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Experts: Terrorists Could Launch Nuke Attack on US
Voice of America
A group of nuclear weapons specialists has issued ominous warnings before members of the US Congress that terrorist groups like al-Qaida could launch a massive attack on the United States and currently there is little to deter or defend against such a strike. VOA correspondent Meredith Buel has details from Capitol Hill. Sidney Drell, an arms control specialist and physicist at Stanford University, told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee the United States has entered, what he calls, a dangerous time. "I view us on the precipice of entering a new and more dangerous nuclear era with the spread of technology, which means, in particular, the enrichment of uranium, which makes it possible for more societies to enter the nuclear club," he said. "That raises the danger of nuclear weapons getting in the hands of terrorist groups and others unrestrained by the norms of civilized behavior as we know it and therefore these weapons become more likely to be used." The dean of Georgetown University's school of Foreign Service, Robert Gallucci, agrees. Gallucci, a former US Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, says the most dangerous threat is that a terrorist group will smuggle a nuclear weapon into the United States. "The most likely is that a terrorist group, al-Qaida or an al-Qaida cousin would acquire a nuclear weapon and introduce it into the United States," he explained. "It seems to me that that is a threat against which we have neither a defense nor a deterrent." Gallucci says a maximum effort needs to be made to prevent terrorists from acquiring or manufacturing a nuclear weapon...
Hometown Jihad: The Return of Salah Sultan
FrontPage Magazine/Patrick Poole
It was almost a year ago that I first introduced readers of FrontPage Magazine to the story of how I returned to my hometown of Hilliard, Ohio – a sleepy Columbus suburb and a longtime red-state haven – after more than a decades absence, only to quickly discover that the hometown of my youth had vanished and instead had become yet another battleground in the Global War on Terror. This story was first presented to FrontPage readers in " Hometown Jihad," where I recounted my finding a Muslim Brotherhood operative, Dr. Salah Sultan, living right around the corner from me and teaching out of the Islamic school, Sunrise Academy, which had set up shop during my absence in the city's former library building...


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OT, but related:

From the website NEIN -

With video feed link here -

UPDATE - This culprit was apprehended but here is the story:
OPP Warns Of Phony Cop
Friday March 30, 2007

It is a breach of trust that makes cops crazy - somebody impersonating one of their own.

It's the scenario that's facing the OPP and now they're fighting back.

They're received numerous reports about a man in "uniform" who's telling people he's a member of the Ontario Provincial Police. He's been on a whirlwind tour of hospital emergency departments around the GTA, asking what's being described as 'disturbing' questions.

And he appears to be the real thing. He has the costume down pat - complete with the force's official crests. He wears the regulation blue uniform pants. And most ominously, he appears to be packing a firearm on his side.

Cops are sure he's not one of theirs, but they don't know who he is or exactly what he's up - except that it's likely no good.

"We would like to know why this is happening," admits Cst. Graham Williamson. "It gives us real cause for concern."

So far, the man has been spotted at St. Michael's Hospital, The Hospital for Sick Children, and Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga among others. He's been to seven ERs within 24 hours and the real cops have no idea what his motive may be or where he got his hands on what looks to be a real uniform.

"It's extremely serious," Williamson adds. "Something like this casts a dark shadow. It does make us look bad."

Patients aren't happy to hear about it, either.

"I'm scared about us," declares Carlos Mbutu. "That cannot happen in hospitals. Maybe they lack security."

The staff at Trillium spotted him on Thursday night and called the real thing when his story didn't check out.

That's one of the places where he was caught on security video, and it may be the best clue cops have.

The man is described as being in his early 20s and roughly 6 feet tall.

What should you do if you run into someone who ignites your own doubts?

A legitimate officer will show an official ID to any citizen who asks for it without complaint. If you're still not sure, you can also call your local police division and check on the name.

And check out our photo gallery of the suspect below. If his face rings a bell, call the O.P.P. at 1-888-262-4821.

Recall this NEIN post in 2005 -
Probing Activities in U.S. Rise Sharply
by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

20 May 2005: A "sudden surge" of individuals possessing and attempting to use false credentials, badges and in some cases, uniforms to probe key areas within the infrastructure and emergency services of the United States is being reported by federal law enforcement officials. A significant increase in potential terrorist probes is being reported concurrently on three levels as detailed below:

Surveillance & Active Probing of Power Plants, Water Treatment Systems, and other Areas of U.S. Infrastructure Active Entry Attempts at Hospitals, First Responder Stations (Ambulance & Fire) to Access Information & Assess Response
Electronic Probing of Critical Computer Systems
"Sensitive" reports compiled this week by the Department of Homeland Security are showing a consistent, nationwide increase in attempts to breach security at key locations within the U.S. by individuals using subterfuge and false credentials, according to the report labeled �restricted dissemination.� The report cites a sharp rise in incidents of individuals using fictitious identification who have attempted to gain entry into restricted areas of hospitals, medical facilities, fire stations, and ambulance and rescue stations. In some cases, there have been reports of thefts of various equipment, including biohazard suits and protective clothing.

