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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Hamas boosting anti-aircraft arsenal with looted Libyan missiles

73% of Iraqis: Iran Is Likely to Act Aggressively When U.S. Troops Leave

Russia boosts Iran's armory with mobile radar-jammers against planes or missiles

Europe: "You Are Entering a Sharia-Controlled Zone"

Gaffney: Rise of Sharia Law Will Bring War to the Middle East

American Court Cases Being Decided By Edicts From Muhammad

Sharia in Libya? As Long As ‘Universal Human Rights’ Are Respected, State Dept. Says

Friday, October 28, 2011

Politics of Pigmentation

“Let’s not even deal with the facts right now. Let’s deal with just our blackness and pride — and loyalty,” radio host Tom Joyner wrote on his blog. “We have the chance to re-elect the first African-American president, and that’s what we ought to be doing. And I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that as black people, we should do it because he’s a black man.”

Most divisive President. Ever.

Posted 19/10/2011 by sfcmac

“Post racialism” raises its ugly head.

By Guy Benson

More than any of the visceral emotions this Washington Post story may summon, sadness seems most apt:
"For several months, radio host Tom Joyner has pleaded with his 8 million listeners to get in line behind the first black president. “Stick together, black people,” says Joyner, whose R&B morning show reaches one in four African American adults. The Rev. Al Sharpton, an ally of President Obama who has a daily radio show and hosts a nightly cable television program, recently told the president’s black critics, “I’m not telling you to shut up. I’m telling you: Don’t make some of us have to speak up.”
In other words, he really does mean, “shut up.”
The piece continues:
“Even as Obama and his campaign play down the suggestion that support among African Americans is flagging, a cadre of powerful allies is snapping back at critics in the black community and making explicit appeals for racial loyalty. “Let’s not even deal with the facts right now. Let’s deal with just our blackness and pride — and loyalty,” Joyner wrote on his blog. “We have the chance to re-elect the first African-American president, and that’s what we ought to be doing. And I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that as black people, we should do it because he’s a black man.”
As the Post’s story notes, Joyner isn’t some marginal figure; his radio program reaches 25 percent of all black adults living in America. He is using that megaphone to urge African Americans to vote as a monolithic bloc, based solely on skin color, and to disregard “the facts” in doing so. Reporter Krissah Thomspon interviews a bevy of black voters, radio personalities, and academics for her story. Though they express divergent opinions on these increasingly frank racial appeals, not a single person quoted says he or she opposes the president:
“Jack Jackson, who works for the city’s water treatment plant, said he is tired of the appeals to black identity politics.
“Leave the race game alone,” said Jackson, 53, who said he supports Obama. “Let’s not keep holding on to that. It’s been done. . . . We should put our faith in God, not Obama.”
But Corry McGriff, 42, said the call to stick together resonates with him, and McGriff has begun telling his friends that they have a responsibility to support the president, too. “We need to keep him in there. By him becoming president, he is showing African Americans that it can be done,” said McGriff, who works for a federal defense contractor. “He helped the race. ”
Kychelle Green, 18, a nursing student at Norfolk State University, agreed. “You know it’s not really his fault that things aren’t changing,” she said. “He’s really trying but he can’t change every rule on his own. Now people are trying to criticize him because he is African American.” Green said she listens every morning to Steve Harvey, who is among the radio hosts who are promoting the message that Obama deserves support.
Warren Ballentine, a black talk radio host based in North Carolina who has interviewed Obama about a dozen times, speaks about the president’s accessibility. “It’s not like he is not hearing black America,” he said. Ballentine specifically reminds his listeners of the racial undertones he saw in the 2008 campaign. “It’s almost like we’ve forgotten what this man had to go through to get into the office. We need to remember the hatred and vitriol that came out.”

Sheeeeeeeeit, you want hatred and vitriol, Ballentine? The obscene hate speech, violence, and false accusations of “racist” toward the Tea Party has taken on a surreal, histrionic quality. I lived through the 60′s and 70′s and from what I’ve seen, the malignant hostility coming from Dem politicians alone, rivals anything regurgitated by the likes of the SDS, Black Panthers, and the Weathermen. It qualifies as some of the worst vitriol I’ve ever witnessed. Black Republicans get special treatment.
The trouble is, you fucking demagogues can’t stop projecting your own racial motivations and “hate whitey” bullshit on anyone who is angry with Obama’s epic socialist failure.
Hint: it ain’t his skin color we hate, it’s his Marxist agenda. Voting pigment over substance is bigoted. Shove the race card up your ass.
PS: How’s B. Hussein’s popularity among blacks? Apparently, not very good.

The Same People Who Created BHO Have Created OWS

Related: Want to see just who is behind this "Revolution" Occupy Wall Street Movement? Estonian Socialists: Estonian Communists, Jaan Anvelt, Johannes Vares, Kalle Lasn, Idel Jakobson, Salme Dutt, Vladimir Hütt, Viktor Kingissepp and David Swanson - the author of "Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union." This reads like a who's who of every local communist party member and leftwing hardcore fulltime professional "Activist" out there.
October 27, 2011 with 12 Comments in News

While attempting to give the appearance of a “leaderless” movement, Occupy Wall Street is in fact the result of a very calculating and dangerous organization of radicalized anti-Americans who have infected U.S. politics at the highest levels of government – including the White House.
A quick review of the website revealed a very telling passage at the bottom of the site’s ”About” page that states the following:

On 13 Jul 2011, the group Adbusters released this call: Occupy Wall Street!

In Solidarity, and as a response to this call, a planning group was formed [], and an info sharing site established. The participation of every person, and every organization, that has an interest in returning the US back into the hands of its individual citizens is required.

Our nation, our species and our world are in crisis. The US has an important role to play in the solution, but we can no longer afford to let corporate greed and corrupt politics set the policies of our nation.
We, the people of the United States of America, considering the crisis at hand, now reassert our sovereign control of our land.
Solidarity Forever!

