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European Elite Resent Not Voting in American Elections

NOW A CULT FIGURE? Obamania: What Europeans Are Saying About American Democracy
From the desk of Soeren Kern on Wed, 2008-01-30 11:58
The outcome of the US presidential election will affect the lives of millions of people around the world. So it’s probably not surprising that many Europeans are resentful that only Americans will have a say in it. European media are saturated with election coverage that is heavily biased in favor of the Democrats. And, as in past elections, European elites are also demanding the right to help choose the next occupant of the White House. What follows is a brief survey of what some Europeans are saying about the American way of democracy.
An editorial in the Brussels-based, center-right De Standaard articulates a view shared by many Europeans: “American presidential elections are not ‘home affairs’. American decisions have repercussions all over the globe…. Hence, the world should be given the right to vote.”
This view is echoed by Simon Heffer in the London-based, conservative-leaning Daily Telegraph. A column titled ‘If Only We Could Vote for the Next US President’ argues that “Many Britons will feel it would be rather nice to have a vote, too. Well, maybe not a whole vote: I would settle for one worth 50 per cent of those cast by American citizens. After all, since we are a strategic colony of the US, it would be nice to have even a marginal say in how the empire chooses to dispose our goodwill and our blood and treasure.”
What European elites really seem to want is the right to “help” Americans choose the “correct” candidate. And if newspaper headlines are any indication, that person is, overwhelmingly, Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Indeed, across the continent, European elites are infatuated with Obama, who is now a cult figure.
In Germany, the center-right Berliner Morgenpost proclaims that Obama is ‘The New Kennedy’ while the centrist tabloid Bild says that ‘This Black American Has Become the New Kennedy!’ The left-wing Frankfurter Rundschau compares Obama not only to Kennedy, but also to Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt.
The Hamburg-based, leftwing Der Spiegel asserts that: “Obama is the candidate of the idealists […]. Obama also happens to be the candidate of choice for the foreign press […]. Many in Europe would like nothing more than a ‘European’ America.”
In the Netherlands, the left-leaning De Volkskrant reports that the US primaries are giving the Dutch “goose bumps […]. Obama has the authenticity that the Dutch electorate craves.”
In France, the center-left Libération says the new leader of the French Socialist Party should be someone with Obama’s profile: “The French Left seeks a charismatic leader, age 46, of mixed race, to deliver a message of hope and unity. At a time when American Democrats are discovering their new hero, it would be a good time for the Socialist Party and their friends to find a Barack Obama to end their internal quarrels.”
Meanwhile, in an online poll at the center-left Le Nouvel Observateur, Obama has an overwhelming 60 percent of the 2,680 votes cast, double Clinton’s 30 percent. The late President Kennedy is lagging behind, with only 4 percent of the votes.
In Britain, the centrist Times of London confirms that the Tories are suffering an identity crisis by reporting that “Tories and Labour both hope for a sprinkling of Barack Obama’s stardust. Ripples of excitement from the campaign of the presidential contender have crossed the Atlantic, and British politicians are agog.”
After months of glorifying Obama, European media have tried to portray his losses to New York Senator Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Nevada as part of an elaborate conspiracy to keep a black man from becoming the 44th president of the United States. After Clinton won the New Hampshire primary, for example, the Milan-based, center-right Il Giornale reported that Obama was the victim of vote-rigging.
In Germany, the Financial Times Deutschland opines that “there is something narcissistic at the heart of the idea that Clinton was breaking down at the thought that America might be recklessly throwing away the chance to be governed by her. Chronic egocentrism, narcissism, self-pity—these are exactly the qualities that to this day make Bill Clinton so hated by his enemies.”
The state-sponsored Deutsche Welle argues that although Clinton’s victory in New Hampshire is being put down to her display of ‘genuine’ emotion, it is actually a further example of “US politics descending into self-parody.”
France, meanwhile, dispatched its ambassador to keep an eye on campaign events in New Hampshire. “There’s a lot of interest in France in this election. […] The administration in Paris wants regular reports,” says France’s ambassador to the United States.
In an essay titled ‘The End of the Obama Revolution’, Der Spiegel laments that: “All of those people who’ve been dreaming of America’s first black president now have to slowly wake up. It’ll happen one day, hopefully, but not in this election.”
The Times of London says that: “For all his talk of changing America’s face to the world and rebuilding old alliances, Mr Obama has been notably reluctant to engage, particularly with Europe. As British and European leaders ponder the meaning and consequences of Mr Obama’s sudden rise, perhaps they should be asking instead how much they really matter to him.” Good point.
Indeed, another Times of London story frets that: “Obama has made only one brief official visit to London—and none elsewhere in Western Europe.”
In an 800-word rant titled ‘American Primary System Fails to Impress Europeans’, Deutsche Welle implies that if Germans cannot help Americans vote Obama into office, then the US political system itself must be flawed. DW asserts that American democracy is “atavistic. It’s outdated. It doesn’t really reflect democracy in a modern sense.” The story goes on to say that America would be better off if it adopted a parliamentary system, just like the one in (surprise, surprise) Germany.
Some Europeans are beginning to wake up to the reality that a Democrat in the White House might not be in their best interests.
The Hamburg-based, conservative-leaning Die Welt offers the most forthright analysis of the implications for Europe of a Clinton victory. “For Germany, it greatly matters who finally wins the presidential race. The Clintons are not naive admirers of Germany and/or Europe. As heirs to an unpopular war in Iraq, the Clintons, after returning to the White House, would demand military coalition troop support from Europe. Indeed, as early as 2004, Gerhard Schroeder was warned that the worst possible outcome of his anti-Iraq war stance would have been a John Kerry victory. Because then the German chancellor would have had a friendly, but pushy partner in the White House who would have quickly put an end to Berlin’s anti-American politicking by asking for assistance in Baghdad.”
According to the London-based Economist, “Nor is European enthusiasm for either candidate likely to survive the election of Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama, or whoever else becomes president. The person who gets voters' nod will rule as an American, promoting American interests around the world—and no doubt disappointing many watchers from abroad. For Europeans to imagine anything else would be naive indeed.”
In Spain, El Diario Exterior argues that an Obama victory could be especially counter-productive for the European Left, because it will show that America is not the racist state that European elites say it is: “The [European] Left, which likes to attribute to the United States an imperialist foreign policy and discrimination against blacks and Hispanics, is not as happy about the rise of Obama as one would expect. On sending the message that they are ready to elect an African American, a part of American society is exhibiting an attitude much less prejudiced than is commonly attributed to this country.” The article goes on to remind readers that Europe’s multicultural Socialist utopia has failed to beget its own Obama.
After seeing American democracy in high gear, European publics are fretting about the relative lack of democracy at home. As the Paris-based International Herald Tribune points out in a column titled ‘Don’t Look for Democracy in the EU Presidency’, “unlike America’s presidential primary elections, the start of Europe’s presidential selection process foretells very little to do with revivifying democracy.” It continues: “The choice of the European president is true to the EU’s historical character. Rather than a popular vote, the selection process will belong to the council of chiefs of state and government….” Finally, London’s leftwing Guardian concedes that America is doing something right for a change. In a rare case of introspection and self-criticism, the paper admonishes Britons that “reflecting on the wide-open campaign of 2008, it’s obvious that British critics — and European critics generally — are guilty of smug superiority and ignorance in writing off the strengths of the American system. […] Instead of dismissing American democracy in our snooty way, we need to ask what we can learn.” Now that’s a thought!
This piece was originally published at the American Thinker website on January 29, 2008 .

