases. These aliens may be fugitives from justice in their home countries who have extensive criminal backgrounds. In this perilous era, the potential also exists that these aliens may be involved directly or indirectly with terrorism. This is not a matter of xenophobia; it is a matter of commonsense. Our nation needs to know who is entering or seeking to enter our country. At present it has been estimated that there are from 12 million to twenty million illegal aliens in our country whose true identities are unknown and ultimately unknowable. Because they are undocumented, we can not be certain of when they entered the United States and in fact, we cannot even be certain as to their true nationalities. The President has called for legalizing illegal aliens which would require our beleaguered adjudications officers at USCIS to suddenly have to confront many millions of applications for amnesty filed by aliens whose identities can not be verified. I fear that terrorists and criminals would seize this opportunity to acquire official identity documents in fictitious names in conjunction with such a guest worker amnesty program and use those documents as breeder documents to create new identities for themselves, obtaining driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and other such documents. They could then use these officially issued documents to embed themselves in our country and also circumvent the various terror watch lists and so-called no fly lists."

Teamsters Plan April Boycott

One Reporter's Opinion
George PutnamThursday, March 29, 2007
It is this reporter's opinion whether you have a pickup truck or an 18-wheeler, we won a victory on Capitol Hill when a Senate committee voted to block President Bush's "reckless plan" to open the U.S. border to Mexican trucks.
The 1.4 million members of the Teamsters Union led by President James Hoffa were loud and clear in the demand to keep America's highways safe and secure (not to mention union job security).
... environmentalists will be furious when they read a report from California's Air Resources Board stating that 50 tons of new smog (the equivalent of that produced by 2.2 million cars) will be pouring into California's skies daily as a result of 17,500 Mexican trucks crossing into California each day!
. . .
The truckers are mad as hell and they plan to fight back!
A teamsters' boycott is scheduled to take place April 23, 24, 25, truckers from four border states – Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and beyond.

Controversial Immigration Billboard Goes Up

KOTV - 3/29/2007 4:26 PM - Updated 3/29/2007 4:30 PM
Two former Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers have paid for a billboard in East Tulsa that is getting a lot of attention, and is sure to cause some controversy. News On 6 anchor Lori Fullbright reports the men are calling themselves outraged patriots, and say they’ve had enough of illegal immigrants.
The billboard asks drivers on Interstate-44, “Have you had enough?” Former troopers Dan Howard and Jack Horath believe illegal immigrants are creating a crisis in this country. They hope their billboard and website bring awareness to the issue.
"They're turning criminals out early from prison on the grounds they leave the country, which means come up here,” billboard owner Dan Howard said. “Twenty-billion-dollars will leave the U.S. this year from illegals and that's money we will not get back."
Howard says the message is not aimed at the Hispanic race or legal citizens, but to the illegals he says are draining our economy and raising our crime rate. Howard and Horath also want Oklahomans to learn about State House Bill 1804, which involves sweeping immigration reform aimed at illegals.
"If we take off the incentive of working here without paying taxes, and getting a driver's license and insurance, they will leave,” Howard said. “If landlords and businesses are fined for illegals, they will leave."

Call me an Islamophobe, please. Seriously.

This Christian woman had a bright future that was cut short when she was beaten to death by her Muslim students this week for touching a Qur'an.
Jihad du Jour (Latest News of the Day)
Five Hindu Road Workers Butchered by Islamists...
EU Bans 'Islamic' & 'Jihad' From Comments on Islamic Jihad...
Religious Extremists Blow Up Video Shops in Pakistan...
Nigerian Muslims Follow Up Murder with Church Burning...
Ethiopian Evangelist Beaten to Death by Militant Muslims...
Calls for Executing Brits, as Iran Forces Political Letters...
Freedom Fighters Use Kidnapped Children, Mentally Ill in Bombings
UK: Church Appoints Muslim to Staff...
al-Qaeda Linked to Murder of Cricket Coach...
Islamic Terror's War on You
al-Qaeda - Penny Pinchers?...
Palestinian Schoolbooks Teach Children to Hate Israel...
Paradise Seekers Rack Up over 100 Dead Iraqis in the Name of Allah...
Militants Lay Seige to a Pakistani Town...
Iran Changes Mind on Female Hostage Release after Britain's 'Incorrect Attitude'...
Suicide Blast in Pakistan Kills One...
Articles & Commentary
'I Will Not Express Thanks…' (NY Sun)
The UN rejects an opportunity for the sort of introspection that might halt the long slide away from its intended purpose as an objective and meaningful international organization.
Europe's Swan Song (Family Security Matters)
The cost of pampering the current generation of Europeans will be the end of what was the cradle of Western civilization. Hope that early pension is worth it, Pierre.
The head of the "flying imams" airlines suit has some serious baggage of his own, but the mainstream media is too frightened to tell you about it.
Human rights and liberal values are antithetical to the Islamist agenda.
A blast from the past… who are they fooling?