Despite a rather weak denial to being associated with the Adbusters group (based out of Vancouver BC of all places), the “About Us” page on the occupywallst. shows a clear and direct link to that group – for according to those responsible for the Occupy webpage, the movement’s genesis was the call to arms initiated by Adbusters. So who then is Adbusters?
That search leads to the Adbusters website, where the following shocking description of their particular agenda is outlined:
United in Hate
Sometimes Adbusters can seem disjointed, including polemics against tobacco companies, food companies, logging, fashion designers, and more. What unites this motley crew and keeps them working together?
At the heart of Adbusters is hatred of big business, in any form.
Reading Adbusters, one learns that the authors do not like people very much, particularly Americans. “About a third of Americans today are certifiably fascist,” declares Anis Shivani in the September/October 2003 issue.
Adbusters generally prefers rage to discernment. “Let your anger out. When it wells up suddenly from deep in your gut, don’t suppress it — channel it, trust it, use it. Don’t be so unthinkingly civil all the time,” Kalle Lasn advises. “Rage drives revolutions.”
And just who does Adbusters receive their funding from? The largest contributor to this anti-American, anti-capitalist group is none other than the Tides Foundation/Tides Center. For those who might be unaware, the Tides Foundation is described by as follows:
Now comes the Tides Foundation and its recent offshoot, the Tides Center, creating a new model for grantmaking — one that strains the boundaries of U.S. tax law in the pursuit of its leftist, activist goals.
Set up in 1976 by California activist Drummond Pike, Tides does two things better than any other foundation or charity in the U.S. today: it routinely obscures the sources of its tax-exempt millions, and makes it difficult (if not impossible) to discern how the funds are actually being used.
The Tides Center board of directors has been especially busy of late. In 2001 the first Tides “franchise” office (not counting Tides’ presence in Washington and New York) was opened in Pittsburgh. This new outpost, called the Tides Center of Western Pennsylvania, was erected largely at the urging of Pittsburgh native Teresa Heinz (the widow of Senator John Heinz, the ketchup heir). Heinz pulls more strings in the foundation world than almost any other old-money socialite; she’s presently married to U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA). The Tides Foundation has collaborated on funding projects with the Heinz Endowments (Teresa Heinz’s personal domain) for over 10 years.
Tides also maintains an interesting relationship with the multi-billion-dollar Pew Charitable Trusts. Since 1993 Pew has used the Tides Foundation and/or Tides Center to “manage” three high-profile journalism initiatives: the Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism, the Pew Center for Civic Journalism, and the Pew Center for the People and the Press.
In practice, the social reformers at the helm of the Pew Charitable Trusts use these media entities to run public opinion polling; to indoctrinate young reporters in “reporting techniques” that are consistent with Pew’s social goals; and to “promote” (read: subsidize) actual reporting and story preparation that meets Pew’s definition of “civic journalism.” Civic journalism, by the way, is defined as reporting that “mobilizes Americans” behind issues that Pew considers important.
Among the most unbelievable “projects” of the Tides Center is something called the Institute for Global Communications ( IGC is a clearinghouse for Leftist propagandists of all stripes, including living-wage advocates, anti-war protesters, slave-reparations hucksters, and a wide variety of extreme environmentalists.
Now who then is Tides founder Drummond Pike? Investigative blogger JoAnne Moretti does a fantastic job of outlining the history of Mr Pike – and connected him directly to none other than President Barack Obama:
As we know, Drummond Pike is the founder of Tides Foundation. Tides funds ACORN. As a matter of fact, it was Tides who came up with the money to reimburse ACORN the million dollars Dale Rathke embezzled. (Dale Rathke is Wade Ratheke’s brother.) (Wade Rathke is founder of ACORN).
Drummond Pike is also the Treasurer of George Soros’ Democracy Alliance.
Drummond Pike was an original SDS member -
What a coincidence. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Rathke, Zach Pollett, Alan Haber, Tom Hayden were all original SDS.
Occupy Wall Street is far from the “grassroots” or “peaceful” activist movement it currently pretends to be – but rather a highly organized and well funded organization with direct ties to the current President of the United States. A movement not born of fair and equitable concerns, but rather one based upon long standing anti-American radicalism from the likes of Bill Ayers, George Soros, and Drummond Pike.
Prepare yourself America – the barbarians are now manning the gate…
Related Links:
Tides Foundation Information
Jo Anne Moretti Tides Foundation Report

Obama Deportation Numbers Nothing More Than a 'Trick'

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith points out in Politico today that the White House boasts on deportations are nothing more than a trick: "Unfortunately for U.S. workers, the Obama administration's immigration enforcement record is just a magic trick."

... Take away the hocus-pocus, and it is clear the Obama administration is neglecting to enforce immigration laws. The administration has all but abandoned worksite enforcement actions. Over the past two years, worksite enforcement has plummeted 70 percent.

Under this administration, there have been fewer arrests of illegal workers, fewer criminal arrests, fewer indictments and fewer convictions. This means illegal workers continue to take jobs away from unemployed Americans.

Without worksite enforcement, we cannot stop employers from hiring illegal workers. And as long as the jobs magnet exists, millions of illegal immigrants most likely will come to the U.S. and take jobs from lawful workers.

The president and his administration have also decided to grant administrative amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Mark Krikorian has more on the Obama's deportation trickery here, and Alan Silverleib goes into Obama's creative deportation accounting here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daily Dose of OWS Comic Relief...

Oh, the irony!

“We need to limit the amount of food we’re putting out to curb the influx of derelicts"

Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders

October 27, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday -- because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters...

The Fed Bails Out Foreign Banks, US Citizens Get Screwed...

The American people didn’t get to vote on these huge bailouts and low-cost loans to foreign banks.
Congress didn’t get to vote on them … they didn’t even know about them.
October 27, 2011

Fox Business noted in December:

The conflicts of interest and policy controversies in the Federal Reserve’s bailout of the financial system now include helping out millionaires, billionaires, foreign automakers, and companies whose executives sit on the board of directors of the U.S. central bank.

The Federal Reserve also bought more than $2.2 billion in commercial paper from the state-owned central bank of Bavaria, and it gave more than $23 billion in loans to the Arab Banking Corp. based in Bahrain, with an interest rate as low as a quarter of a percentage point. The Federal Reserve also lent more than $9.6 billion to the Central Bank of Mexico.
Banks worldwide tapped into the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending programs more than 4,200 times for a total of $3.8 trillion, estimates show.
Senator Sanders’ staff found that “several billionaires and tens of multi-millionaires received cheap loans from the Fed to invest in securities backed by auto, mortgage, credit card, student and mortgage loans,” Sanders’ letter says. That Fed program is called the Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility.
The rich include Christy Mack, the wife of Morgan Stanley’s John Mack, billionaire businessman H. Wayne Huizenga; and Michael Dell, co-founder of Dell Computer, hedge fund manager John Paulson and private equity honcho J. Christopher Flowers.
[Senator Sanders] also says that it appears the Fed provided loans to over 100 separate hedge funds, offshore funds, and other investment funds located in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens via the TALF program alone.
Sanders also wants to know why the Federal Reserve bailed out the Korea Development Bank, the state-owned bank of South Korea, by purchasing more than $2.2 billion of its commercial paper, and why it also extended more than $40 billion to the central bank in South Korea.

I’ve previously noted that the Fed bailed out the Central Bank of Libya under Gaddafi.

Indeed, Ron Paul – the current chair of the monetary policy subcommittee – says that one-third of Fed bailout loans – and essentially 100% of NY Fed loans – went to foreign banks.

The American people didn’t get to vote on these huge bailouts and low-cost loans to foreign banks.

Congress didn’t get to vote on them … they didn’t even know about them.

Independent economists didn’t have a chance to weigh in on whether shipping American dollars abroad is good for the U.S.

Indeed, it seems as if the Fed has chosen to help everyone but the average Americanchoosing the big banks and financiers – abroad or in the U.S. – again and again at the expense of the little guy. (The Fed is even intentionally curbing lending by the banks to Main Street.)

No wonder even the non-partisan Government Accountability Office calls the Fed corrupt and riddled with conflicts of interest.

No wonder high-level economists have said that the Fed caused both the Great Depression and the current economic crisis.

No wonder economists say that the Federal Reserve should be ended – or its powers be dramatically curtailed.

Plan for 2012 (& Permanent) WH control by progressives happening now

Warning! Progressives’ NPV Plan for White House Control, 2012 & Permanently
By Jacquerie

While the lamestream media holds public attention on GOP candidate rivalries, a “progressive” strategy is underway to eliminate the role of the states in electing a U.S. President. By transferring electoral votes to a “national popular vote” this “Compact” would usurp the role of the states as safeguarded by our Constitution. In doing so, it could also neutralize Obama’s critics — totally...

