Friday, March 30, 2007

A Voice Of Clarity

"What we need is an administration that’s going to deal with the counterinsurgency at home, which is taking root in the Democratic Congress..
Think about the situation we would be in. I mean, think about the implications of that, that the idea that we cannot deal forthrightly with a foreign power out of fear that somehow, they’re going to have a terrorist network that’s going to set in motion all of these kinds of disasters. Isn’t that really an argument for saying it’s time for this regime to come down?
... And for us to take the actions that are necessary to prevent this kind of international blackmail? It seems obvious to me, but obviously, in the world of the U.N. and the diplomats and politicians, what is obvious is what they spend most of their time to avoid."
- Prof. Aurthur Herman, Historian
Hugh Hewitt interview with Professor Herman:


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