Germans Have "Bratwurst" Upon Themselves

Paving the Way for a Muslim Parallel Society
March 29, 2007
A recent ruling in Germany by a judge who cited the Koran underscores the dilemma the country faces in reconciling Western values with a growing immigrant population. A disturbing number of rulings are helping to create a parallel Muslim world in Germany that is welcoming to Islamic fundamentalists...

ORWELLIAN ALERT: The European Union "advises" governments: Refrain from linking Islam and terrorism in their statements.

(Well, okay, says jillosophy... now, go tell that to the %$#&*^ Muslims!)
If anyone out there still needs clarification on this issue click here now:
Full List of Islamic Terror Attacks...

Don't confuse terrorism with Islam, says EU
By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels
Last Updated: 2:52am BST 30/03/2007
The European Union has drawn up guidelines advising government spokesmen to refrain from linking Islam and terrorism in their statements.
Brussels officials have confirmed the existence of a classified handbook which offers "non-offensive" phrases to use when announcing anti-terrorist operations or dealing with terrorist attacks.
Banned terms are said to include "jihad", "Islamic" or "fundamentalist".
The word "jihad" is to be avoided altogether, according to some sources, because for Muslims the word can mean a personal struggle to live a moral life.
One alternative, suggested publicly last year, is for the term "Islamic terrorism" to be replaced by "terrorists who abusively invoke Islam".
An EU official said that the secret guidebook, or, "common lexicon", is aimed at preventing the distortion of the Muslim faith and the alienation of Muslims in Europe.
"The common lexicon includes guidance on a number of frequently used terms where lack of care by EU and member states' spokespeople may give rise to misunderstandings," he said.
"Careful usage of certain terms is not about empty political correctness but stems from astute awareness of the EU's interests in the fight against terrorism.
"Terrorists exploit and augment suspicions."
Details on the contents of the lexicon remain secret, but British officials stressed that it is there as a helpful aid "providing context" for civil servants making speeches or giving press conferences.
"We are fully signed up to this, but it is not binding," said one.
However, Conservative MEP Syed Kamall hit out at the lexicon. "It is this kind of political correctness and secrecy that creates resentment among both the mainstream in Europe and in Islam," he said.
Meanwhile, UK Independence Party MEP Gerard Batten claimed that the EU was in denial over the true roots of terrorism.
"This type of newspeak shows that the EU refuses to face reality," he said. "The major world terrorist threat is one posed by ideology and that ideology is inspired by fundamentalist jihadi Islam."

Mahdi Dearest

Interesting blog here with good information - good source:

What's Worse than Violent Jihadists?
By Timothy R. Furnish
Mr. Furnish, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor, History, Georgia Perimeter College; Ph.D., Islamic History; M.A., Church History.
Islamist terrorist bombings in the London subways. Buddhists beheaded by fanatical Muslims in Thailand. Hurricanes and Live 8 aside, the global event horizon these days seems to encompass little else but revolutionary (actually reactionary) Islamic violence. How much worse could it get?
Much worse.
So far the bombings, attacks, murders and beheadings have been the province of mere jihadis—basically mundane, albeit dangerous, Islamic fundamentalists. Islamic fundamentalists, in a nutshell, reject modernity;1 that is, they anathematize the mainstream of Western—and, by now, global—thought which has predominated since the Enlightenment, predicated upon: a Cartesian cleavage between reason and revelation, politically-enforced separation of religion and state and optimistic (well-nigh utopian) faith in science and technology. Many Christian fundamentalists share this antipathy for modernity. But jihadis (perhaps somewhere between 1 and 10% of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims) differ from Jerry Falwell in that, for them, history has taken a horrible wrong turn. The religion of the final and perfect revelation of Allah to mankind still lags, in number of adherents, to that superseded tritheism known as Christianity (with its 2 billion members). Islamic political power, regnant from Morocco to Indonesia and from the Hungarian forests to the African savanna in 1491, was first eclipsed by Europeans and now is dwarfed by the American imperium and its Cowboy Christian Caesar (triply galling to Usamah bin Ladin, as well as to Democrats and the French) and betrayed internally by faux Muslim leaders like Mubarak, Musharraf and the Saudi princes.
The cure for Islamic religious, political and cultural malaise, according to jihadi fundamentalism, is simple (albeit easier said than done): replacing fake Muslim rulers and governments with truly Islamic ones that impose and enforce shari`ah, or Islamic law. (Of course, “that depends on what your definition of ‘Islamic law,’ is.” Wahhabi? Turkish? Nigerian? Iranian?) And of course the preferred way to get such leadership in place is through regime change, whether violent (the former Taliban in Afghanistan) or more populist (the Islamic Revolution in Iran). Jihadi ideology also calls for an end to outside “imperialism”—i.e., American influence and intervention—in the Muslim world in general and the Middle East in particular (especially Arabia, the site of the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina).
There is another strain of fundamentalist ideology, however, that may not be willing to wait for jihadi governments to come to power: Mahdism. Al-Mahdi is “the rightly-guided one” who, in Islamic traditions allegedly going back to Muhammad (and nowhere to be found in the Qur’an), will come before The End of time to usher in a worldwide Islamic state with a little help from his returned prophet friend Jesus.2 Mahdism is believed by many (including scholars, who should know better) to be the province only of the Shi`is, but many of the most successful Mahdist movements in history have been Sunni. Most prominent here would be Ibn Tumart’s al-Muwahhids (Almohads) who ruled from Portugal to Tunisia, 1130-1269 CE, and Muhammad Ahmad’s Sudanese Mahdists—about whom the movie Khartoum, starring Charlton Heston and Sir Laurence Olivier was made—who ruled Sudan from 1885-1898. Another famous Mahdist movement, albeit ultimately unsuccessful, was the attempt to overthrow the Saudi regime in 1979: one Juhayman al-Utaybi declared his brother-in-law Muhammad al-Qahtani to be the Mahdi and led several hundred armed followers to occupy the main mosque in Mecca (eventually all were either killed or captured and then executed). Scores of other self-styled mahdis have arisen over the last millennium of Islamic history. If nothing else, Mahdism is certainly a powerful means of expressing dissatisfaction with extant Islamic government.
And Mahdism shares many characteristics with mere jihadism, the most important of which are: a yearning (indeed demand) for Islamic law and a burning desire to restore Islamic rule to its former environs and, in fact, to engineer the creation of a global caliphate. But Mahdist movements “are to fundamentalist uprisings what nuclear weapons are to conventional ones: triggered by the same detonating agents3 but far more powerful in scope and effect.”4 Once a charismatic Muslim leader becomes convinced he is the Mahdi, all bets are off. The Mahdi (and each one is of course convinced he is THE, not simply a, Mahdi) will, according to the Islamic traditions, be directed by Allah to restore the Prophetic caliphate and, as such, is not bound by the letter of the Islamic law. For example, both Ibn Tumart and Muhammad Ahmad declared that they alone were capable of interpreting the Qur’an, so any previous opinions and commentaries were relegated to irrelevance. And of course the opposition to them by establishment religious figures—for both of these men, as do most Mahdist, led revolutions against existing Islamic governments5—only served to reinforce their Mahdist claims, since true Muslims could recognize the Mahdi. Anyone claiming to be the Mahdi, then, is largely unfettered by any norms, Islamic or otherwise. Ibn Tumart and his leadership, for example, killed tens of thousands OF THEIR OWN FOLLOWERS deemed lukewarm in their support. And Muhammad Ahmad, who had Charles Gordon decapitated and his head displayed, may have proved just as bloodthirsty had he not died of malaria some six months after taking Khartoum.
There is, today, no one claiming to be the Mahdi—at least not yet. A number of Arabic books and websites have begun speculating whether Usamah bin Ladin might be him. (UBL does in fact like to point out to interviewers the similarities between himself and the Mahdi - jillosophy: )

