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This is the fifth video of a special six segment series of me interviewing GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

In this video, Herman Cain — the surprise winner of the Florida Straw Poll — talks foreign policy with me and reveals his exciting new ideas to tame Iran.

I am not planning to back any of the GOP contenders but want to help them all get their message out and then back the nominee in 2012.



Thanks for watching,
Dick Morris

VIDEO: Glenn Beck Interviews Reza Kahlili - CIA operative who served in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard
The Iranian threat in the Middle East and the United States

Like the worst Twilight Zone Episode... Ever

Fla. School Districts Refuse to Distribute Constitution Booklets Donated by 9/12 Project
"You've got to be real careful when you're passing out information to the kids."

Beck Special: See Who Is Pushing Caliphate in America Right Now
In less tumultuous times, we might be able to ignore the rantings and ravings of a few hundred Muslim extremists at an annual conference in Chicago pushing for the restoration of the caliphate.

Flags Taken From Soldier Memorial Honoring Those Killed in War on Terror
"...heart wrenching to know that we have a memorial this sacred, that anyone would take flags off of the flag poles."

8th Grade Education and $10 Part: All You Need to Hack These Voting Booths
"...we believe that voting officials should become aware of this..."

Van Jones Warns America: ‘Hold on to Your Seats’ Because the ‘Progressive Fight Back’ Is Coming in October

The Dark and Dangerous Road of Modern Politics

It is as if the left has tossed out the window any sense of morality, ethics, tolerance, and diversity of opinion that they professed to believe in for a hundred years.

American Citizens and the Drift from First Principles
Earlier this month I was present at a public appearance by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who had just finished touring a thriving and growing business on the North Shore. What followed was an explicit demonstration of the corrosion of our political discourse.

Pakistani Family Resists Pressure to Honor Kill Raped Daughter
"The woman or the girl usually gets killed and the man gets away..."

The worst US Administration... EVER.

Did Obama Just Admit To Lying To The American People About Being On Pace For Deporting More Illegals In 2 1/2 Years Than Bush Did In 8 ?

Liberals' Panties All In A Bunch Over Anti-Obama Signs In New Orleans

Politifact, WaPo: Contrary To Chart Put Out By Nancy Pelosi's Office, Barack Obama Is The 'Undisputed Debt King'

Spiegel: Obama's Euro-Crisis Lecture Is 'Pitiful and Sad'

HHS Defending Obamacare With "A Soviet-Style Power-Grab'

Continuing with the Obama administration disturbing track record of unjustifiable, 'Soviet-style' press restrictions ... now the Obama administration is forbidding HHS staff members from speaking with reporters without permission from the Department's information police.
Jim Romenesko writes at Poynter:

The Department of Health and Human Services' just-released media policy makes it official that staff members and reporters are forbidden to speak to each other without reporting to public information officers and supervisors. The rules have "formalized a creeping information-control mechanism that informally began during the Clinton Administration and was accelerated by the Bush and Obama administrations," writes FDA Webview & FDA Review editor Jim Dickinson.

"The U.S. now takes a large step toward joining other information-controlling countries like my native Australia, where government employees who talk with the news media without permission commit a federal crime. I came to the U.S. in 1974 to escape this oppression."Read the whole piece here.

Romenesko goes on to show Dickinson's letter in full, in which he describes HHS' new policy as a "Soviet-style power-grab." As Mark Hemingway notes at TWS, it's bad enough that America is devolving into an onerous regulatory state, but impeding those who report on federal agencies and the rules they make is inexcusable. It's hard to conjure a rationale for this that isn''t wholly political, given the unending stream of unflattering reports about the impact of Obamacare as HHS struggles to implement it...

“a flotilla into the Atlantic”.

Al Arabuya reports:

Read it all: Iran equips naval forces with cruise missiles, plans to send ships close to U.S. waters

The remarks come as another high-ranking Iranian appeared to reject a recent U.S. request to establish a “red phone” link between the countries to avoid unwanted confrontation between their armed forces in the Gulf region.

“When we are in the Gulf of Mexico, we will establish direct contact with the United States,” Ali Fadavi, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, was quoted in press reports as saying...

WH Homegirl Keepin' It Real, Yo!

Hilarious - and pathetically desperate... The transparency is refreshing though!

Did Michelle think no one would recognize her? We know that's not possible. Does she really need to shop at Target? We know that's definately not true.
So what is she doing - or what does she think she's doing - there? Appealing to the masses? Looking like one of us? Bringing it down a notch? Keepin' in real?

Looks like her husband (or whoever it is that pulls his strings) has sent her out to perhaps pick up gifts for some world leaders from countries that, you know, used to consider us worthy allies.