John McCain: The Amnesty Candidate

Dr. Juan Hernandez, McCain Hispanic outreach director: “We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people.”
By Michelle Malkin
Update: Hernandez is a “non-paid volunteer,” says the McCain campaign. Was he “non-paid” at the Reform Institute, too? And does McCain share his “Mexico First/” “Just A Region”/”Free Flow of People” views or not? Ask.
Meet La Familia McCain.
Last month, I received an e-mail from a concerned reader. She wrote:
“Hispanic Republicans here in Nevada had a chance to speak by conference to Sen. John McCain and many of us were appalled to learn that his National Director of Hispanic Outreach is none other that Dr. Juan Hernandez, notorious for his open borders stance. How can McCain reconcile the fact that he says he “learnt his lesson w/the American people” with choosing as his Hispanic Ntl. Dir. someone whose views and interests are so clearly anti-security and not in the interest of the American people or for that matter us legal Hispanic immigrants. Can someone question him directly on this?”
Bryan at Hot Air confirmed it. Here’s a photo he found on McCain’s daughter’s campaign website. The ethnocentrist, border obliteration activist is in tight with the top echelons of the McCain camp. McCain campaign guru Mark MacKinnon is in the foreground. Maybe sending e-mails about their future shamnesty plans with Teddy Kennedy and Lindsay Graham.
Photo credit: Copyright Heather Brand
Hernandez and I go way back. He had a bad habit of calling you “My friend” during TV debates while smoothly peddling open-borders propaganda. I cured that bad habit several years ago during a Fox News segment by pointing out that he was not, in fact, “my friend.”
He is not your friend, either.
Hernandez was a close advisor to Vicente “Welcome to North America” Fox and headed up a Mexican bureaucracy called the “Presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad.” It was designed to allow Hernandez to travel across the country, meddling with local, state, and federal immigration enforcement on behalf of millions of illegal aliens in America. He lobbied for illegal alien driver’s licenses and Mexico first, defended Mexican bus operators carrying illegal aliens to the USA, and promoted extending banking privileges to illegal aliens.

Aliens and Enemies Among Us - Important Info!