6 Certainly no one else in the Islamic world has the stature to even attempt such a claim. Bin Ladin’s charisma, mysterious whereabouts, ability to strike and hurt even the American imperium and ongoing criticism of existing (illegitimate) Islamic rulers may not quite qualify him for the Mahdi’s ring of power—but they get him closer, certainly, than anyone else. What if he were to seize it? No doubt the vast majority of the world’s Muslims would reject such a claim out of hand. Many who see Bin Ladin now as something of a Muslim Che Guevara would certainly renounce him as Mahdi, but the small percentage that would accept such a claim would be intensely devoted and fanatical. If that amounts to only 1 percent of the world’s Muslims, the Mahdi would have 13 million potential suicide bombers.
And make no mistake: Mahdists would have even fewer constraints on their behaviour than do jihadis.

Since the end result of the Mahdi’s plans would be, they believe, a global caliphate nothing would he asked would be beyond his followers: detonating a nuke in Vegas or Manhattan, intentionally infecting oneself with plague or smallpox and then criss-crossing American aiports, suicide-bombing Christian day care centers in the Midwest. Helping the Mahdi restore Islam to planetary predominance would obtain one even more glory than the promised 72 huris in Paradise. And were Bin Ladin (or anyone else) to take power in, say, Arabia as the Mahdi, the entire world (even the French) would soon be waxing nostalgic about the Saudis. Even if Bin Ladin eschews a Mahdi claim, someone eventually will make it. The Mahdi is often associated with a mujaddid, a “renewer” that according to other Islamic traditions will come every 100 years to reinvigorate Islam. And considering that the 16th Muslim century begins in 2076, the American tercentenary may be met with more than normal fireworks.
1 See my article “Islamic Fundamentalism,” Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism ( New York and London: Routledge, 2001), pp. 235-240.
2 Mahdism and Madhist movements are the focus of my new book Holiest Wars: Islamic Mahdis, their Jihads and Osama bin Laden ( Westport, CT: Praeger, 2005).
3 Such as perceived illegitimate “Islamic” governments; a perceived diminution of Islamic norms; moral laxity of rulers and/or society; interference by foreign powers (usually, but not always, non-Islamic ones; the Sudanese Mahdi, for instance, despised the Ottoman Turks although they were Muslims).
4Ibid., p. 1.
5 Ibn Tumart led the overthrow of the previous al-Murabit (Almoravid) sultanate, while Muhammad Ahmad and his followers ejected the Ottoman Turks, Egyptians and British from Sudan.
6Holiest Wars, especially chapter 6: “Who will be the next Mahdi?”, pp. 150ff.

$OLD! - to special interests, foreign invaders, capitalist demi-gods and corporations... One once-great country

Uncredited contributions to Social Security grew by nearly $300 billion from 2000 to 2004, a giant increase attributable mostly to illegal aliens using erroneous Social Security numbers, and one seniors group said this will become a major liability if those aliens are legalized.
"Our government would willingly bankrupt the system even sooner by giving billions of dollars to people who broke the laws of the United States," said Shannon Benton, executive director of the Senior Citizens League, which is releasing a report today based on the Social Security Administration's numbers.
Democrats and President Bush have promised to try this year to pass an immigration bill that includes legal status for the estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens now in the country. Under current law, illegal aliens are not entitled to benefits for illegal work, but the bill says if they gain legal status in the future they can go back and get credit for the work done while illegal. In 2004, "uncredited earnings" -- Social Security tax payments that can't be matched to valid Social Security numbers -- totaled $65 billion -- about 10 percent of the program's total income. The amount of uncredited earnings stood at $301.8 billion in 1999, but had grown to $585 billion by 2004, according to the Senior Citizens League report. Government officials say they don't know how many illegal aliens are paying into the system, but say illegal aliens are probably the "chief cause" of uncredited earnings.