Also cited in this report is a significant rise in "suspicious activity," further described as "the surveillance and photography" of key elements of our infrastructure, including nuclear and conventional power plants, water treatment plants, chemical storage facilities, gas refineries and storage facilities, bridge structures, train and subway stations, and large office buildings. In some instances, ventilation systems appeared to be the focus of attention.

In situations involving hospitals and key medical support facilities, security has thwarted all �known fraudulent attempts� to gain access to restricted areas or information, according to the report. [Emphasis added]. A number of cases were cited where individuals using fake credentials, once questioned further by internal security, fled upon more detailed questioning. Some imposters have been identified and investigations are in progress.

Regarding reports of active surveillance and photography or videotaping of critical infrastructure, the report states that the �number of incidents of suspicious activity reported to police agencies has risen dramatically since April.� Details regarding these activities were less specific in terms of their disposition.

Attempts to gain access to confidential, proprietary and information described as �sensitive� via computer have also risen sharply. According to specific reports, attempts included both those of �intrusion� as well as those involving individuals conducting pretexts via e-mail. The report describes the latter form of these attempts as �creative� and seeking to exploit human vulnerabilities.

In situations involving individuals engaged in the above activities witnessed by law enforcement, security personnel and others, suspects have been described primarily as well groomed Arab men appearing to be in the 25-40 year-old age group, although men appearing to be of Hispanic origin also accounted for 10-15 percent of the incidents described. Further, a number of suspects were identified as Caucasians within the same general age range.

Everyone in the emergency sector as well as those involved in the security of our critical infrastructure are advised to be on a heightened state of alert for the activities described above.


This has always been a serious concern, as people can easily find uniforms, badges, not to mention steal company vehicles that would have common access to secured areas. People that enter government buildings are thoroughly searched and go through a metal detector, however I have observed people simply bypass security measures completely by showing a badge on their belt or lapel and nothing more. Everyone should pass through these security measures even if in law enforcement. A little inconvenience is better than unnecessary insecurity.

Here are a couple more stories from the recent past:

Hospitals Warned Of Terror Threats
Terrorists Could Target Hospitals After An Attack

Aug 11, 2004 11:08 am US/Eastern
Hospitals have tightened security since recent warnings of potential terror attacks, with one area medical center banning deliveries from outside flower shops.

The move comes after state counterterrorism officials warned hospitals they could be targeted by terrorists immediately following an attack, crippling efforts to treat victims.

The warning was communicated through the state Department of Health and Senior Services.

"Hospitals have been asked to improve their security, preparedness, and to test and drill," state Health Commissioner Clifton R. Lacy told The Star-Ledger of Newark.

Saint Michael's Medical Center is only a few blocks from the headquarters of Prudential Financial, one of five locales cited Aug. 1 by federal officials as potential terrorist targets.

"We are definitely making the hospital harder to penetrate," said Mary Danish, corporate director of emergency preparedness for Cathedral Healthcare System. It operates three Newark hospitals, including Saint Michael's, where deliveries from outside flower stores are now banned.

The state Office of Counter-Terrorism also warned ambulance operators earlier this week to guard against suspicious people. The bulletin came after workers at two rescue squads and one emergency room reported fielding strange inquiries.

Jihadwatch reported on hospital probes here:
From WABC ----
New York, "Government Alert: Hospital Security Breach"
New York —

Imagine - people posing as doctors and inspectors, just walking into a hospital and demanding information and patient records. Now the Department of Homeland Security is taking action.
The last two hospitals where it happened were in Newton and New Brunswick, New Jersey.
This really has federal authorities puzzled - intruders masquerading as doctors and inspectors probing hospital security. But there is no evidence the cases are connected, including two in New Jersey. Hospital officials and security experts say the similarities are disturbing.
It happened on Easter Sunday.

Here we are today, the beginning of holy week for Christians and tomorrow is first Passover Seder - the above previous incidents took place Easter weekend - coincidence?

AHA pdf link { no longer online}
(original pdf no longer at first link- second link w/pdf via way back machine)

The American Hospital Association issued the bulletin from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Some of the detail:

3/27/05 NJ hospital reports 4 separate instances within 6 week period.
From 2/26-3/10/2005 three additional hospitals (LA, Detroit, Boston) reported suspicious activity.

10/24/2004, two hospitals in Phoenix, AZ (as well as hospitals in Texas and Indiana)(these hospitals happen to be distribution points for antedotes to biological attacks).

2/7/05 Middletown Regional Hospital in NY also reports suspicious surveillance by two individuals (SUBJECTS) using identification badges representing themselves from Department of Defence and CIA.

The identity of these intruders remain unknown. We do know that security cameras at the Newton Hospital did capture video of the three men pretending to be doctors. That tape is now in the hands of the FBI.

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I continued to search archives for more details about the threat to hospitals and recalled an issue about ME types purchasing surplus emergency vehicles in the Tampa area.
I came up with these links
Suspicious activity reported involving ambulances
EXTREMISTS are Buying School Buses

Dhimmi Watch: Jihad at the St. Petersburg Times

The connection between these articles isn't immediately apparent - until one recognizes the name of one of the ME individuals who is complicit to all these incidents:

Abdalla Deiab
google links to articles about this cretin:

School buses! Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago we were reading about suspicious applications for school bus drivers?

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