Thursday, April 07, 2011

Too Good For Words! Just too good! I have a hero. Read about her HERE! And visit her website HERE!

Part 1

Part 2 (Notice that the bookmarks she uses are strips of BACON!) Video: Lady with balls (but soon maybe with no head) castrates Lindsey Graham and flames the Koran ** From Diana West via John L. Work at AIP, here's a couple of highly politically-incorrect and entertaining YouTube videos that feature a brave Colorado woman named Ann Barnhart. In the first one, she pretty well grinds Senator Lindsey Graham to little pieces and exposes him as the pussy he indeed is for his suggestion that Congress should pass a law that outlaws burning of the Koran. In part 2, Barnhart's main event, she shows she's clearly read the Koran in depth (even bookmarked it with bacon), takes it apart, bellicose verse by bellicose verse -- and literally flames it -- even going so far as to say that "allah is an evil son-of-a-bitch" and much, much, more. As she puts it in her interview (see link below), she does a "'Draw Mohammed Day' on bootlegged Mexican racehorse steroids." This lady, unquestionably, has "tener cojones" : Take the time to watch the entire video, especially near the end when she rips Islam a new one and actually goes so far as to give her location and dare Muslims and Lindsey Graham to "come and get a piece of her" ... saying she's "not afraid." Some readers may believe she goes a bit too far, but whether you agree with her or not, you have to admit that this lady has major cojones and has no problem speaking her mind. Something tells me she's most definitely not a candidate for conversion to Islam, but on the other hand, she could certainly teach Petraeus, Graham, and Reid a thing or two about how not to appease Islamists. Given the violent reaction of the Muslim nutjobs in Afghanistan over the Florida pastor's burning of the Koran ... what they're likely to do over this is certain to be unimaginably evil. And as for the brave, politically-incorrect, and outspoken Ms. Barnhart, I suggest we all hope and pray she's somehow allowed to keep her head - should Muslims find her, and stay out of prison - out of the reach of Lindsey Graham's thought and speech police. This lady is really something else. I think I'm in love. No, check that ... I know I'm in love. (In all seriousness, I understand she's getting lots of marriage proposals ... but says she's a buzzsaw crossed with a blowtorch and best kept at a distance. A considerable distance.)