At the same time, Obama is lecturing the whole world on something that we've all known (including our enemies) for quite some time now... the fact that "AMERICA'S GOTTEN A LITTLE SOFT"... LOST IT'S "EDGE"
Trying to sound like one of us? Or is he genuinely perplexed and utterly mystified at this "unexpected" turn of events?

How desperate can these two possibly get?


Govt giving $1,000 prizes in YOUTUBE-inspired contest...

REPORT: WHouse awarded $5M 'bonus' to state for Food Stamp signup...

Obama's jobs bill can't get through Democrat-controlled senate...

REPORT: Warren Buffett does not endorse the 'Buffett Rule'...

WHouse probed over pressuring FORD to pull anti-bailout ad...

UPDATE: Feds demand more wood from GIBSON GUITAR...

US mulls building fence on border -- with Canada!

Another One Bites The Dust!

U.S.-born Al-Qaeda cleric killed in Yemen...
Al-Awlaki was killed by the same U.S. military unit that got Osama bin Laden.
REPORT: American-born terror leader killed in Yemen...
CIA strike on Anwar al-Awlaki's convoy carried out by jets, drones...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can Cain? Yes - Cain Can!

Taking Cain Seriously

You hear the same thing said about Herman Cain all the time: Herman Cain has some really interesting ideas, but . . .

I love Herman Cain, but . . .
But what?
But he can't win.

Why not?

At best, the answer has to do with that cloudy word "electability." Or that Mr. Cain has never held elected political office.

In 2004, Mr. Cain ran for the GOP's U.S. Senate nomination in Georgia. He lost to Johnny Isakson. Last weekend, Mr. Cain ran away with the Florida straw poll vote, winning with 37%. He torched both the "Southern" candidate, Rick Perry of Texas, who worked hard to win the vote, and Mitt Romney, who in 2008 campaigned everywhere in Florida.
The time is overdue to plumb the mystery of Herman Cain's "interesting, but" candidacy. Let's start at the top—in the top-tier candidacy of Mitt Romney.

Though he's got the governorship credential, Mr. Romney's emphasis in this campaign is on his private-sector experience. It's good, despite the knock on Bain Capital's business model. But measured by résumés, Herman Cain's looks deeper in terms of working on the private sector's front lines.

The details of his career path are worth knowing.

In the late 1970s, Mr. Cain was recruited from Coca-Cola in Atlanta, his first job in business, to work for Pillsbury in Minneapolis. His rise was rapid and well-regarded. He joined the company's restaurant and foods group in 1978 as director of business analysis. In the early 1980s, Pillsbury sent him to learn the hamburger business at a Burger King in Hopkins, Minn. Then they assigned him, at age 36, to revive Pillsbury's stumbling, franchise Burger King business in the Philadelphia region. He succeeded. According to a 1987 account in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Pillsbury's then-president Win Wallin said: "He was an excellent bet. Herman always seemed to have his act together."

In 1986, Pillsbury sent the 41-year-old Mr. Cain to turn around their Godfather's Pizza business, headquartered in Omaha. The Herman Cain who arrived there April 1 sounded like the same man who roused voters last Sunday in Florida: "I'm Herman Cain and this ain't no April Fool's joke. We are not dead. Our objective is to prove to Pillsbury and everyone else that we will survive."

Pillsbury sold Godfather's to Mr. Cain and some of his managers in 1988. He ran it until 1996 and served as CEO of the National Restaurant Association from 1996-1999. This June, Mr. Cain visited with the Journal's editors and put the issue of health-insurance availability inside the context of the restaurant industry. He said the restaurant association tried hard to devise a health-insurance program able to serve the needs of an industry whose work force is complex—executives and managers, full-time workers, part-timers, students and so forth. Any conceivable insurance system would require great flexibility in plan-choice and design.

It's from this period that one finds the famous 1994 video, now on YouTube, of Herman Cain on a TV screen from Omaha debating Bill Clinton about his national health legislation during a town-hall meeting. After the president estimates the profitability of Mr. Cain's company, suggesting he can afford the legislation, Mr. Cain essentially dismantles the Clinton math, in detail. "The cost of your plan . . . will cause us to eliminate jobs."

None of this can be put across in the televised debates' explain-everything-in-30 seconds format. Nor is there any chance to elaborate his Sept. 7 debate remark that he admires Chile's private-public social security system. Or his flat-tax "9-9-9" proposal. (Or any of the candidates' policy ideas for that matter.) So voters get nothing, and Mr. Cain flounders.

Why isn't a successful business resume presidential material?