Ulsterman & the Insider... THIS IS NOT FICTION

Insider: (Leans back – folds arms across chest) You and too many goddamn Americans don’t see it so don’t feel so bad. You know, other world leaders see it. Putin. Sarkozy. Merkel. Harper…Barack Obama is incapable of anything remotely resembling leadership, but he is also quite capable of the kind of dangerous arrogance that the very worst leaders in history possessed. (Pauses) Look, let me try and paint a picture for you – a clearer picture of what Obama really is...

The Obama Plan, Part One

The Obama Plan, Part Two

The Obama Plan, Part Three

The Ulsterman Report: As Predicted, Obama’s Race Based Union Thuggery Campaign Now Underway

As Predicted – Obama Rolls Out “Home for the Holidays” Theme During Tonight Show Appearance

October 25, 2011: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “President Obama Gets Off On It”: With decades of experience as a political operative within the Democratic Party, including service to both the Clinton and Obama administrations, our ongoing dialogue with the figure simply known as “Insider” continues…

The very definition of astroturf...

Fun: Peter Schiff confronts Occupy Wall Street protesters
October 26, 2011 by Allahpundit

Via MRC TV, enjoy as a card-carrying one-percenter braves the Tupperware containers filled with urine at Zuccotti Park to pose the timeless question, “I’m employing 150 people. How many people do you employ?”

Actually, according to Fox News’s piece today about ACORN’s hand in organizing OWS marches and fundraising, the revolution employs quite a few people:

Sources said NYCC [the group formerly known as New York's chapter of ACORN] has hired about 100 former ACORN-affiliated staff members from other cities – paying some of them $100 a day – to attend and support Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of New York homeless people recruited from shelters are also being paid to support the protests, at the rate of $10 an hour, the sources said…
Multiple sources said NYCC is also using cash donations through canvassing efforts in New York’s Harlem and Washington Heights neighborhoods for union-backed campaigns to fund the Wall Street protests…
“They give contributions because we say if they do we can fix things – whatever specific problem they’re having in their area, housing, schools, whatever … then we spend the contributions paying staff to be at the protests all day, every day. That’s where these contributions – the community’s money – is going,” the source said. “They’re doing the same stuff now that got ACORN in trouble to begin with. And yes, we’re still ACORN, there is a still a national ACORN.”

One woman who was recruited from a homeless shelter to protest and then canvass as part of a campaign ostensibly aimed at home foreclosures told Fox, “I get the money and then the money is being used for Occupy Wall Street—to pay for all of it, for supplies, food, transportation, salaries, for everything … all that money is going to pay for the protests downtown and that’s just messed up. It’s just wrong.” So in case you were wondering how they can afford the new Port-a-Potties, there you go.

The bad news: Per Fox’s sources, unwitting people are being duped into chipping in under false pretenses. The good news: The era of Tupperware containers filled with urine might soon, mercifully, be over.

Exit quotation: “They’re telling people who leave prison to go to Zuccotti Park.” Let the video run through once with buffering, then replay:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holder: Dept of Injustice - or Dept of Just Us?

Who are his "people" again?

Obama DOJ Sends Border Agent to Prison for "Violating Rights" of Drug Smuggler

At Mexico's Request

Agent Didn't "Lift Arms" of Smuggler "Properly"

"Unnecessary Force" Used

Occupation & Revenge - two must-reads

Also read this: The Revolutionaries' Revenge

Anatomy of an Occupation
October 26, 2011
Robin of Berkeley

If you're wondering whether I was at Occupy Berkeley on October 15, the answer is no. I didn't have to attend; every day around here is Occupy Berkeley.

Because every moment of every day, I am surrounded by people who believe the insanity spewed by the occupants of Occupy. When I listened to the well-crafted video produced by three intrepid, Bay Area tea partiers at Occupy Oakland, none of what I heard surprised me. I thought, "Just another day in Berkeley or Oakland.

Around here almost everyone thinks like these Marxist spewing militants. While in your neck of the woods random strangers may comment, "Nice day if it doesn't rain," around here the words would be, "Nice day for a revolution."

While the video didn't shock me, it did disturb. What troubled me wasn't just how widespread is the diatribe, but that up until a few, short years ago, I believed all of it. Before Obama came on the scene, I could have been interviewed, mumbling and bumbling, just like those other frothing-at-the-mouth leftists.

I would also have parroted the Third-World loving party line. I too would have angrily and self-righteously proclaimed that the US was the root of all evil in the world.

To me, capitalism was bad, communism good (which I discovered after watching the handsome Warren Beatty in the sweeping thriller, Reds). I envied Cuba, home of the finest health care system in the world (thank you, Michael Moore). And I, like our current occupiers, ranted and raved about the racist, patriarchal, capitalist system with its millionaire fat cats (which I learned from reading books by those millionaire fat cats, Noam Chomsky, Al Franken, Gloria Steinem and the late Howard Zinn.)

I believed all of this despite the now glaring inconsistencies in my argument. For one, I (like most leftists) had mutual funds that invested in the horrible corporations. While I was never flush with money, I wouldn't have minded being so. And just like those demonic capitalists, I got a kick out of procuring a big-ticket item, such as a car with that wonderful new car smell.

So how did I fall so deeply into the progressive chimera? Given that I am (I hope) an intelligent person, with the potential to see the light, why did I drink the Kool-Aid for so long? In the service of shedding some light on our current occupiers, I offer the following observations:

Monkey see, monkey do: Leftists follow the leader. Since most progressives believe the anti-capitalist nonsense, the majority will follow in lock step. In liberal areas, there is groupthink -- cult-like behavior, where people must chant the same old tired mantras. To step out of line will undoubtedly bring social condemnation and shunning.

Indoctrination: While I thought I was an independent thinker, it never occurred to me to look outside the box. All of my media was leftist; the so-called independent bookstores (the ones that celebrate "Banned Books Week") ban conservative books. So while Noam Chomsky is always welcome to give a book reading, Ann Coulter would never be invited within 50 miles of here.

The programming is particularly acute in the schools. In Berkeley, we have Malcolm X Elementary School and Malcolm X Park. Just to make sure that the kiddies get the message to emulate Mr. X, public school students (and all city employees) get Malcolm X's birthday off (same with Indigenous People's Day, aka Columbus Day, and International Women's Day).

While most areas aren't so extreme, there are hard-core activists all over this nation's school systems with union jobs for life. It's not a coincidence that Bill Ayers is a tenured professor of education; he knew the power of brainwashing kids when knee-high. With youth and their parents subscribing to the Party Line, it's not difficult to lead the progressive sheep to slaughter.

Of course, leftists are badly misguided about what a revolution actually entails. They weren't told, for instance, that Che Guevara, whose handsome face is emblazoned on their fashionable t-shirts, was actually a psychotic killer. Che got such a thrill from watching executions that he had a picture window installed in his office, and had the butchery conducted below.

And then there's another historical fact that eludes our gullible revolutionaries. After a revolution, the activists and militants themselves often get offed. Of course this would be the case; why would the regime want troublemakers and insurrectionaries in the populace?

