Friday, March 30, 2007

A letter from a friend of mine...

Thanks to Ed P., New York City
Last night my wife and I arrived at the mid town brownstone of one of the resident Mexican elite in Manhattan, to discuss Presidential politics.The house had been converted from a five family to one family use 50 years ago and was beautiful in white, light colors and furniture, seductively lit in low light except for the art, which was bright and modern and all over the house. About 50 people showed, some members of the richest and most aristocratic families in Mexico. They are scared. Here is what they told me, not knowing who I was:

The recent election barely held off a Hugo Chavez style government from coming to power in Mexico, perhaps because of CIA intervention. The next time they might not succeed.

The Mexican elite have concluded that McCain-Kennedy is dead, and their ability to dump their working class on us is threatened, and revolution is around the corner, as the Mexican masses contrast their situation with an improving living standard in South America.

They have decided on a new strategy-to bring the immigration issue into the Presidential race, by spending their money on Spanish radio and television and lobbying the candidates for President. Corporations with major stakes in Mexico will also be involved.

The weakness of this approach is that it subverts democracy and is not in the interests of many people already here. We need to lobby and advertise right back, educating the American people in how to survive.


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