When Mr. Cain talked to the Journal's editors, the most startling thing he said, and which he's been repeating lately, was that he could win one-third of the black vote. Seeing Herman Cain make his case to black audiences would be interesting, period. Years ago, describing his chauffeur father's influence on him in Atlanta, Mr. Cain said: "My father gave me a sense of pride. He was the best damn chauffeur. He knew it, and everybody else knew it." Here's guessing he'd get more of this vote than past GOP candidates.

Does a résumé like Herman Cain's add up to an American presidency? I used to think not. But after watching the American Idol system we've fallen into for discovering a president—with opinion polls, tongue slips and media caprice deciding front-runners and even presidents—I'm rewriting my presidential-selection software.

Conventional wisdom holds that this week's Chris Christie boomlet means the GOP is desperate for a savior. The reality is that, at some point, Republicans will have to start drilling deeper on their own into the candidates they've got.

Put it this way: The GOP nominee is running against the incumbent president. Unlike the incumbent, Herman Cain has at least twice identified the causes of a large failing enterprise, designed goals, achieved them, and by all accounts inspired the people he was supposed to lead. Not least, Mr. Cain's life experience suggests that, unlike the incumbent, he will adjust his ideas to reality.

Herman Cain is a credible candidate. Whether he deserves to be president is something voters will decide. But he deserves a serious look.

Wife of Mexican Drug Lord Crosses the Border to Give Birth to Twins on U.S. Soil

U.S. law enforcement confirm the children‘s mother is Guzman’s wife Emma Coronel, a former beauty queen who already holds U.S. citizenship

Joaquin Guzman is head of the Sinaloa Cartel (the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world), one of the world’s most wanted men – and now the father of two American citizens.
The L.A. Times reports that Guzman’s 22-year-old wife crossed the border in July in order to give birth to twin girls at a hospital in Los Angeles County on August 15. Following the birth, the multibillionaire fugitive’s wife and children returned to Mexico.

“Name of the Father” was left blank on the birth certificates, but U.S. law enforcement confirm the children‘s mother is Guzman’s wife Emma Coronel, a former beauty queen who already holds U.S. citizenship, thus making the children eligible for U.S. Citizenship. The 54-year-old drug lord nicknamed “El Chapo” (Shorty), married Coronel in a lavish ceremony on her eighteenth birthday. The L.A. Times explains why Coronel was not apprehended when she crossed the border:

“U.S. federal agents apparently kept tabs on Emma Coronel even before she crossed the border at Calexico, through her hospital stay and until she left the country to return to Mexico. Although her husband tops most-wanted lists on both sides of the border, Coronel was not arrested because there are no charges against her, the law enforcement official said.

While she no doubt could have provided useful information on her husband’s whereabouts, drug agents have said the problem with apprehending Guzman has less to do with finding him and more with how Mexican troops can seize him. He surrounds himself with enormous bands of well-armed security and tends to stick to isolated, mountainous regions that are difficult to reach, agents say.”

U.S. authorities have placed a $5-million bounty on Guzman’s head and allege that he and the Sinaloa cartel control the majority of cocaine and marijuana trafficking into the U.S. from Mexico and Colombia, according to MSNBC:

The 5′6″ Guzman was arrested in 1993, but escaped prison in 2001 by bribing guards to hide him in a laundry basket. Guzman has been ranked by Forbes as one of the richest and most powerful men in the world.

Iran Plans and Preps for the Apocalypse

Hezb'allah Cells Active Worldwide, Including in U.S.

Revolutionary Guards commander reveals "resistance cells" preparing to bring an all-out attack to create a new world order in which Islam will rule the world...

"We must not fear anyone, and an international jihad must take place to prepare for the Coming." The "Coming" refers to Imam Mahdi, the Shiites' 12th Imam, who, according to a Shiite hadith, will reappear and reap destruction on Israel and the West.
By Reza Kahlili

The terrorist group Hezb'allah, based in Lebanon, is establishing "resistance cells" worldwide under the direction of Iran, according to Mohammad Hussein Babai, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the province of Golestan.

The cells are already infiltrating the United States with the help of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez and drug cartels.

The Iranian Student News Agency, which is close to the Guards, reported last week that Babai, during a press conference, revealed that these jihadist cells began forming after the 2006 Lebanon war between Israel and Hezb'allah, and with the current Islamic Awakening, they have expanded their operations.

Their mission, Babai said, is to help create an Islam-dominated world.

This is the first time that a high-ranking Revolutionary Guard commander in the Islamic regime of Iran has revealed the presence of such jihadist cells in the world.