The Cool Factor: Obama was elected, in part, because he was viewed as cool (though most of us on the right saw him not as cool, but cold). Being a leftist/revolutionary/radical type is viewed as hip and trendy. Simply consult your thesaurus to see the negative words associated with being a "conservative" versus a "liberal." And aren't we a society enamored by anything and anyone who is considered cool?

Alienation and the Search for Meaning: People of all ages, but particularly youth, have an inherent need to find meaning. With spirituality shunned, people look to the secular religion of progressivism to fill the existential void. By fighting against "The Man," capitalism, and America, the radicals believe that they are good people who live lives of value in an otherwise nihilistic world.

An increasing number of people feel alienated in this culture. They are Americans, yet are told that America is bad. They may have a hunger for God, and yet turn away because believers are mocked.

This sense of alienation from God and country compels many people to look to political movements for their raison d'etre . Being leftists offers the lost souls a sense of belonging and identity.

60s Fever: There's a hunger to relive the 60s, even though the Hollywood, sanitized version didn't exactly happen. I've heard young people bemoan the fact that they were too young to enjoy San Francisco, adorned with flowers in their hair.

Of course, the Bay Area in the 60s was besieged by drug overdoses, rapes, the gangster Black Panthers, and radical terrorist bombings. But given that the Baby Boomers wax rhapsodic about the good-old days, both grey haired and youth take to the streets to relive a reality that never happened.

Delusion: The radicals misunderstand the nature of reality. They believe that life should be fair, that hierarchy and differences among people shouldn't exist. It is a form of delusion to embrace utopia and perfection in this human realm.

But, again, this secular society has trashed religion and deconstructed history, the realms of which would explain the way life works. Instead, people on the left live in a fantasy world; and they go ballistic on opponents because truth threatens their dreamworld.

Control: Occupying the streets allows participants to feel good about themselves, noble, as though they are saving the world. In contrast, it's a buzz kill to realize how little control one has over this life. To feel insignificant, like a little cog in the wheel, is depressing. How much more exciting to elevate oneself into the role of some revolutionary involved in a movement to radically transform America.

Generation Me: Scores of studies show the same thing: that today's youth are more narcissistic than ever before. While previous generations of the l8 to 24-year-old crowd prioritized family and meaning, today's young want six figures and they want it now. They have been raised to feel special and entitled, particularly those in supposedly disenfranchised groups (which, incidentally, is most of the American population). And if they have to take some of your hard earned dough to live the good life, no problemo.

Greed: Despite the leftists' lofty claims about fairness, isn't socialism all about greed, about coveting thy neighbor's house? Can't the essence of progressive politics be distilled to this: wanting money, money, and more money?

While those on the left profess to be anti-capitalists, they are the real capitalists. They are so preoccupied with capital, and envious of those who have it, that they want it through any means necessarily. Even billionaire Warren Buffet must be less obsessed with cash and the things it can buy than these love-of-money leftists.

The Need for a Scapegoat: Human beings know instinctively that there is both good and evil in the world. But the moral relativism inherent in liberal education tells people that everyone is good. When people are robbed of the knowledge of good and evil, they will create scapegoats.

Of course, Obama, Pelosi, and the left are masters at pointing fingers rightward, and insinuating that conservatives are racist/Nazi-like subhumans. Whenever there's a lunatic out of control somewhere in the world, the left impugns conservatives. It's no wonder that there's such anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and anti-conservative vitriol all over the airwaves. Not surprisingly, a mob mentality ensues, with angry, violent, and demonic mobs taking to the streets.
As for me, I somehow snapped out of my leftist trance a few years ago, and, since then, have realized that everything that I thought (and I mean everything) was wrong. I thank my lucky stars every day that I finally saw the light.

But will others wake up as well...will people get a grip and get a clue? Will they realize that while imperfect, capitalist America is the best around -- which is why so many people are desperate to become citizens here?

Sadly, I doubt it. I think that the indoctrination is way too far gone. Further, we have a President who will stop at nothing to keep the masses in an enraged, hypnotic trance.

The best we can do is to dislodge the militants from the streets and restore order. But more than this: we need to expel the number one militant, the one with the secret cabal of Czars and obvious disdain for the Constitution.

Because the biggest danger isn't Occupy Chicago or Occupy Wall Street -- it's Obama himself. What we're seeing is: "Occupy The White House."

Our greatest peril isn't the mobs on the streets of Manhattan; it's having a President who thinks he's above the law. It's having our head of state support violent insurrections here and abroad.

The United States doesn't need any more occupations; what we need is a new occupant in the White House. And hopefully, prayerfully, we will have a new one come next November.

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‘Occupy Hollywood’ – The Left Begins to Eat Itself
Kurt Schlichter