Invasion By Migration...

Immigrants Becoming U.S. Citizens at High Rate
March 29, 2007
Legal immigrants in the United States have opted to become American citizens in historically high numbers in the last decade, according to a study published yesterday by the Pew Hispanic Center.
The number of naturalized citizens in the United States population in 2005 was 12.8 million, a record high, the study found. The number reflected not only a growing number of legal immigrants coming to the United States, but also a growing eagerness among them to adopt American citizenship, the study reported.
Of all the immigrants now living legally in the United States, 52 percent are naturalized citizens, while others are permanent residents or have some other immigration status. The last time that citizens made up more than half of all legal immigrants was in 1980, the study found.
The research, which is based primarily on census data, was done by Jeffrey S. Passel, a demographer at the Pew center, a nonpartisan organization based in Washington.
“It is clear that today’s legal immigrants are signing on to a closer relationship with the U.S. than was the case a decade or two ago,” Mr. Passel concluded.
For the first time, European immigrants are no longer the largest group of those who choose to become citizens, according to the study. Over the past decade, they were outnumbered by new citizens who came originally from Latin America or Asia. In the decade before 2005 (the last date when figures were available), nearly 2.4 million immigrants from Latin America became citizens, more than from any other region, the study found.

So this is planet Earth...

Cartel Gunmen Reveal Links to Cops, Reporters
Americas - Mexico Today Two gunmen who worked for the Gulf drug cartel revealed their links with police and reporters in a video taped by a rival group who, after their confession, killed them. more...
Nuevo Laredo Freight Security Assessment
26 Mar 2007 - Americas Mexico There have been 11 confirmed tractor-trailer thefts this year and up to 50 unofficial reports. Most incidents have transpired in closed proximity to the international bridges by armed criminals targeting tractor-trailers transporting textiles. more...
Brazil Kidnapping Trends
19 Mar 2007 - Americas Brazil The following report was created in collaboration with OSAC contacts in Campinas, Brazil. This report incorporates six years of kidnapping records and highlights long-term and short-term kidnapping trends through analyzed case studies and statistical analysis. It also brings to light emerging modus operandi as well as profiles of the criminals and their victims. more...
Chile Police Clash with Protesters
Americas - Chile Today Riot police in the Chilean capital, Santiago, used tear gas and water cannons to disperse hundreds of young people holding an annual protest. more...
Travel Boom Strains South America's Air Infrastructure
Americas - Today Air travel in South America is growing more hazardous as a boom in commercial aviation far outstrips the capacity of the region's aging airports and traffic-control systems. more...

I Thank God I Am An American Every Day

Here is an interesting article about the State Departments' warnings issued to Americans who would travel to various parts of the world. It points out just some of the social conditions resulting from the fundemental differences in the way people from various places perceive right and wrong, good and bad, nice and not so much, decent and indecent. It sheds light on fundemental values and pricipals... morals and ethics - which are all apparent through, and at the root of, daily conduct towards others. And more importantly perhaps, the way the local governments and police forces deal with it all.
What they have to say about Mexico:
"Reporting crime is an archaic, exhausting process in Mexico, and is widely perceived to be a waste of time."
In nearby Greece, "police have limited ability to deter criminals" and "receive little support from the Greek government and even less respect from the Greek population," the analysts say.
In Laos, authorities may simply make up the rules, the analysts say, noting that "while the country does have published laws forming the basis of its law enforcement mechanism, the population is also beholden to unpublished laws and proclamations."
In the oil-rich Gulf nation of Qatar, the population of fewer than 900,000 racks up an astounding 70,000 traffic accidents per year, its report says.
"Drivers often maneuver erratically and at high speed, demonstrate little road discipline or courtesy, fail to turn on their headlights during hours of darkness or inclement weather, and do not use seat belts," it says.
Read it all - and check out the official gvt website for more...
State Dept. Warns: Be Careful Overseas
Mar 30, 5:53 AM (ET)