"Today we are a witness to our power and authority in the world," Babai said, "and because of our Islamic Revolution [of 1979], now there is an Islamic Awakening that, with the leadership of the dear supreme leader, Ayatollah [Ali] Khamenei, will become stronger and more resilient." The West refers to the Islamic Awakening as the Arab Spring.

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, who is a member of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and an important theorist of the Islamic regime in Iran, said in a televised speech last Friday that "today we must get ready for a global operation, and our forces should expand their operation throughout the world."

"Our fighters are present in all five continents of the world and will fight against imperialism everywhere," Azghadi added. "We must not fear anyone, and an international jihad must take place to prepare for the Coming." The "Coming" refers to Imam Mahdi, the Shiites' 12th Imam, who, according to a Shiite hadith, will reappear and reap destruction on Israel and the West.

Azghadi said it is the duty of Iran, "the center of the religious fighters worldwide," to export revolution. "As our Imam [the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini] declared, we must destroy Israel and free Jerusalem. We must take our fight into the heart of Europe, America, Africa, Asia ... and just as we helped with the Islamic movement in Lebanon and Gaza, soon there will be an Islamic Republic in Egypt."

He then reiterated that Iran must prepare itself for a global conflict.

The radicals ruling Iran, ever since the Islamic Revolution, have invested heavily to expand their field of operations in Europe and America. I witnessed their activities when, as a member of the Revolutionary Guards, I was also a CIA spy. Every Iranian embassy, Islamic cultural centers, mosques, offices of Iran Air, Iranian shipping lines, Iranian banks, and many front companies dealing with Iran are being used by the Iranian Quds Forces and intelligence agency for recruitment, transfer of arms and cash, and terrorist activities.

They have successfully placed many cells in Europe and, through ties with the Hugo Chávez government in Venezuela, have placed hundreds of Quds Force members along with Hezb'allah terrorists in front companies in Venezuela. Iran has set up an explosives lab in Venezuela for its cells with the knowledge of the Chávez government. In return, the Iranian regime has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Chávez.

These cells, through collaboration with drug cartels, have infiltrated Latin America and have even set up shop in Mexico, from where, in a coordinated effort, they are infiltrating the United States.

The radicals ruling Iran have become increasingly vocal in recent weeks that, because of the current upheaval in the Islamic world and the weakness and confusion of the leaders in America and Europe due to the global economy, the time is ripe to bring the West to its knees.

It is with this view that those radicals, despite four sets of U.N. sanctions, are pursuing ever so aggressively their nuclear bomb project.

Perhaps the jihadists in Iran are emboldened because they are close to having a nuclear bomb. Perhaps they have already armed their cells with dirty bombs. The last report by the International Atomic Energy Agency stated that Iran now has enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs. It certainly has the material and the knowledge, and now we must realize that it has the will to do what is unimaginable by the Western world: an all-out attack to create a new world order in which Islam will rule the world.

The hadith presaging the return of the 12th Imam says, "This is the time when the last Islamic Messiah will return to rid the world from Infidels and establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate: Chaos, famine, and havoc will engulf the Earth. Major wars with dark clouds [atomic wars] will burn the Earth. One-third of the Earth's population will be killed, and the rest will suffer hunger and lawlessness."

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for an ex-CIA spy who requires anonymity for safety reasons. He is a senior fellow with EMPact America and the author of A Time to Betray, a book about his double-life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards, published by Threshold Editions, Simon & Schuster, April 2010. A Time to Betray was the winner of the 2010 National Best Book Award and the 2011 International Best Book Award.

Turkish Cartoonist to Be Put On Trial For 'Renouncing God'

Atheists and agnostics in America take note. Thank God (or whoever people of your belief or lack thereof usually thank for blessings) that you don't live in Turkey. Renounce or say something against God and you'll be prosecuted.

As the the Daily News in Istanbul reports:

[...] The Istanbul chief public prosecutor's office charged cartoonist Bahadir Baruter with "insulting the religious values adopted by a part of the population" and requested his imprisonment for up to one year.

Baruter's caricature depicted an imam and believers praying in a mosque. One of the characters is talking to God on his cellphone and asking to be pardoned from the last part of the prayer because he has errands to run.

Within the wall decorations of the mosque, Baruter hid the words, "There is no Allah, religion is a lie."

The cartoon was published in the weekly "Penguen" humor magazine.No real surprise, Islamists have never been known for their tolerance or sense of humor. And so much for "secular" Turkey being secular and an ally of the West. As Daniel Pipes noted yesterday, Turkey is anything but secular (and secular Turks tend to be even more anti-Western than Turkey's Islamic party), and Turkey may be, along with Iran, the most dangerous state of the region.

Herman Cain Makes More Sense Every Day...

Cain: More and more African Americans are thinking for themselves...