You’re not a conservative if Kim Kardashian making millions for being a half-witted, no-talent reality TV star bothers you. In fact, if you feel “there oughta be a law” somehow regulating, limiting or otherwise controlling in any manner at all how much dough she rakes in from the drooling morons who choose to fling it at her, you are part of the problem.
This woman took very, very little in the way of ability and somehow provided a service – of a kind that frankly baffles me – that millions of people nevertheless want to spend their money on. Regardless, it’s none of your or my business, and it’s especially none of the government’s business.
But now, here comes “Occupy Hollywood,” a hilarious exercise in poetic justice in which the left proposes to chase its own tail by attacking the same cretinous celebrities who have been the first to parrot every commie slogan the bongo-playing degenerates of Occupy Wall Street have misspelled on their placards.
Jo Piazza, the author of some remainder bin perennial titled Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money, is leading the bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you-athon with an article in The Huffington Post called “Occupy Hollywood: Why It’s Time To Call Out High-Earning Celebrities.”
For some reason, she thinks what movie stars make is some sort of problem:
Yet, the middle class continues to prop up the .01 percent: Hollywood celebrities who make millions just for being themselves. When it comes to making money, celebrities are abnormal. Their enormous salaries make them outliers in the American economy, on a pay grade above most CEOs, surgeons and lawyers — the professions that typically come to mind when we think of the wealthy.
Well, it sure is a problem, like global warming is a problem — that is, it isn’t. As Chet the Unicorn would say if he was here and not riding the magic rainbow to Happyland, that some people she envies are successful is apparently America’s greatest crisis; ergo, you should all be outraged! After all, to liberals, government’s primary function is catering to the worst impulses of jealous busybodies.
Piazza whines about Kardashian, Snooki, and Brangelina making money. For some reason, she is under the impression that what celebrities make is her business:
It is messed up! So what can we do about it?
Only a liberal sees other people being successful and finds it imperative to put a stop to it. Her solution?
So how about a movement to Occupy Hollywood?
Gimme a break. Here’s a better idea. How about you and the rest of the left-wing morons start a movement to shut the hell up?
We, as conservatives who love freedom – meaning of necessity that we love free enterprise and detest the idea of the kind of fascist nanny state these losers would impose in order to to make the world conform to their arbitrary and self-serving concepts of fairness – need to draw the battle line here, at the celebrities.
We need to defend the right of everyone – even stupid, useless, vapid nincompoops – to get rich.
Johnny Depp (by all accounts a good guy) made $50 million last year, Piazza complains. And we conservatives must say, “Awesome!”
Liberals see success as a problem – if people are able to live their own lives without the guidance of aspiring liberal fascists, the entire premise of liberalism is fatally undercut. So success is the target, and not a lot of people have been as successful as Johnny Depp has.
Yeah, he’s earned a lot of money. That’s great! The key word is “earned.” He has talent, he has skill, and he provides something that makes him worth $50 million a year to someone. That someone wants his services and considers it a good deal to fork over $50 mil, but Piazza, the liberal fascist, would prefer to substitute her arbitrary assessment of his value for the free choice of those who actually are paying him.
Hell no.
Depp’s time and talent belong to him — not to Piazza, not Michael Moore, not to any of those drumming idiots in Zuccotti Park.
It belongs to him, not her, and he owes no one – not me, not you, not Piazza, not Obama – any explanations, reasons or excuses. If he wishes to bathe nude in a swimming pool full of twenties, that’s his business and none of ours.
It’s his property. Taking it from him, as Piazza would love to do to satisfy her personal vision of justice, is theft.
It’s morally wrong.
And as a practical matter, it’s devastating. Piazza and the rest of her envious, thieving loser pals don’t really care about Depp’s millions. They care about our thousands. Hell, we all know how communism works; it’s the regular folks who get their property redistributed while the nomenklatura elite lives in luxury.
We can safely assume Piazza envisions herself a redistributer rather than a redistributee. It’s always like that with liberals; somehow we end up making the sacrifice while they sip champagne. Do you think Al Gore is going to take a seat on a biodiesel Greyhound bus or hop on a private jet to the next climate change scam confab?
Spreading hate for the successful, lying that their success is somehow illegitimate or “unearned” because it fails to meet some ever-shifting set of arbitrary standards, is simply a way to get their fascist footsies in the door to redistribute us.
Sure, it’s amusing to see a bunch of liberal Hollywood nitwits suddenly confronted by howling leftists who the stars thought they had been backing. As entertaining as poetic justice is, it’s still wrong to take people’s property just because they are stupid and embrace idiotic ideas – Alec Baldwin, I’m looking your way.
Sure, you have an elitist buffoon like Frank Rich figuratively – at least – sporting wood over the idea that this Occupy Wall Street nonsense will develop into a real class war. Limo leftists are always turned on by the thought of real live revolution – that’s why they don t-shirts silk-screened with the mug of that butcher Che Guevara (they forget how that coward died begging for his useless life before the CIA and Bolivian Army sent him on an eternal vacation to hell).
But dilettantes like Rich and the Hollywood left would soon find themselves against the bullet-pocked wall if a real revolution came. And they’d die wondering why, as so many other useful idiots have in the aftermath of previous leftist revolutions.
Of course, that won’t happen here, because there won’t be a leftist revolution, because too many of us will fight to the death before we ever let that happen. So there’s no real danger; the elite leftists from Hollywood to New York can keep on posing as the vanguard of the coming people’s struggle, kept safe and secure, as always, by the efforts of better men and women than themselves.
In the meantime, we can hold the line for freedom and free enterprise by defending the rights of clowns named Kardashian and malignant dwarfs named Snooki to sell whatever it is that people – for whatever unfathomable reason – choose to buy from them.
Maybe a few celebrities might learn a lesson from Occupy Hollywood. Maybe some might not be so quick to reflexively adopt the latest tidbit of lefty received wisdom next time. But it doesn’t matter. We don’t defend their freedom because we like them. We do so because it is the right thing to do, and because when we defend their freedom, we are defending our own.

Apples And Oranges

The Occupy movement is not only mostly Democrat; it is also democratic. Likewise, the Tea Parties are both a republic and Republican. They are microcosms of the political philosophies they each represent.

Tea Party Embodies the Order of a Republic OWS Embodies the Chaos of a Democracy
by Tim Slagle

Occupy Wall Street has often been compared to the Tea Party; I think it’s usually meant as an insult. By comparing the grass roots protest of the Tea Party to the amalgam of radicals at Occupy, they can diminish the Tea Party’s success and make all protests distasteful to the general public.
There is little similarity. While the Tea Parties were neat and orderly, the Occupy protests are noisy, juvenile, and stinky. The Tea Parties were friendly while the Occupy movement is violent, angry, and crime ridden; they have the same problem with lawlessness that plagues most Democrat-controlled cities.
This explains why there is such a vast difference between the two. The Occupy movement is not only mostly Democrat; it is also democratic. Likewise, the Tea Parties are both a republic and Republican. They are microcosms of the political philosophies they each represent.
Tea parties are controlled by the rule of law and are planned in advance. They acquire proper permits, rent PA systems, Porti-Potties, and Tents. When they’re over, people pick up the trash and go home.
Occupy is famous for creepy chanting after every speaker finishes a sentence and a guy relieving himself against the side of a police car. Some of the Occupy residents have, ironically, used the facilities of McDonalds and Starbucks and even took ironic shelter from the rain in a Bank of America ATM kiosk (I’m sure the irony is lost on them, though). They loudly proclaim that “this is what Democracy looks like!”
Constitutional author James Madison would agree. In Federalist # 10 he wrote: "Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths."


Islam makes inroads through U.S. courts

Many cases being decided by edicts from Muhammad
Posted: October 25, 2011
By Michael Carl © 2011 WND

Islamic law, or Shariah, already is being applied in the U.S. court system, according to an extensive new report.
A recent Center for Security Policy study called “Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases outlines dozens of cases in which the Islamic system of law has been applied.
Center spokesman David Reaboi said the Islamic strictures are being carried out mostly in cases in which foreigners are the principals.
“Shariah enters U.S. courts through the practice of comity to foreign law,” Reaboi explained. “This happens, for example, when a judge decides to allow the use of say, Pakistani or Saudi family law (Shariah) in a dispute between Pakistanis or Saudis.”
He said the study only scratches the surface of Shariah’s presence in the nation.
“For every case in this sample drawn from published appellate legal cases, there are innumerable cases at the trial level that remain unnoticed except by the participants,” the study said.
Among the cases cited was one from New Jersey in which a wife sought a restraining order against her husband because of spousal abuse.
“S.D. (wife) and M.J.R. (husband) were both Muslims and citizens of Morocco and both resided in New Jersey. After only three months of marriage, husband began physically abusing wife.” the report said.
“The trial court refused to issue a final restraining order against husband finding that, although husband had harassed and assaulted wife, husband believed it was his religious right,” according to the report.
“The New Jersey appellate court reversed the trial court and ordered that the trial court enter a final restraining order against husband. The New Jersey appellate court stated that the trial court erroneously allowed the husband’s religious beliefs to excuse him from New Jersey’s criminal code and that husband knowingly engaged in non-consensual sex with wife,” the report said.
The report also presents details of 19 more “top cases” and a summary of 50 cases from 23 states that have used Shariah as the basis for court decisions...
Read the full article at WorldNetDaily
H/T Vision To America

This is the autumn of our discontent. I believe something sinister is coming down the pipe. Week after week of demonstrations around the world could be a harbinger of revolt and even mass violence.