INVASION BY MIGRATION: Employment Agency & Travel Agency - Tools of the Invaders

Dozens Arrested in Md. Immigration Raid
Mar 29 09:19 PM US/EasternBy ALEX DOMINGUEZ
Associated Press Writer
BALTIMORE (AP) - Immigration agents arrested 69 people Thursday in raids on a temporary employment agency's offices and places where it provided undocumented workers, including the port of Baltimore, authorities said.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents also seized a bank account containing more than $600,000 from the employment agency, Jones Industrial Network.
The company's offices and eight other businesses were searched, including three where the temp agency is suspected of providing undocumented workers, ICE said.
The investigation began last year after immigration officials heard that temp agencies had provided illegal immigrants as workers to the port of Baltimore and other unwitting employers, ICE said.
Having "illegal aliens working and having access to our ports is a major security vulnerability," said James Dinkins, ICE special agent in charge...
Read it all...
Ariz. Human Smuggling Ring Broken Up
Mar 29 02:38 PM US/EasternBy JACQUES BILLEAUD
Associated Press writer
PHOENIX (AP) - A human smuggling ring responsible for arranging transportation for thousands of illegal immigrants has been broken up with the indictments of 14 people who worked in travel agencies, officials announced Thursday.
Six travel agencies were responsible moving at least 6,800 people since 2005, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard said.
In addition to the 14 owners or employees of the agencies who were indicted, two people who ran "drop houses" were charged.
"This case underscores our increased commitment to investigate and prosecute human smuggling in Arizona," Goddard said.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Voice Of Clarity

The video lecture below by EVAN SAYET is an ABSOLUTE MUST SEE! And pass it on!!
Here is a link to his website:
Here is a 15-minute short:
Here is his blog - I am really looking forward to checking it out:

EXCELLENT! Heritage Foundation Lecture: Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals "Think"

Click here to View Event
(Uncut version above features Heritage hosts introductions)
Slightly shorter version here at
Listen here: Streaming MP3 / Save MP3

March 5, 2007
Speaker: Evan Sayet - Writer, Lecturer and Pundit
Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium
Evan Sayet has been a top Hollywood writer and producer for more than 20 years. His credits range from “The Arsenio Hall Show” to “Politically Incorrect.”
After the Sept. 11 attacks, Sayet decided to step from behind the camera and speak out in his own voice – that of one of the nation’s top political satirists.
At Heritage, his entertaining yet quite serious lecture will examine the modern liberal “mindset” and how it can lead to siding with evil over good and behaviors that produce failure rather than success.

Outsourcing Airline Safety - American's are better off in the hands of low-paid foreigners. It's cool. Everyone loves us, anyway... right?

Airlines Outsourcing More Maintenance
January 22, 2005
Their business plans differ in many ways, but there's one area where major airlines and their cut-rate competitors agree: maintenance is a lot cheaper when it's performed by lower-paid mechanics working for outsourcers.
Jet Blue, Southwest, America West, Northwest and United are among the carriers who outsource major maintenance of their aircraft to contractors in other countries, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.
• As JetBlue's new A320 Airbus fleet ages, aircraft are sent to a repair hub in El Salvador;
• America West also sends its jets to El Salvador;
• Southwest has always outsourced its major maintenance;
• US Airways mechanics agreed Friday to pay cuts and the outsourcing of 2,000 mechanics jobs;
• Northwest sends its wide-body jets to Singapore and Hong Kong;
• Bankrupt United Airlines recently won union approval to begin using outside contractors for heavy maintenance.
It wasn't long ago that major airlines employed their own highly-skilled mechanics, each with his or her own Federal Aviation Administration license. The mechanics, who often studied for two years before taking the test, could make $60 or more per hour.
Mechanics working for outsourcers don't have to be licensed. Only supervisors are required to hold FAA licenses and are responsible for oversight of the mechanics, who in countries like El Salvador may make $10 to $20 per hour.
Is this endangering long-term safety of the U.S. commercial fleet? The airlines say no but others aren't sure.
Last year, investigators found that deficient maintenance by an outside vendor was partly to blame for the 2003 crash of a commuter flight in Charlotte, N.C. that killed 21 people.
In 1999, ValuJet flight 592 crashed into the Florida Everglades after taking off from Miami International Airport, killing all 110 on board. The crash was attributed to oxygen canisters improperly stowed in the aircraft's hold by maintenance employees working for an outside contractor.
In 2003, the Department of Transportation's Inspector General said the FAA was inadequately supervising outside contractors while devoting too many of its resources to oversight of in-house maintenance operations.
Airline spokesmen contend that the overseas maintenance contractors are more tightly supervised than the airlines' own mechanics. After all, the argument goes, they work on aircraft from airlines around the world and are subject to supervision by major European and Asian governments.
American Airlines says it prefers to keep heavy maintenance in-house because it has a well-trained, highly seasoned workforce. It outsources only 20% of its maintenance and none of its heavy tear-downs.
Airline Safety