I found this at Jihadchat Dot Com...
Good info from "Classic Woman"
to check out pics and info about the Wahhabi Corridor running through our Nation's Capital.
"Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives
have Penetrated Washington"
by Paul Sperry
In their rush to recruit Arabic and other translators since 9/11, both the FBI and Pentagon have cut corners on background checks and hired Muslim translators in spite of their dangerous ties to foreign military and intelligence agencies in Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan—and the government has suffered espionage cases as a result, an explosive new book set for release this week/tomorrow claims! Many of the bad apples were referrals from militant Muslim activist groups the Washington establishment continues to trust. (See chapt. 17, THE MOLE HOUSE)
For instance, the FBI hired the daughter (named in book) and grandsons of a former senior Pakistani intelligence officer to translate intercepts of Pakistani and al-Qaida targets in Washington, despite warnings from counterespionage agents about major red flags in their personnel files. Top secret law enforcement information subsequently has been compromised.
Some Middle Eastern linguists working for the FBI have taken bribes from targets of counterterrorism investigations, while some have tipped off targets and others have had romantic relationships with them.
One bureau source in counterintelligence quoted by name in INFILTRATION says there are potentially one dozen espionage cases in Washington's language squad alone, including a Pakistani translator related to a former Pakistani general connected to al-Qaida.
Another bureau source (also quoted by name) who worked as a translator inside that squad called it a veritable "mole house."
Laptops with classified intelligence about al-Qaida investigations have gone missing from the translation unit in the Washington field office of the FBI.
Muslim "zealots" working as Middle Eastern translators in the bureau's language squad have lobbied management for their own restrooms so they won't have to use the same toilets as infidel agents! (confirmed by three bureau sources who have seen the memos.)
Other bad apples on the Arabic desk (also named in chapter) have nonetheless been promoted after suing the PC-addled bureau for discrimination.
The FBI director and the president privately have struck deals with Muslim-rights groups to avoid describing terrorism as "Islamic" in public, while the FBI director continues to put his counterterrorism case agents through Muslim-sensitivity training. (See chapt. 1, DON'T PICK ON MUSLIMS)
The White House has put a Muslim lawyer-activist in charge of all federal government contracting and outsourcing, even though congressional lobbying records show he once lobbied on behalf of convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi and against antiterrorism tools for law enforcement. (See chapt. 29, PENETRATING THE WHITE HOUSE)
A long-time Muslim prison chaplain who praised the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington was given sparkling job evaluations—including "Good" and "Excellent" performance marks—by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, even when officials were aware that he was delivering hate-filled sermons about Jews and Christians to Muslim inmates. (See chapt. 20, THE PRISON POWDER KEG)
The suspected al-Qaida operative accused of plotting to assassinate President Bush worshipped at the same Washington-area mosque attended by some of the 9/11 hijackers—a hardcore Saudi-controlled mosque whose founders and leaders have ties to the notorious Muslim Brotherhood as well as terrorist groups Hamas and al-Qaida, and whose current pray leader is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing, according to INFILTRATION's investigation. (See chapts. 12 and 13, THE 9/11 MOSQUE and also see THE 9/11 IMAM)
Abu Ali also graduated from the same nearby Saudi academy that included on its faculty a devout Muslim activist who is now the top Muslim consultant to American textbook publishers (Susan L. Douglass) and still employs her husband (Usama Amer). Douglass taught social studies at the controversial Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., and now essentially teaches American children across the country about Islam in the public schools as a consultant with the Council on Islamic Education. The textbooks she has edited sugarcoat over all of Islam's warts, including violent jihad, while denigrating Christianity and Judaism as intolerant. Some sections on Islam are so slick they actually glamorize the faith, giving rise to worries public schools may be inadvertently inspiring future John Walker Lindhs, the American Taliban, who in his San Francisco grade school used a world history textbook Douglass edited. White House records I've obtained reveal that Douglass has been an honored guest at the Bush White House!
Iranian intelligence knew about Osama bin Laden's plans to attack America with airplanes at least four months before 9/11. INFILTRATION names the FBI case agent (Tony Orefice) in the Washington field office who took a tip about the plot from an Iranian informant and filed a report with supervisors before the attacks. The report was buried. (See chapt. 19, THE IRANIAN INFORMANT)
Under the misguided "openness policy" of the Clinton administration and former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and the nation's other super-secret nuclear weapons labs hired dozens of Iranian and Middle Eastern post-doctoral students who now pose a potential terror and espionage threat in light of both al-Qaida's and Tehran's nuclear bomb ambitions, according to recently circulated lab security directives. (See chapt. 22, LOOSE NUKES)
Contradicting claims by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that it does "not receive support from any overseas group or government," tax and land records reveal that the powerful Muslim-rights group is backed by a radical Islamic foundation in the United Arab Emirates that supports the families of Palestinian terrorists. Dubai was one of only three governments in the world to formally recognize the Taliban, and was the transfer point for 9/11 funding. (See chapt. 25, THE DARK LAIR OF CAIR)
The EEOC has partnered with CAIR to help Islamize the workplace, and has even dispatched lawyers to mosques across the country to solicit discrimination complaints against employers. CAIR has instigated more than 1,000 Muslim-bias complaints and has prevailed over such giants as Sears, Nike, Office Depot and UPS—as well as the security firm that operated two of the airport screening checkpoints used by the 9/11 hijackers! (See chapt. 23, WUDU IN THE RESTROOM)
The widely cited number for the size of the Muslim population in America—7 million—was pulled out of thin air by a CAIR board member who doubled as an "independent researcher" for the study that first published the grossly inflated figure—which conveniently eclipses the number of Jews in America, estimated at 6 million. (See chapt. 26, THE MUSLIM CAUCUS)
Just two months before Congress released the findings of its joint 9/11 inquiry—in which it scolded the FBI for failing to thoroughly investigate a hard-line imam who privately ministered to at least two of the hijackers—the bureau along with the State Department let the imam go after having him in custody in New York. Customs agents had held him at JFK airport in connection with an active post-9/11 terror-financing investigation led by senior agent David Kane. But Washington inexplicably ordered agents to release the imam—Sheikh Anwar Aulaqi—and allowed him to flee the country on a Saudi jet! Now that the 9/11 Commission has agreed that the cleric's relationship with the hijackers was highly suspicious, the FBI has reopened its investigation into his role in 9/11. Unfortunately, Aulaqi's exact whereabouts are unknown. (See chapt. 13, THE 9/11 IMAM, and also see the supporting classified documents by clicking on DOCUMENTS link)
Know thine enemy
Frank Gaffney Jr.
Washington Times
May 17, 2005
Excerpt: The implications of the Islamofascists' concerted, highly-disciplined and organized and well-financed efforts are ominous. Unfortunately, this is true not only for places like Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the Islamists have held sway for some time, or in Saudi Arabia, the financial and ideological well-spring of modern Islamofascism. Islamism is on the march in such disparate places as Western Europe, Bosnia, Indonesia, Latin America and Africa.
Worse yet, Islamofascists are also increasingly a force to be reckoned with in America, as well. A chilling new book by noted author and investigative reporter Paul Sperry makes clear that the Islamists are well advanced in their efforts to bring jihad to a country near you.
In Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington, Sperry describes in well-documented detail the inroads being made by mostly Saudi-funded Islamist operations in the United States. Many of these operations are headquartered in what he calls the Wahhabi corridor communities in northern Virginia within a few miles of the nation's seat of government. Evidence of their progress to date includes:
The take-over of non-Islamist mosques throughout America. Typically, this is accomplished by way of mortgages provided on favorable terms by Saudi financial institutions. Along with the financing come Wahhabi clerics, textbooks and other materials and the transformation of religious schools into Saudi-style madrassas.
Islamist recruitment in US prisons. Sperry describes how Sister Susan VanBaalen, who administers the federal prison ministries, has naively allowed problematic organizations tied to Saudi Arabia to proselytize in unsupervised meetings with inmates.
Muslim chaplains in the American military have been selected, trained and certified by Saudi-funded organizations founded by one of this country’s most prominent and best-connected Islamists, Abdurahman Alamoudi. Alamoudi is himself now in federal prison, having pled guilty to plotting to engage in terrorist acts
Islamist inroads are also being made into the student populations of hundreds of colleges and universities across America by chapters of the Saudis-bankrolled Muslim Student Association.
Sperry's most alarming insights, however, concern the success Islamist organizations have had in penetrating and influencing key government agencies. He documents how the FBI has employed translators of suspect loyalties without adequate background checks. He details how political correctness has replaced common sense as federal agencies like the Pentagon, State Department, law enforcement, the intelligence services and even the White House have reached out to groups known to be sympathetic — if not actually tied to — Islamist terrorism....