The Second American Revolution
October 26, 2011

I do not believe that what is going on today around Wall Street is what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he wrote in a letter to James Madison on Jan. 30, 1787, in reference to Shay’s Rebellion: “I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”
I don’t think we are facing a little rebellion. All rebellions start small; but some, like the one France experienced and what we may have to endure, could be earth-shattering.
The reasons are simple: too much debt and too little economic growth. Consider the facts:
The U.S. unemployment rate stands above 9 percent. The true unemployment rate, which takes into account people who have given up looking for work, is close to 17 percent.
For the past decade, U.S. stock indexes have been flat. Accounting for inflation, they have actually declined. Many Americans have lost a lifetime of savings.
The U.S. money supply has grown threefold in the past three years. If the investment banks ever stop collecting bonuses and lend this money, it will trigger double-digit inflation; an event which will make Americans even more angry.
Since the stock indexes peaked in 2007, real income for Americans has dropped 10 percent. Despite the addition of trillions of new dollars courtesy of the Federal Reserve, many Americans are undergoing the greatest loss of wealth since the Great Depression.
The U.S. and other Western democracies stand at a precipice. It is a situation that is sending citizens to the streets in protest. Economic collapses and protests can quickly spill over with violence.
In case you think I am exaggerating the danger, consider these recent words from columnist Frank Miele of Daily Inter Lake:
The Russian Revolution (which coincidentally was another October Revolution) started out with slogans and protests, too, just like “Occupy Wall Street.” Of course, life in 1917 Petrograd was a lot harder and a lot more desperate than it is today in Philadelphia or New York — but the ruffians on the streets don’t care about that because they don’t study history. If they did, they might be more apt to follow the Russian example and overthrow Obama’s czars who have imposed absurd and unwieldy regulations on banking and business instead of trying to destroy the capitalists who actually have the capacity to create wealth — and jobs.

Read the whole thing Here!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Has Obama 'Lost the World' and Paved the Way for an Era of Global Conflict?

Has Barack Obama set the stage for nothing less than a war for the Free World? Frank Gaffney makes the argument that this is the case and that Obama's policies have paved the way for a fight to the death with Islamofascists, Muslim extremists driven by a totalitarian political ideology that is determined to destroy freedom and the people who love it:
Conventional wisdom has it that the 2012 presidential election will be all about the dismal economy, unemployment and the soaring deficit. That appears a safe bet because such matters touch the electorate, are much in the news at the moment and have indisputably become worse on Barack Obama's watch.
It seems increasingly likely, however, that the American people will have a whole lot more to worry about by next fall. Indeed, the way things are going, by November 2012, we may see the Middle East - and perhaps other parts of the planet - plunged into a cataclysmic war.
Consider just a few of the straws in the wind of a gathering storm: ... More here ...
Barry Rubin, who claims to have written more thoroughly documented words and provided more factually based analysis explaining why Obama's Middle East policy is so bad than he has, writes that when he's often asked whether he believe this situation is caused by a deliberate, conscious effort to destroy U.S. interests, subvert Israel's existence, and promote anti-American Islamists on the part of the president and his closest colleagues ... he answers no:
... it is the result of ignorance, incompetence, and a ridiculous ideological approach that has nothing to do with reality. But, I add, it certainly says something that the policy is so bad that it makes people think that deliberate treason is a credible explanation.
... First, Obama thinks he's very knowledgeable about Islam, based on very limited personal contacts. Aside from his profound misunderstandings, his experiences come from Indonesia, the place where mainstream Islam was more moderate than in any other Muslim-majority country. And even that predates the infusion of Wahhabi and al-Qaeda radical thinking and theology even in that country.
In my opinion, the worst single blunder of Obama in the Middle East was his Cairo speech telling people in the region that they should perceive their primary identity as Muslim rather than in national terms. The idea that political Islam could be some asset for the United States -- rather than an enemy being held back largely by nationalism -- was like putting a big bomb next to a fragile dam. Yet Obama thought it was some act of far-sighted genius on his part because he could tame political Islam.
Second, Obama is a narrow-minded and arrogant man who understands little about international affairs or the profound differences of other cultures. He neither listens to ideas outside his own conception nor heeds proof that he has failed. A clever evil genius adjusts himself to circumstances, determined he will always look good. Obama is merely wrong and incompetent, openly displaying ignorance.Interestingly, Rubin's views and opinions dovetail nicely with what Gaffney has to say.
Take the time to read Rubin's entire piece here.
And then there's this sobering perspective: From Tunisia To The Justice Department: A Clean Sweep For Islam
Related: Obama's Libyan DisasterHas The Obama Administration's Outreach Affected Muslim Attitudes toward Terrorism and Terrorists?Map of the results of Obama's foreign policy in North Africa & Middle East

Obama/Holder Sharia update: 'Public School Dist. To Pay Muslim Teacher Over Mecca Trip'

When a public school district in the U.S. has to pay a Muslim teacher tens of thousands of dollars and establish a religious accommodation training program for refusing to let the instructor take three weeks off to make a pilgrimage to Mecca ... it leaves no doubt whatsoever that, as Pamela Geller suggests, the continued Islamization of America by the Obama/Holder Department of Justice has earned it recognition as the Department of Sharia:
... employers better get used to changing the way they operate their businesses in order to accommodate Muslim demands, or else.
Obama's Department of Shariah filed this outrageous lawsuit against the school district in December 2010, not to ensure the kids get a good education, mind you, but more importantly, to ensure that the Muslims get special rights and extraordinary accommodation. Obama's Department of Shariah sued to ensure the kids got the shaft but the teacher got the hajj.
This is the same DOJ's Eric Holder who spoke at the Muslim Advocates dinner a few months back and reassured Muslims of "DOJ's anti-bias focus."
This is the same DOJ that scuttled the prosecutions against Muslim Brotherhood-tied groups, i.e. CAIR et al.
This is the same DOJ that is creating Muslim majority legislative districts by converting a religious class into a racial one.
This is the same Eric Holder who sued a New Jersey county demanding that a correction facility change its rules to allow a Muslim prison guard to wear a khimar, an Islamic head covering, even though it's a choke hazard and she will be among prisoners.
The Department of Justice sponsored a booth at the Muslim Brotherhood front ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) convention underwritten by, among others, the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas-linked CAIR.
Further, Obama's Department of Justice dropped the "charges" against the Muslims who blew up the USS Cole.
More here.
Geller failed to mention other examples of the Obama/Holder DOJ's appeasement of Islamists, such as eliminating all references to Islam from terror training materials that appears to be the outcome of the same event where Muslims asked the DOJ to criminalize criticism of Islam and re-educate FBI agents as well as cut back anti-terror spending.

Obama, The First Truly 'Un-American' President

Individualism and self-reliance (i.e. standing on one's own feet) have always been cornerstones of American values, and being American has, up to now, helped instill a sense of that individualism and self-reliance. However, as Dan Riehl aptly notes, if that time isn't already gone, Barack Obama is doing everything he can to make it go away. And clearly, no one, let alone someone sitting in the Oval Office, could make this statement if they had any real appreciation for what America has traditionally been.
At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.Freedom for Americans has always meant the right of individuals to control their own destiny without outside interference from government, a ruling class, church or other organized authority. Americans are expected to take the initiative in advancing their own personal interests and well-being. The price that is paid for this individual freedom, as well as its reward, is self-reliance. Until the reign of Barack Obama, most Americans have believed that the individual must learn to rely on themselves or risk losing freedom. This often means achieving financial and emotional independence from parents at the earliest time possible. The need to "stand on one's own feet" has been considered a priority. That is, until Barack Obama and his fellow liberal-progressives took power ... and we're seeing the fruits of their governance in the children and misguided adults of the "occupy" movement - all of whom are still looking to others to take care of them as their parents did..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Myths Helping to Drive Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is a lot like Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. It's so vague that everyone sees what he wants to see in the protests.
John Hawkins

Some people hate the bailouts, others want free stuff, some are mad about jobs being shipped overseas, others are old hippies hoping for a sixties’ revival and that's before you even start talking about the Communists, Nazis, anarchists, and wannabe revolutionaries.