Hell, I can't name one single thing about Islam that DOESN'T offend me

ORWELLIAN ALERT: School bans pig stories
These are young children we're talking about. They don't know pigs are supposed to be offensive. Kids actually like animals of all kinds.
The TRUTH IS that the Muslims do not want their children adopting the enjoyable, tolerant, kind, evolved cultural standards of non-Muslims - even though they choose to live in a non-Muslim country (why is that, I wonder? Because Muslim countries suck maybe?).
It's not about offending the kids - IT'S ABOUT NOT EXPOSING MUSLIM CHILDREN TO THE FACT THAT THERE IS NOTHING INHERENTLY OFFENSIVE ABOUT PIGS. NOT LOGICALLY.... and therefore opening their minds to the excersize of critical thought.
Books about pigs will still be in the school library though.
Woo hoo!
I would like to know what will be next to go. Those libraries are FULL of non-Islamic literature.
School bans pig stories
BBC News
A West Yorkshire head teacher has banned books containing stories about pigs from the classroom in case they offend Muslim children.
The literature has been removed from classes for under-sevens at Park Road Junior Infant and Nursery School in Batley.
Head Barbara Harris said the books would remain in the school library for children to read.
Sixty per cent of the school's pupils are of Pakistani or Indian origin and 99% of these pupils are Muslims.
Mrs Harris said in a statement: "Recently I have been aware of an occasion where young Muslim children in class were read stories about pigs.
"We try to be sensitive to the fact that for Muslims talk of pigs is offensive."
The head teacher sent a memo to staff saying fiction books containing stories about pigs should be removed from early years and key stage one classrooms.
Mrs Harris added: "The books remain in the school library and there is nothing to stop our younger children having stories such as 'The Three Little Pigs' in small groups."
Hey - whose freakin' country is it, anyway???

MUST SEE VIDEO: Speeches NOT Banned By the United Nations...

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Last Monday we featured video of an amazing speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council by Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, in which Neuer blasted the hypocrites and despots of the Council and then was threatened with having his statements removed from the record, by a furious council president.
UN Watch has now put together another must-see video, showing the kinds of disgusting, evil speeches that are NOT banned by the UN Human Rights Council—including support for the execution of homosexuals, support for terrorist groups, Holocaust denial, and the inevitable demonization of Israel (to a frightening degree).
The United Nations at work:

The "How-to, where-to, when-to" for Terrorists

One Muslim Advocacy Group's Not-So-Secret Terrorist Ties:
Unfit Print.
By Steven Emerson
The New Republic Online, March 28, 2007
This year has been a rocky one for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the self-professed "prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy" group. First, Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer rescinded an award her office had issued a CAIR official, stating that she was uncomfortable with many of the organization's positions. Then, two weeks ago, the GOP House Conference objected to the use of a Capitol facility--provided by Democratic Representative Bill Pascrell to host a CAIR forum, labeling the group "terror apologists" (based on CAIR's long track record of extremism and anti-Semitism).
Yet, just as people began to realize this and to ostracize CAIR accordingly, The New York Times arrived with a life raft. Earlier this month, Neil MacFarquhar wrote an incredibly generous profile called "Scrutiny Increases for a Group Advocating for Muslims in U.S." MacFarquhar's piece is so fraught with errors--of commission and omission--that it is a coup of CAIR propaganda.MacFarquhar gets off on the right foot, noting, "Several federal officials said CAIR's Washington office frequently issued controversial statements that made it hard for senior government figures to be associated with the group." But he cites none of these "controversial statements." Nor does he mention the CAIR-sponsored fund-raisers and conferences featuring former neo-Nazi leader William Baker and jihadist cleric Wagdy Ghoneim. (At a 1998 CAIR event, Ghoneim sang, "No to the Jews, descendants of the apes." And, after he was deported in 2004 for overstaying his visa, Hussam Ayloush, CAIR's Southern California director, called Ghoneim's removal from the U.S. "a dent in our civil rights struggle.")
Readers of the Times wouldn't know, for example, that Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin alleged CAIR's links to terrorists; nor that Steven Pomerantz, former counterterrorism chief of the FBI, has written, "Any objective assessment of the material ... leads to the conclusion that CAIR, its leaders, and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups."In airing critics' complaints about the group, MacFarquhar cites its refusal to "endorse the American government's blanket condemnations of Hezbollah and Hamas." Actually, that's only half the story. At a 2001 rally in front of the State Department, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad actually defended Hamas's murderous tactics: "The Palestinians are using legitimate means of resistance. We should not be shy about it, and we should not be apologetic about it.
"The devil, however, is in the details, and MacFarquhar doesn't even bother with them. CAIR has received significant funding from the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, an outfit notorious for publishing anti-Semitic, jihadist literature. (Sample passage: "Teach our children to love taking revenge on the Jews and the oppressors, and teach them that our youngsters will liberate Palestine and [Jerusalem] when they go back to Islam and make jihad for the sake of Allah.") CAIR officials also make frequent pilgrimages to the Persian Gulf to solicit funds (for a $50 million p.r. campaign and a new $24 million office building)...

Dhimmicrats Do America - at humanity's peril

Our World: Condi's embrace of jihadist 'peace'
Mar. 26, 2007 20:42 Updated Mar. 27, 2007 10:20
Excerpt: In an open act of war, Iran Friday kidnapped 15 British soldiers in the Persian Gulf.
Iran's act of aggression occurred just as the British voted in favor of a UN Security Council resolution imposing increased sanctions against Teheran for its illicit nuclear weapons program.
Several theories have been raised to explain Iran's behavior. Some say that the Iranians acted against the British in the hope that Britain would respond by abandoning its alliance with the US and swiftly pulling its forces out of Iraq.
Another theory is that in kidnapping the sailors the Iranians are seeking to reenact their ploy from last summer. Then, Iran ordered its Lebanese proxy Hizbullah to kidnap IDF soldiers in order to divert the international community's attention away from Iran's nuclear program.
As is the case with the British servicemen, so last summer's attack on the IDF took place as the Security Council was expected to convene and discuss sanctions against Iran for its pursuit of nuclear weapons.
IN AN ACT of unmitigated contempt for Israeli democracy and electoral laws, Clinton sent his own election advisers James Carville, Stanley Greenberg and Robert Schrum to Israel to run Labor party leader Ehud Barak's campaign in the 1999 elections.
The culmination of Clinton's campaign was the failed Camp David summit in July 2000. There, and in subsequent desperate discussions with Arafat at Taba, Barak agreed to hand over the Temple Mount to Arafat in addition to Gaza, Judea, Samaria and a pile of money.
Israel paid dearly for Barak and Clinton's behavior. In the Palestinian jihad that followed Arafat's rejection of Barak and Clinton's plaintive offers, more than 1,000 Israelis were murdered - more than 70 percent of whom were civilians. Israel's international standing fell to all-time lows as global anti-Semitism rose to levels unseen since the Holocaust.
America too, paid dearly for Clinton's behavior. Rather than pay attention to the burgeoning terror nexus which had placed the US directly in its crosshairs - in 1993 at the World Trade Center; in 1996 at the Khobar Towers; in 1998 at the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania; and in 2000 at the USS Cole - Clinton remained scope-locked on the so-called peace process.
Rather than acknowledge the existence and threat of the global jihad to US national security, Clinton pressured the global jihad's primary victim - Israel - into transferring its heartland and capital to the godfather of modern terrorism.
But while Israel and America bled, Clinton himself paid no price for his behavior. Rather than be blamed for the war he contributed so richly to enabling, Clinton is upheld as a hero at best, or at worst a tragic figure who devoted his presidency to the cause of peace...