The New Blasphemy

"... And not just blasphemy laws. Jihad doctrine; Sharia (Islamic law); designs for a global caliphate through jihad (terrorism) and the spread of Sharia (Islamization): We pretend they are not factors in the Free World's experience with Islam. We certainly don't discuss their implications for the freeness of the world."
By Diana West
... Ring a bell? In 2001, a 32-year-old Marine captain and CIA officer named John Michael Spann was killed there in a prison riot, thus becoming the first American combat death in Afghanistan. Not incidentally, Spann, before violence broke out, had interrogated an uncooperative John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban. This all took place before the U.S. military completely toppled Afghanistan's Taliban oppressors.
Nearly seven years later, American-liberated Mazar-i-Sharif has again made headlines — well, one or two — as the site of the prison where a 23-year-old Afghan journalist has been detained for three months (and counting) on blasphemy charges. These charges derive, Reuters reports, from Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh "distributing an article which said Prophet Mohammad had ignored the rights of women.” As President Bush might say ... well, what might President Bush say: Let freedom reign?
Then there's Halabja.
Remember Halabja? The name is notorious for being the town where in 1988, 15 years before Operation Iraqi Freedom, Saddam Hussein gassed thousands of Kurdish civilians to death. This month, American-liberated Halabja made headlines as the site of the court that sentenced a Kurdish author in absentia to six months in prison for blasphemy: namely, for writing in a book that Mohammed had 19 wives, married a 9-year-old when he was 54, and took part in murder and rape. (These points, Robert Spencer notes at, "can be readily established from early texts written by pious Muslims.”) The author, Mariwan Halabjaee, who has asylum in Norway, says there's also a fatwa calling for his death unless he asks forgiveness.
Think about it. Where Americans have died, not just to de-fang jihadist threats but to "democratize” Islamic populations, freedom of speech is against the law. And not the law according to "militants” or "extremists,” but the law as enforced by democratically elected governments that we, as a nation, support with everything we've got. What would Bush say to that?
I doubt he'd know what to say. Neither, for that matter, would anyone in his Cabinet, starting with Condoleezza Rice. Nor, I doubt, would the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Adm. Mike Mullen. Nor — to open things up — would the presidential candidates, the Fox News All-Stars or Simon Cowell. The fact is, to discuss blasphemy laws in Afghanistan and Iraq (Kurdistan, even) is to discuss Islam — specifically, its laws and doctrines. And we, as a politically correct people, don't know how to do that. Instead, we act as though they don't exist.
And not just blasphemy laws. Jihad doctrine; Sharia (Islamic law); designs for a global caliphate through jihad (terrorism) and the spread of Sharia (Islamization): We pretend they are not factors in the Free World's experience with Islam. We certainly don't discuss their implications for the freeness of the world. Look at what passes for "debate” among our presidential candidates: Republicans argue over who supported "the surge” first; Democrats argue over who will withdraw troops first.
Such resolute blindness on Islam probably explains the institutional apathy — including (with few exceptions) conservative apathy — on the termination of Pentagon analyst Stephen Coughlin. The military's primary expert on Islamic law, Coughlin was reportedly fired at the behest of a highly placed Pentagon aide named Hesham Islam whom Steven Emerson has since thumb-nailed as "an Islamist with a pro-Muslim Brotherhood bent.” Thankfully, Rep. Sue Myrick of the bipartisan House Anti-Terrorism Caucus is considering action, but there is little public sense that this outrage of a story is happening to us as a nation.
But it's something that should deeply concern Americans, particularly as a nation with soldiers under arms. Coughlin's meticulously researched legal brief not only links Islamic law to Islamic terrorism, but also demonstrates the professional negligence involved in ignoring Islamic law when devising strategies against Islamic terrorism.
Of course, that right there may explain the silence, particularly among many conservatives. The kind of negligence Coughlin is talking about, deriving from a PC ignorance of Islamic law, is quite evident in the strategies and tactics of the so-called war on terror that conservatives have widely championed — up to and including "the surge” in Iraq, which, for example, presupposes that American-won security will trigger a set of cultural behaviors and aspirations in Iraqi society best described as non-Islamic.
In other words, we seem to have arrived at a strange junction where neither jihadist apologists nor surge enthusiasts want to hear the facts about Islamic law. You might say it's become the new blasphemy.

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Report of knife-point threat leads to illegal-alien probe

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Bangor Daily News
BELFAST, Maine — An altercation in a local tavern led to the discovery of two Hispanic men believed to be in the country illegally.
Police Chief Jeffrey Trafton said one of the men was believed to be from El Salvador while the other man told police he was a citizen of the Earth.
Trafton said Sgt. John Gibbs came in contact with the men after a patron of Rollie’s Bar and Grille claimed one of them threatened him with a knife in the restaurant’s restroom Saturday evening.
"The guy went to the bathroom and the other guy showed him a knife and said something in Spanish," Trafton said Monday. "The guy felt he’d been threatened but he couldn’t understand Spanish."
Oscar Portilla, 41, of Belfast was arrested and charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon after the 6:16 p.m. incident. Portilla, who works for a local potato processing company, told police he was originally from El Salvador.
His companion, Jose Louis Hernandez Martinez, told police he was never issued a birth certificate and did not know his age.
"He said he was a son of God and that we’re all brothers and sisters. He said he’s not from Mexico and he’s not from the United States, he’s from the Earth," Trafton said.
Trafton said that Martinez was known to U.S. Customs as Carlos Valle. The Immigration and Naturalization Service has opened an investigation into the identity and origin of both men, Trafton said.

John McCain: The Geraldo Rivera Republican

Michelle Malkin

After spearheading a disastrous, security-undermining illegal alien amnesty bill last year with Teddy Kennedy, "straight-talking" GOP Sen. John McCain claims he has seen the light. In TV appearances, he vows to put immigration enforcement first. On the campaign trail, he offers a perfunctory promise to strengthen border security and emphasizes the need to restore Americans' trust in their government's ability to defend the homeland.
"I got the message," he told voters in South Carolina. "We will secure the borders first."
But how can McCain cure citizens' distrust when his own credibility on the issue remains fatally damaged? He doesn't believe his own election-year spin. And he knows we know it. This is cynicism on steroids with a speedball chaser.
Not all of us have forgotten how the short-fused Arizona senator cursed good-faith opponents in his own party ("F**k you!" and "Chickensh*t" were the choice words he had for Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn during a spat over enforcement provisions). Not all of us have forgotten that he voted against barring felons from receiving amnesty benefits under his plan. Not all of us have forgotten the underhanded, debate-sabotaging manner in which McCain/Kennedy/Lindsey Graham/Harry Reid conspired to ram their package down voters' throats.
His admission of the shamnesty failure is grudging and bitter. While he now tells conservative voters what they want to hear about the need to build the southern border fence, he takes a contemptuous tone toward physical barriers when talking to businessmen. "By the way, I think the fence is least effective," he told executives in Milwaukee, according to a recent Vanity Fair profile. "But I'll build the goddamned fence if they want it." Straight talk? Try hate talk....

Why McCain Would be Worse Than Bush

The three issues that ruined the Bush presidency are this misbegotten war in Iraq, the failure to secure America’s borders from invasion and a mindless trade policy that has destroyed the dollar and left foreigners with $5 trillion to buy up America at fire-sale prices.
McCain remains an unthinking advocate of all three.
by Patrick J. Buchanan
January 25, 2008
In 2004, the voters of Arizona, by 56 percent to 44 percent, enacted Proposition 200, requiring proof of citizenship before an individual may vote or receive state benefits. Forty-six percent of Hispanics voted for Prop. 200, giving the lie to those who say Hispanics support the illegal invasion of their country.
Over 190,000 Arizonans petitioned to put Prop. 200 on the ballot. As it simply required proof of citizenship before receiving the benefits and privileges of citizenship, who could oppose it? Answer: the entire GOP congressional delegation, led by Sen. John McCain.
This is the same John McCain who battled the border fence and colluded with Teddy Kennedy on the amnesty bill rejected by Congress last year after a national uproar.
Bottom line: If the presidential race is between Hillary and Amnesty John, the border security battle is over and lost. As Laura Ingraham asks, “If Congress passes McCain-Kennedy in 2009, would President McCain sign it?”
For conservatives, the stakes could not be higher.
For on the great controversies, McCain has sided as often with the Democrats and the Big Media that pay him court as with conservatives.