Even though Occupy Wall Street is sort of a smellier, dirtier, less focused, more violent bizarre-world version of the Tea Party, some of the people attending the protests do mean well -- and they do have at least one legitimate grievance. Both parties in power gave the thumbs up to TARP and the bailouts, which were really little more than "heads, we win; tails, the taxpayers lose" crony socialism. Whether it's banks, big agriculture, solar firms, General Motors, or Chevrolet, big business shouldn't be given our tax dollars. If they can only make it with an infusion of taxpayer dollars, then it's better for the country in the long run if they don't survive.

That being said, since Democratic Party is running a 2012 campaign centered around one of the Seven Deadly Sins, envy, they’ve worked hard to create a number of myths that someone needs to address.

1) Wall Street created the housing crisis! Most people don't understand the housing crisis and that's largely because a lot of people don't want the public to understand it.

There's a simple reason for that: 90% of the blame lies with government.

Here's a nutshell explanation of how the housing crisis was created. In 1994, during Bill Clinton's presidency, the Community Reinvestment Act was changed. The government started making banks an offer they couldn't refuse: Start making loans to "bad risks" or -- and this was the unspoken threat -- your bank might have an "accident." Maybe the regulators will accuse you of bias. Maybe you'll need a merger and get turned down. Who knows what could happen?

The implicit threat from the government, which was really all about politicians being able to brag that they'd helped get the home ownership rate up, worked wonders...

A lawless, unconstitutional redistribution of wealth.

This is a perfect scam for Obama. Just as we watch the Occupy Wall Street protesters condemning the banks for actions forced on them by liberals, Obama is again forcing them into similar actions so that the protesters will have something to protest next year.

You Can't Wait? Neither Can We
David Limbaugh

President Obama couldn't have chosen a more fitting slogan than "We can't wait" to promote his latest legislative elixir for our ailing economy. What could be cleverer than to employ double meaning in aid of doublespeak?

CBS News reports that Obama will use the phrase to sell his jobs bill and to justify his plan to take unilateral executive action on the economy.

Obama has enlisted the phrase to argue that America can't wait on the private sector to generate economic growth. He can't wait on the people to get up to speed with his superior wisdom or for Congress to rubber-stamp his latest destructive scheme. He will not be denied; he will not be delayed; he will not wait.

So he "is going to begin a series of executive branch actions that will not require action from Congress -- or the assent of Republicans," including a "major overhaul" of the government's refinance program for federally guaranteed mortgages to assist homeowners who haven't been able to secure refinancing.

How many times do we have to go through this song and dance, in which the executive branch arbitrarily alters already-existing contracts? How many times will this policy have to fail before Obama quits trying it?

This is a perfect scam for Obama. Just as we watch the Occupy Wall Street protesters condemning the banks for actions forced on them by liberals, Obama is again forcing them into similar actions so that the protesters will have something to protest next year.

Audacious is no longer an adequate word to describe this president. He forced through his first stimulus through crisis-leveraged fear-mongering and then never really used but a fraction of that money for so-called stimulus purposes. Why would anyone still believe a thing he says?

Who is he to tell us "we can't wait" on the proper constitutional safeguards against such precipitous executive action? He is not America's king. The Framers deliberately placed safeguards in our system to prevent such capricious executive action.

Where does Obama get the authority to force banks to make loans on terms he prefers, irrespective of the sound banking practices that guide such decisions? The answer is that he doesn't believe he needs authority, only "noble" intentions.

Just like the liberals who crammed through their affordable housing policy, he believes that people ought to get a break. It doesn't matter that most of them won't be able to pay back these loans. What matters is that Obama wants to take money from people who he believes have too much and give it to those who he believes don't have enough. To him, that is the highest purpose of government. Call it "economic justice," because that's what he and his fellow radicals call it...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shootings up 154% in NYC during 'Occupy'...
October 23, 2011

As the NYPD deals with depleted ranks, fewer thugs are going to jail. The Organized Crime Control Bureau -- an elite unit of hundreds of cops fighting drug dealers and gun runners -- has seen arrests plummet 19 percent this year...

VDH: ''Today's brand of liberalism is really a form of slow societal suicide"
Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson explains the Obama frustration and the current outpouring of invective at Wall Street ... in the context of what liberalism has wrought upon America and how it has left us "with an energy-poor country sitting on energy riches, a moribund economy with millions in the private sector piling up cash rather than investing or hiring, and cohorts of young, flat-broke, indebted, and politically prepped but poorly schooled students wondering where is the good life and why a Wall Street fixer, or computer nerd, or company man civil engineer makes so much more than they, the anointed, do":
[...] there is a growing realization that today's brand of liberalism is really a form of slow societal suicide. We see red states recovering from recession; blue states are still broke. Greece is a mess; so is the entire anti-democratic, statist, and redistributive EU. Keynesian economics is about as dead as global warming/climate change/climate chaos in the age of Climategate, Al Gore, Inc., and a planet cooling over the last decade.
The old idea of open borders is also over. The notion is discredited that teaching new arrivals multiculturalism and ethnic chauvinism, providing them massive subsidies, and ignoring federal statutes was both more humane and more efficacious than the old melting pot of our youth. Solyndra was the epitaph of the lie of "millions of green jobs." Obama will never utter that now bankrupt phrase again. "Green" means millions of dollars in printed federal money for each job produced, but even far more millions to crony capitalists who hid their malfeasance with hope and change sloganeering.
The Facade Peels Away
Independents are starting to see the end of the latest liberal experiment. Society simply cannot continue paying a half-trillion-dollars to import gas and oil, and hundreds of billions to subsidize inefficient wind and solar, even as known U.S. coal, gas, oil, shale, and tar sands reserves soar -- but remain vastly underutilized. The administration's Energy Department (e.g., gas should reach European levels, people cannot be trusted to buy the right light bulbs, California farms will blow away) is now simply the sibling of the EPA.
Raging Against the Machine
Soon even some mainstream Democrats will grasp the lie. Obamism not only does not work; its fiscal, energy, cultural, and foreign policies result in Greek-like stasis and chaos. It hinges on scapegoating those who say it does not work. Its current anger is sort of like the furor directed at those who were either trying to change or depart from the ossified medieval Church, when altruistic doctrine hides penances, exemptions, and vast estates. Stop the Smears begat JournoList which begat
Again, all of the above is why Obama's target and excuse lists grow and the old calls for civility and unity fade. How can a Democratic president, with a Democratic-controlled House and Senate for two years, keep faulting the present mess on either an ex-president who left almost three years ago, or a Republican-controlled House of some nine months tenure? ...
... The End of the Dream
In sum, there is panic. Obamacare, near-zero interest rates, more environmental and fiscal regulations, government takeovers, bailouts, and stimulus, nearly $5 trillion in debt, $1.6 trillion in annual deficits, vast increases in food stamps and unemployment insurance, and hectoring the private sector -- all that and more did not restore prosperity. More likely we ruined a natural recovery -- if 9.1% unemployment, anemic GDP growth, ruinous debt, precipitous declines in the standard of living, and the return of the old record misery index are any indication. All Obama in 2012 is left with is the old trifecta of "Bush did it," "they" will cut your Social Security, and a subtle racism fuels all opposition.
There is a deer-in-the-headlights paralysis in all those who believed that you could get a government subsidized $100,000 loan, receive easy As in environmental studies or sociology, buy a prestigious BA certificate, and then enter the lucrative world of the government bureaucracy -- teaching, administering, suing, and regulating. ...Read the whole thing.

