Friday, October 28, 2011

Obama Deportation Numbers Nothing More Than a 'Trick'

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith points out in Politico today that the White House boasts on deportations are nothing more than a trick: "Unfortunately for U.S. workers, the Obama administration's immigration enforcement record is just a magic trick."

... Take away the hocus-pocus, and it is clear the Obama administration is neglecting to enforce immigration laws. The administration has all but abandoned worksite enforcement actions. Over the past two years, worksite enforcement has plummeted 70 percent.

Under this administration, there have been fewer arrests of illegal workers, fewer criminal arrests, fewer indictments and fewer convictions. This means illegal workers continue to take jobs away from unemployed Americans.

Without worksite enforcement, we cannot stop employers from hiring illegal workers. And as long as the jobs magnet exists, millions of illegal immigrants most likely will come to the U.S. and take jobs from lawful workers.

The president and his administration have also decided to grant administrative amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Mark Krikorian has more on the Obama's deportation trickery here, and Alan Silverleib goes into Obama's creative deportation accounting here.


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