Taken Serious: al Qaida's warning same as 4 years ago

I found this post at
Good work from "whitewolf "
Nearly four years after the Madrid train bombings, al Qaida delivered several specifically timed warnings to the United Kingdom urging the U.K. to stop supporting the war in Iraq -- "or else."
"Or else" was the attack that took place on July 7, 2005 on Britain's mass transit system. Fifty two people were killed and many more were injured. Al Qaida is back with a new "or else" that is similar to the July 7 warning and attack cycle, and it has rattled some government intelligence officials.
1/30/2008: Intel News Brief
Al Qaida posted the following statement on a jihadist Web site last Thursday. It's an ultimatum that mentions a date, just like the one issued back in 2005: Statement of the Leader of al-Qaeda in Britain, Shaykh Umar Rabie al-Khalaila:
From The organisation of Al-Qaeda in Britain
23, January 2008
We, the organization of Al-Qaeda in Britain, offer a truce to the British government.
Our demands are as follows:I. A complete withdrawal of the British troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.II. To free all Muslim captives from Belmarsh prison, and the foremost of them Shaykh Abu Qatada al-Filistini and Shaykh Abu Haza al-Misri.
If the British government fails to respond to our demands by the last day of March 2008 as they fail to answer to the truce of our Shaykh Usama bin Laden and to the truce of the Emir of Believers Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, then the Martyrdom seekers of the organisation of al-Qaeda in Britain will target all the political leaders especially Tony Blair and Gordan Brown, and we will also target all Embassies, Crusaders Centers and their Interests through out the country, with the help of Allah.
Finally, all praise is to Allah.
- Umar Rabie al-Khalaila The leader of Al-Qaeda in Britain
The problem is the pattern. Osama bin Laden himself warned the British last November, and last Thursday Britian's al Qaida leader did the same.
Former CIA unit chief Mike Scheuer says this is almost the same sequence that took place three years ago and the end result was "those attacks on the British transit system in London, the subway and bus attacks occurred."
What does that mean for this warning?
"I would never say they they're going to attack on the 31st of March, but they're getting their ducks in a row," Scheuer says.
And, al Qaida may have a lot of ducks in that row.
Jonathan Evans, head of Britain's MI5, said last November, about the same time bin Laden delivered the warning, "there are at least 2,000 people in the U.K. who pose a threat to national security because of their support for terrorism." He was talking particularly about people with ties to al Qaida. Intelligence sources say there are many more unaccounted for.
Where are these people coming from?
Scheuer says they are coming directly from the tribal territories of Pakistan where al Qaida's terror camps are running without much interference at all.
In fact, Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf all but confirmed that notion this week.
Musharraf, for example, in his visit this week, warned the U.K. again that they are in the target hairs of the Islamists and he said that their counter-terrorism program wasn't really up to snuff," said Scheuer.
Bob Grenier, former director of the CIA's Counter Terrorism Center, says "ungoverned space" in Pakistan is the central issue. The terrorists are free to train and move around the area at will. When they are done, they can go wherever they wish.
Grenier, now managing director of the risk management firm Kroll, says there is a robust and well-connected international intelligence community, and that is the reason why the attack hasn't happened yet.
"But I'm not sure how long we can sustain this quite frankly," Grenier says.
Homeland Security Secretary Micheal Chertoff recently said, "One of the things we have become concerned about lately is the possibility of Europe, becoming a platform for a threat against the United States."
There is little doubt the platform is there, and Britain may find out sooner or later whether the threat was real.In the meantime, Chertoff stated late Tuesday that while the threat is real, it is a threat we should approach "seriously" and not with "hysteria."
The British government did not respond to inquiries about the threat Tuesday.
Source: Morning Intel News Brief via WTOP News-Security News Wire

Friday, January 25, 2008

I smell a FARTWA

I found this at
Good post by "a12iggymom"

"Islam is not even a religion," Mitchell told WND from a location somewhere in Eastern North Carolina. "It's an ideology of 'might makes right' disguised as a religion. We're going to show that Allah was with us when we baked this cookie and ate it. Deal with it!"
- Cutting edge TV Host, Molotov Mitchell
Christian 'infidels' to eat 'Muhammad'
Political TV hosts fed up with PC Islam will devour cookie with face of prophet
Posted: January 24, 20081:00 a.m. Eastern
By Joe Kovacs© 2008
This cookie with a depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad will be eaten on 'Flamethrower,' a new political program on Faith TV
A new, cutting-edge, political TV show will challenge Islam with biting humor tomorrow night, placing the face of the prophet Muhammad onto a cookie and then having it eaten on camera.
"We're going to take a stand and say Muhammad's face is delicious," said Molotov Mitchell, the 28-year-old incendiary creator and host of "Flamethrower," a program described as a low-budget, gritty cross between the "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report," and "The View" if Ann Coulter were the producer. "This is religious and culinary history in the making."
The theme of this week's episode is "All Things Islam," as panelists take on the faith of Muslims in a no-holds-barred fashion.
"What were doing is exercising our freedom of speech and freedom of the press to the fullest in order to challenge a tyrannical, oppressive system that has doomed the cultures and countries of the Middle East for centuries," Mitchell told WND. "Now it's trying to invade our borders, and somebody has to speak up about it."
In its two previous episodes, "Flamethrower" has taken on subjects including "Is it ethical to kill abortionists?" and "Let's invade Mexico" – not to stay, but just to get rid of the drug cartels.

Quote of the Day

The three great political pathologies of the 20th century are all religions of envy: Nazism, preaching race envy toward "rich, exploitative Jews"; Communism, preaching class envy toward the "rich, exploitative bourgeoisie"; and Moslem terrorism, preaching culture envy toward the "rich, exploitative West." Envy-mongering has always been and continues to be the underlying strategy of all variants of the political Left, such as the Democratic Party.
- Jack Wheeler, "The Secret to the Suicidal Liberal Mind"
Freedom Research Foundation


Sign the Petition
To: International citizens


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In "Racist U.S." Pastor Got $1.5 Million in Clinton Earmarks Before Endorsement

...Butts reportedly told a gathering at the United Nations conference on "Islamophobia" in 2005 that, "whether Muslims like it or not, Muslims are labeled people of color in the racist U.S ... they won't label you by calling you a ni****, but they'll call you a terrorist."
By Fred Lucas Staff Writer
January 24, 2008
Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) secured more than $1 million in federal funding last year for a Harlem-based non-profit whose leader gave her presidential campaign a major endorsement last weekend.
Clinton -- who is aggressively competing for the black vote with her chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) -- touted the endorsement of Rev. Calvin O. Butts III, a prominent black leader and pastor of one of the oldest black churches in America, the Abyssinian Baptist Church of Harlem.
The $555-billion FY 2008 omnibus spending bill approved last month by Congress included 11 appropriations bills with 11,000 earmarks. Clinton teamed with senior New York Sen. Charles Schumer and New York Rep. Charles Rangel, both Democrats, to provide three earmarks for the Abyssinian Development Corporation (ADC)...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Only In New York?