The bad news is that that this is a realistic picture of where liberalism (and the likes of the OWSers) has taken us. The good news is that we have a chance to begin reversing it in 2012.

Obama bans truth of beliefs, motives, goals of islam, jihadists

Realted: Obama Administration Empowers Largely Islamist Leadership for Syrian Revolution: Ooops, they did it again.
Obama's Foreign Policy: Manchurian Candidate or Keystone Kop?: Obama's Middle East policy is worse than a crime—it’s a blunder.
Obama’s Libyan Disaster: New regime to introduce "radical Islamic law." ...
Tunisia‘s Islamist Party May Gain Power in the Nation’s First Free Elections ...wide implications for similar religious parties in the region.
US pulls envoy out of Syria: "Credible threat" against his safety.
Iraq Withdrawal, a Gift to Iran: We are throwing away our gains in Iraq.

Robert Spencer: Obama Administration Bans the Truth About Islam and Jihad

"I want to be perfectly clear about this: training materials that portray Islam as a religion of violence or with a tendency towards violence are wrong, they are offensive, and they are contrary to everything that this president, this attorney general and Department of Justice stands for. They will not be tolerated." - Dwight C. Holton, former U.S. Attorney
Posted by Robert Spencer
Oct 24th, 2011

It has been a long time coming, but the Obama Administration has now officially banned the truth. Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole declared Wednesday at a conference in Washington that he had “recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security.” This “reevaluation” will remove all references to Islam in connection with any examination of Islamic jihad terror activity. The Obama Administration has now placed off-limits any investigation of the beliefs, motives and goals of jihad terrorists.
Dwight C. Holton, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, emphasized that training materials for the FBI would be purged of everything politically incorrect: “I want to be perfectly clear about this: training materials that portray Islam as a religion of violence or with a tendency towards violence are wrong, they are offensive, and they are contrary to everything that this president, this attorney general and Department of Justice stands for. They will not be tolerated.”
Holton said that he had spoken with Attorney General Eric Holder about FBI training materials that Holton claimed were “egregiously false,” and that Holder “is firmly committed to making sure that this is over….we’re going to fix it.” Holton said that this “fix” was particularly urgent because the rejected training materials “pose a significant threat to national security, because they play into the false narrative propagated by terrorists that the United States is at war with Islam.”
Cole suggested that these training materials had done damage domestically as well: “One of the many, tragic legacies of 9/11 has been an increase in prejudice, discrimination and hatred directed against persons of the Muslim and Sikh faiths and those who are, or who are mistakenly perceived to be, of Arab or South Asian descent. Some have wrongly sought to blame the horror of 9/11 on Arab-American, Muslim American, Sikh-American and South Asian American communities. It has led to attacks against places of worship and other hate crimes, to job discrimination, and to the tragic harassment of children in our schools.”
After sketching out this horror tale, Cole declared: “We must never allow our sorrow and anger at the senseless attack of 9/11 to blind us to the great gift of our diversity.” And this, he said, must involve a rejection of the stereotyping of Muslims: “All of us must reject any suggestion that every Muslim is a terrorist or that every terrorist is a Muslim. As we have seen time and again – from the Oklahoma City bombing to the recent attacks in Oslo, Norway – no religion or ethnicity has a monopoly on terror.” It was George Bush, he said, who after 9/11 “made clear to the nation that these terrorist acts were committed by individuals who distort the peaceful religion of Islam,” and now all government analysis of jihad terror would reflect that perspective.
Of course, the controversial training materials did not really claim that all Muslims are terrorists or that all terrorists are Muslims, and it is noteworthy that Cole had to resort to dismissive caricatures to make his point. For in taking this course, the Obama Administration is bowing to pressure from the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Islamic advocacy groups. In a Los Angeles Times op-ed that appeared on the same day as the conference in Washington, Salam al-Marayati of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) roundly criticized existing training materials about jihad terror and demanded that the FBI and the Justice Department “issue a clear and unequivocal apology to the Muslim American community; establish a thorough and transparent vetting process in selecting its trainers and materials; invite experts who have no animosity toward any religion to conduct training about any religious community to law enforcement.”
Al-Marayati complained that training materials reflected “bigoted and inflammatory views on Muslims, including claims that ‘devout’ Muslims are more prone toward violence, that Islam aims to ‘transform a country’s culture into 7th century Arabian ways,’ that Islamic charitable giving is a ‘funding mechanism for combat’ and that the prophet Muhammad was a ‘violent cult leader.’”
In this al-Marayati was simply repeating talking points from an “expose” of FBI training materials by hard-Left journalist Spencer Ackerman in Wired, who has been conducting a campaign for some time to get the bureau to purge its terrorism training seminars of any hint of the truth about the global jihad and Islamic supremacism. Yet like virtually all Leftist and Islamic supremacist critics of anti-jihad and anti-terror material, Ackerman and al-Marayati take for granted that such assertions are false, without bothering to explain how or why. Apparently they believe that their falsity is so self-evident as to require no demonstration; unfortunately, however, there is considerable evidence that they are true, and that in banning such materials, the Obama Administration has essentially banned the truth...

Continue reading page: 1 2

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupiers Turning On Eachother... you'll never guess why!

Occupiers Squabble With Their Handlers Over Their Allowance: “This isn’t your stuff. You got all this stuff from comfort [the working group]. It belongs to comfort.” ... “This is its own city. Within every city there are people who freeload, who make people’s lives miserable."
GREED IS GOOD: Occupiers battle over $500,000 bankroll...: “The other day, I took in $2,000. I kept $650 for my group, and gave the rest to Finance. Then I went to them with a request -- so many people need things, and they should not be going without basic comfort items -- and I was told to fill out paperwork. Paperwork! Are they the government now?” Smith fumed, even as he cajoled the passing crowd for more cash.
The Finance Committee dives on whatever dollars are raised by all the OWS working groups, said Smith, and doesn’t give it back.
Oakland to Occupiers: Get out: fire hazards, sanitation issues, a growing rat problem and graffiti... increasing frequency of violence, assaults, threats and intimidation” and complained that protesters had denied access to “emergency personnel to treat injured persons and to police to patrol the Plaza.

Meanwhile, back in NYC:
The drummers claim that the finance working group even levied a percussion tax of sorts, taking up to half of the $150-300 a day that the drum circle was receiving in tips.
As the communal sleeping bag argument between Lauren Digion and Sage Roberts threatened to get out of hand, a facilitator in a red hat walked by, brow furrowed. “Remember? You’re not allowed to do any more interviews,” he said to Digion. She nodded and went back to work. But when Roberts shouted, “Don’t tell me what to do!” Digion couldn’t hold back.
“Someone has to be told what to do,” she said. “Someone needs to give orders. There’s no sense of order in this f*****g place.”