This ad, courtesy of the BBC no less, hangs in Grand Central Station, in the pedestrian tunnel that runs north under Park Ave.
It was brought to my attention by a vigiliant New Yorker, friend and co-worker, Chris, who was just as nauseated to see it as I was.
Go here to the contact page for BBC America and tell them if you feel this is inappropriate.
I certainly do.
What a vicious and cold slap in the face that advertisement must be to anyone who lost a loved one on 9/11 that may be walking by.
Some people forget waaaayyyy too soon... which means they will never be able to really teach their children or anyone else what they will most need to know... thy enemy.
Too bad these ones just happen to be in the news business.
The Dali Lama has never conspired to commit mass murder and devistation in my beautiful city in the name of the antichrist, who is Islam.
And Bin Laden has done that, and he promises us all much, much more.
Chris and I are both at our wits end trying to understand why it is necessary for the BBC, a foreign entity, to publicly equate the dellusional "world views" of a dickless megalomaniacal cult leader like Bin Laden to the virtuous spiritual wisdoms of the Dali Lama.
And to rub our noses in it.
I mean, come on.
We owe Bin Laden NOTHING.

The Whites We Should Attack: says The Mighty Morfin

“Because the enemy is not at home, but outside, he is of white complexion, he thinks differently than us, they are the Minuteman, and those are the ones that we should attack”, he said.
Cuauhtémoc Morfin, Racist Mexican Leader Calls For Attacks On White Americans
El FinancieroChicago, 23 of January
Leaders of the Mexican community in Chicago reported today that they will ask president Felipe Calderon for his support in diverse common actions that will undertake to show the importance of their social and political presence in the United States.
In a first meeting to define the approach that the President will do during his next visit to Chicago, the leaders agreed to give priority to the theme of the defense of the immigrant community before the defamatory climate and the pursuit that lives itself in diverse groups. Counselors of the Institute of the Mexicans Abroad (IME) and common representatives considered the convenience to take the initiative and to propose forms of defense against that anti-immigrante climate, said journalists and sources of the meeting. The counselor of IME,Cuauhtémoc Morfin, said that they will ask president Calderon the necessary support to prompt actions in a common front. In the meeting, he added, he agreed to define the proposal in the next weeks, including the promotion of a greater participation of the community in the social life and American politics to show their force.
“For example, in this year’s electoral process, where we should push people to vote, that is going to fortify us, make us more notorious, and show that our presence is not temporary”, expressed Fabián Morales, counselor of the IME.
“Because the enemy is not at home, but outside, he is of white complexion, he thinks differently than us, they are the Minuteman, and those are the ones that we should attack”, he said.
In the meantime, the counselor Salavador Pedroza commented that among the petitions that will be given to the President is to create the suitable conditions for a worthy reception to all the deported. For that, he added, he would be able to create a center of welcome for the repatriated people, that facilitates and incorporates them to productive projects once they return. Pedroza notified that the priority in the encounter will be to present viable proposals that head the community, but also to request the necessary support so that this benefit happens on both sides of the border.
President Calderon anticipates to visit Chicago on the 14 of February on a work tour inside the United States that also contemplates the cities of Los Angeles, New York and Boston.

A Response to Feminists on the Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

“One of our concerns … is the failure of the Women’s Studies Movement to educate students about these atrocities. There are probably 600 Women’s Studies programs on American campuses, which focus on the unequal treatment of women in society. We have had a very hard time locating a single class which focuses on the oppression of women under Islamic law.”
- An Annonymous Islamophobe
Horowitz and Spencer: A Response to Feminists on the Violent Oppression of Women in Islam
January 24, 2008
David Horowitz and I invite feminists to join us in protesting the oppression of Muslim women. From FrontPage:
This week, seven hundred feminists signed an Open Letter complaining that “columnists and opinion writers from The Weekly Standard to the Washington Post to Slate have recently accused American feminists of focusing obsessively on minor or even nonexistent injustices in the United States while ignoring atrocities against women in other countries, especially the Muslim world.”
We recognize this Open Letter as a delayed response to the Freedom Center’s Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, which protested the silence of feminists over the “Oppression of Women in Islam” on campuses all over the country last fall, organized sit-ins at a dozen Women’s Studies Departments to protest the absence of courses and department-sponsored events confronting the issue, and made this a matter of national discussion and debate. This is why the signers of the Open Letter complain that “‘Women’s rights are human rights’ was not a slogan dreamed up by David Horowitz or Christina Hoff Sommers,” two of our speakers for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. (We never claimed it was.)
The signers of this Letter claim that, “contrary to the accusations of pundits,” they support Muslim feminists in “their struggle against female genital mutilation, ‘honor’ murder, forced marriage, child marriage, compulsory Islamic dress codes, the criminalization of sex outside marriage, brutal punishments like lashing and stoning, family laws that favor men and that place adult women under the legal power of fathers, brothers, and husbands, and laws that discount legal testimony made by women.”
Well, we welcome these avowals of support for the rights of Muslim women. However, forgive us for doubting their sincerity. As one of us pointed out in a speech given at the University of Wisconsin during Islamo-Fascism Week:
“One of our concerns … is the failure of the Women’s Studies Movement to educate students about these atrocities. There are probably 600 Women’s Studies programs on American campuses, which focus on the unequal treatment of women in society. We have had a very hard time locating a single class which focuses on the oppression of women under Islamic law.”
What was true last October is still true today. As recently as December 10, a Muslim teenager was strangled by her father for refusing to wear a hijab without a protest from the American feminist movement. And that is only one of many crimes committed in the name of Islam against Muslim women over which the feminist movement continues to be silent.

On New Year’s Day, Amina Said, 18, and her sister Sarah, 17, (above) were shot dead in Irving, Texas. Police are searching for their father, Yaser Abdel Said, on a warrant for capital murder. The girls’ great aunt, Gail Gartrell, told reporters, “This was an honor killing.” Apparently Yaser Said murdered his daughters because they had non-Muslim boyfriends...

Patriot Jailed Since December - any charges yet? No.

34 days in jail so far…
An open border anarchist reported a comment Randy posted on the SOS forum to the San Bernardino PD. Thanks to the Patriot Act, the authorities easily obtained a search warrant for “domestic terrorism.” They ransacked his home and confiscated two guns. Both guns were legal and registered. Nothing else was found.
I don’t want to thwart Randy’s legal defense in any way so I’m not going to repeat what it is he is alleged to have written on the message board. But I will tell you that it wasn’t anything more serious than we have all read on the Internet many times before. Some of you may have written something similar. You could be sitting in jail right now too.
Randy has given permission to release this information.
Randy Dees is a former Marine who served his country for many years. After his military service, he joined the patriotic movement. He joined Save Our State in 2006 after helping run the former group ‘Illegal Immigrant Protest’. He loves his country and has been active with SOS at rallies and on their website to fight ILLEGAL immigration in Southern California.
On Dec 20, 2007, Long Beach Police executed a search warrant on the home in Long Beach where he was renting a room from the owner. Police broke the front door down at 7am (no one was home; Randy had already left for work), ransacked the whole house, confiscated Randy’s computer and two legally registered firearms and magazines and then ripped the power box out so the power could not be turned back on. They also took many of his important files. The search warrant was for DOMESTIC TERRORISM! This search warrant was issued due to a remark regarding the ACLU on the SOS forum a few months earlier. The post was seen by one of our open borders enemies who complained about it to the San Bernardino Police Department.
Randy had plane tickets to fly out of LAX the next day, Friday Dec 21 to go home to North Carolina for the holidays. Although he was shaken by the unexpected raid on his residence, he had no fear that any crime had been committed. He consulted with an attorney Friday morning and then packed up for his trip home.
At about 3pm on the 21st, Long Beach Police called Randy to tell him a warrant had been issued for his arrest and that he needed to surrender to the Long Beach Police Station by midnight. They told him if he tried to get on his flight at 8pm, he would be arrested at LAX. Randy notified his lawyer and was told to turn himself in. Randy and a friend went to the police station at about 6pm to surrender to the still unknown charges. He was immediately booked and bail was set at $550,000.
Randy was transferred to county jail in Santa Clarita in late December and has been there ever since. He was brought back to Long Beach on Jan. 15th for a hearing and the judge told Randy he is facing 4 1/2 years in prison on still unspecified WEAPONS charges. Randy has another hearing in February. His situation is looking bleak and he has lost confidence in his lawyer.
We are currently working with Randy to see how we can help him. He can only have visitors on weekends. We’ll keep you updated on any changes or go to www.SaveOurState. org for updates.
In my opinion from following this situation for the past 5 weeks, this is another witch hunt from high on a Pro-American activist to try to scare other activists away from our anti-illegal immigration cause. Little do the high powers realize, these situations just push us harder to rid the growing corruption in our own government, at all levels. This appears to have all the makings of another Ramos & Compean case or a John Monti political persecution.

Semper Fidelis,
Jeff Schwilk,

The Fallacy of Grievance-based Terrorism

This article, taken directly from the Winter 2008 edition of the Middle East Quarterly, provides the reader a thoroughly researched historical and religious context to the current war that other authors have merely scratched the surface of in their combined works.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe this article is benchmark required reading for all, but particularly for the current generation of American political and military leadership.
Widest possible dissemination desired.
... Many historians consider the Barbary wars a sideshow relative to contemporaneous events such as the French Revolution, Napoleon's conquests, and the War of 1812, but the Barbary wars are significant to today's conflict. Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison each believed the Barbary wars to be a continuation of the American Revolution. The ground war in North America may have freed the United States from British tyranny, but the Barbary campaign was necessary to win the same freedom of action and commerce within the international community.
... What Americans and Europeans saw as piracy, Barbary leaders justified as legitimate jihad.
Jefferson related a conversation he had in Paris with Ambassador Abdrahaman of Tripoli who told him that all Christians are sinners in the context of the Qur'an and that it was a Muslim's "right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to enslave as many as they could take as prisoners."[11] Islam gave great incentive to fighting infidels, Abdrahaman explained, because the Qur'an promised that making war against infidels ensured a Muslim paradise after death.[12]
Richard O'Brien, the imprisoned captain of the Philadelphia merchantman Dauphin and later the U.S. consul to Algiers, related similar conversations with ‘Ali Hasan, the ruler of Algiers.[13] Ottoman leaders used the same rationale to justify the enslavement and trading of captives from the Balkans, Caucasus, and Ukraine.[14]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interview with Omar Bid Laden

Interesting interview...


DHS "Unconscionable"
Drug Lords Fight Over Remaining Routes
"You wonder if this outcome would have been different, had there been a fence in that area."
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 21
Wian: Aguilar is the 16th border patrol agent killed in the line of duty since 2000. Also nearly 1,000 agents were assaulted last year alone as Mexican drug cartel violence continues to spill over the border -- Lou.
Dobbs: Well it is unconscionable what the Department of Homeland security is doing to our border patrol agents. They're leaving them basically naked against the onslaught of illegal alien smugglers, drug smugglers on our border. How in the world, and I've got to ask this, Casey, how in the world with other agents there, were there not efforts and successful efforts to stop those two vehicles re-entering Mexico?
Wian: The border patrol is not giving any details about the pursuit that happened leading up to this tragic event while the investigation continues, but it does bring up a lot of issues.
Los Angeles Times
The off-road enthusiasts were revving their dune buggies and all-terrain vehicles Saturday morning when a brown Hummer suddenly cut into the campground. The man at the wheel, a suspected drug smuggler, was heading to Mexico, fast. -- U.S. Border Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar, the only person in the way, threw a spike strip in front of the car...
Washington Times
Mexican military efforts to crush heavily armed drug-smuggling operations in five cities along the U.S.-Mexico border pose a "grave threat" to U.S. authorities and a half-million Americans in the area, according to former U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration and Naturalization Service officials.
Jim Kouri, CPP -- Family Security Foundation
They've severed the fingers of their rivals with machetes... brutally murdered suspected informants, including a 17-year-old pregnant federal witness... attacked and threatened law enforcement officers... committed a string of rapes, assaults, break-ins, auto thefts, extortions, and frauds across the U.S...


"Where is the outrage by our leaders in Washington over these blatant attacks on US sovereignty? Where are the church pastors warning Americans about these armed invaders from Mexico?
... We're in the midst of a presidential election cycle and yet no one is pressuring the candidates in either political party to protect our borders and our people..."
- political strategist Michael J. Baker
By Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
January 21, 2008
A secret federal document reveals that there were dozens of armed incursions by Mexican soldiers and police into the United States during Fiscal Year 2007.
The report was obtained by the Washington-based legal organization Judicial Watch, a group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption. According to attorneys at JW, the report documents 29 confirmed incidents along the US-Mexican border involving Mexican military and/or law enforcement personnel during 2007.
"These documents not only show the dangerous and chaotic situation at the Mexican border, but also the complicity of some Mexican government agents in violating U.S. law," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.
"The U.S. government must begin to take these incidents more seriously, publicize them and take measures to bring the crisis at our border under control," he said.
The report documents incidents such as the one at the Fort Hancock Station in El Paso:
"[Troopers] attempted to apprehend three vehicles believed to be smuggling contraband on I-10 … As the vehicles approached the border, [troopers] stated that a Mexican Military Humvee armed with a .50 caliber weapon and several soldiers were seen assisting smugglers return to Mexico … Officers then noticed several armed subjects dressed in fatigue type clothing unload the contraband into the Humvee. These subjects set fire to the stalled vehicle before leaving the area."
"Where is the outrage by our leaders in Washington over these blatant attacks on US sovereignty? Where are the church pastors warning Americans about these armed invaders from Mexico?" asks political strategist Michael J. Baker.

"We're in the midst of a presidential election cycle and yet no one is pressuring the candidates in either political party to protect our borders and our people," said Baker.
Judicial Watch noted that of the 29 documented incidents, 17 involved armed Mexican government agents.
The document also states that between 1996 and September 30, 2006 there were 253 confirmed incursions into the United States by Mexican government personnel. Prior to release to Judicial Watch, the Department of Homeland Security evaluated the information in the report as “For Official Use Only” and containing “Law Enforcement Sensitive Information.”
The report illustrates one common occurrence: "On Sept. 16, 2006, a Border Patrol Agent assigned to the Calexico, California Station observed an individual in an olive drab uniform with a possible Mexican flag on the shoulder approximately 100 yards north of the International Border near the Calexico [Port of Entry]. The individual appeared to be carrying a sidearm... "
It's not as though the situations are new, but Judicial Watch spokeswoman Jill Farrell said, "It appears the U.S. government's policy on such cases is to count them and file the paperwork."
The document also states that between 1996 and September 30, 2006, there were 253 confirmed incursions into the United States by Mexican government personnel. The government has documented shots fired on both sides of the border, unmarked helicopters invading U.S. airspace, drug smuggling and actual confrontations between US Border Patrol agents and armed members of the Mexican military.
One such case happened near Brownsville:
"As the boat proceeded to go down river towards the scene, the [Border Patrol] Agent on board advised via radio that several Mexican soldiers were pointing their rifles in his direction. The agent decided for his safety and the safety of the crew to turn back, but advised that the soldiers were still aiming at them."
Another case found a "Mexican Military boat" that was "providing security and escort for the two others that were later found to be transporting 2,716.53 pounds of marijuana."
"It seems as if, once again, the government is failing to secure our border," Fitton said.
Farrell adds that the government needs to take such situations seriously, and make sure the public knows. Her group, which obtained the federal reports through a Freedom of Information Act procedure, believes there are some real concerns about the border crisis, she said.
"You would think that the State Department or DHS [Department of Homeland Security] would be involved," she said.
Revealingly, the US government report notes that many of the incursions were both "armed" and "intentional" and cited one incident in a location where construction of a security fence was incomplete.
In another case near Yuma, two uniformed Mexican police officers advanced onto US soil and spent some time there "before walking back south into Mexico."
Previous government documents obtained and released by Judicial Watch note that such "incursions" have been documented in sectors including San Diego, El Centro, Yuma, Tucson, El Paso, Mafa, Lareda and McAllen.
Officials from the National Association of Chiefs of Police previously reported a similar incursion onto US soil by Mexican paramilitary troops. The armed incursion resulted in US National Guard troops ordered to retreat and a huge coverup by the Bush White House.
Additional Mexican government incursion reports for 2003 through 2005 are available on the Judicial Watch Internet site.

Clinton's Saudi Donations = MILLION$

Fitzgerald: The Clintons have some 'splainin' to do
Should the Saudi monarchy be permitted to purchase an important equity position in some of America’s leading banks? How can Hillary be objective when the very same monarchy donated $10 million to the Clinton Library and Foundation?
Should the UAE be allowed in? How can Hillary decide fairly when Bill — and therefore herself — have been getting a reported $10 million per year from a fund that administers the investments of the Emir of Dubai, the largest component state in the UAE?...
Neither Dubai nor Saudi Arabia would be permitted to contribute to Hillary’s campaign. Foreigners are not allowed to do so, precisely to avoid having potential office holders compromised by gratitude for their financial support. But these nations have used the porous ethics of the Clinton family to acquire positions of massive influence by making contributions, not to her campaign, but to her personal bank account — either through Bill or through the Library and Foundation, which the Clintons directly control.
The extent of the influence their millions must buy with a family only recently, according to Hillary, in the “middle class” must be huge.
-- from this op-ed by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

US fears 'disastrous' links in Latin America with Islamic militants

File this one under: NO SHIT, SHERLOCK

"What I worry about in this region with outside actors coming into it is the potential for those streams to cross, if you will, for the fuel of narcoterrorism to become engaged in Islamic radicalism here in the Americas, here in our home..."
Thu. 17 Jan 2008
A top US military commander said Wednesday he fears a "disastrous" linkup between drug traffickers and radical Islamists in Latin America, where he said Iran wields growing influence.
"I fear greatly that the connectivity between narcoterrorism and Islamic radical terrorism could be disastrous in this region," Admiral James Stavridis, head of the US Southern Command, told a conference on Latin America.
"What I worry about in this region with outside actors coming into it is the potential for those streams to cross, if you will, for the fuel of narcoterrorism to become engaged in Islamic radicalism here in the Americas, here in our home," he said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington.Stavridis accompanied his comments with a photograph of Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad standing alongside Bolivian President Evo Morales.
"This gentleman is Mahmud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, a state that sponsors terrorism," he said pointing to the Iranian leader.
"He is a very dangerous man and he is in this area of the world," the admiral said, adding that Iran had already opened 10 embassies in Latin America.
"President Ahmadinejad says he wants to have an embassy in every country in this region," he added.Earlier, Stavridis showed another photograph with Morales standing next to presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador.
At the close of Chavez' fourth visit to Iran in November, he and Ahmadinejad vowed to stand together in defense of their national interests and ideals.
"Today in Latin America there is a competitive environment for us politically," Stavridis said, alluding to leftist Venezuela's growing influence across the region.
"The United States needs to be a good competitor in this marketplace. We need to show why our ideas are better, are sensible (and) will produce good results," he said, referring to "capitalism, free trade agreements, human rights, democracy and liberty.
"Stavridis' comments followed President George W. Bush's warning in Abu Dhabi on Sunday that "Iran's actions threaten the security of nations everywhere."