Listen to this entire interview... This is the man who can beat obama! Wolf Blitzer tries to trip him up but he just gets better & better... Video Here...

Garofalo: Republicans Supporting Herman Cain Are Raaaaacist!

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September 26, 2011

No matter how diligently the establishment tries to ignore him, he keeps popping up, impelled by his charisma, oratory, issue positions, and broad based appeal. See my interview with Herman in today's Lunch Alert! -- Click Here!

Insiders and political pros never recognize a superstar when they see one. Herman Cain is just such a star. Now that Rick Perry has been unmasked as a weak debater and an even weaker opponent of illegal immigration, conservatives are turning their lonely eyes to Cain.

A stellar debate performance on Fox News led to a smashing victory in the President5 straw poll in Florida and a strong third place finish -- behind Romney and Perry -- in the Michigan straw poll. Both Michigan and Florida are likely among the seven states that will hold primaries or caucuses in February (and they are the two biggest of the seven).

Here is a man who offers an alternative to Obama's class warfare. His life story shows that Obama's route to the top -- through affirmative action, community organizing, and a climb up the political ladder -- is not the only one available to minorities. His combination of hard work in the private sector, entrepreneurial initiative, and managerial skill can also get you there. He embraces the successful as role models not as objects of envy. He does not hate rich people. He wants us all to become rich.

In a sense, Cain's rise and Mitt Romney's are parallel trajectories. Each has based his appeal on the idea that life in the private sector is better than a career in government service to equip one to solve America's economic problems. Both say that their hands on experience at job creation qualify them to be president in a way that Perry's lifelong political immersion does not.

Now, as Perry fades and Romney rises, Herman Cain is on the cusp of front tier status in the Republican nominating contest.

Cain has a grip on the Tea Party grassroots. No matter how diligently the establishment tries to ignore him, he keeps popping up, impelled by his charisma, oratory, issue positions, and broad based appeal.


... the emergence of Herman Cain as a serious Republican candidate could not have come at a worse time for the embattled president. Cain's alternate narrative -- self-help, entrepreneurial skill, hard work and self-improvement -- stands in stark contrast to the victimization/class warfare argument that the president has adopted.

Blacks leave Obama
The president once again indulges his agenda for social reform rather than promoting economic recovery.
Dick Morris

Behind the president’s whining to the Black Caucus, begging them to “quit grumbling,” is a decline in his personal popularity among African-American voters that could portend catastrophe for his fading reelection chances.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News survey, his favorability rating among African-Americans has dropped off a cliff, plunging from 83 percent five months ago to a mere 58 percent today — a drop of 25 points, a bit more than a point per week!

Nothing is more crucial to the president’s reelection strategy than a super-strong showing among black voters. In the election of 2008, he was able to increase African-American participation from 11 percent of the total vote in 2004 to 14 percent. He carried 98 percent of them. This swing accounted for fully half of his gain over the showing of John Kerry. Now his ability to repeat that performance is in doubt.

And the emergence of Herman Cain as a serious Republican candidate could not have come at a worse time for the embattled president. Cain’s alternate narrative — self-help, entrepreneurial skill, hard work and self-improvement — stands in stark contrast to the victimization/class warfare argument that the president has adopted.

Over all, how’s that class warfare working out for you, Mr. President? Well, here are some unpleasant numbers for you...

Muslim v. Muslim... in America...

Star of David Carved in Victim's Back (in Missouri)...

St. Louis, MO: Muslim hate crime against Pro-Western Iraqi

Constituents Should Be Seen and Not Heard...

Critics Say They Feel Like They're Being Treated Like Kindergarteners.... the mayor and council are trying to silence anyone who doesn’t agree...
In January, the council also eliminated a public comment session at the beginning of meetings.

September 27, 2011

Our Homeland Security is a FREAKIN' JOKE!

Report: In 2010 Suspected Terrorists Sneak in From Mexico, Are Captured, and Released on Bail, Claim Asylum... and have been MIA ever since!!!

While every American strips down and get in humiliating security lines at airports, our enemies remain well-aware of the wide open, 2,000-mile-long point of entry at our southern border.
September 28, 2011

Two men of Bangladeshi origin were caught by Customs and Border Protection illegally crossing the US-Mexico border last June and admitted they were members of a terrorist organization that allied with Bin Laden against America.

Now, it appears at least one of those men is free after posting bail and claiming asylum. And the Department of Homeland security has no idea where he is.

The information is according to a report this week by Pajamas Media, which gives some background on these suspected terrorists:

“The two men, Muhammad Nazmul Hasan and Mirza Muhammad Saifuddin, were intercepted near Naco, Arizona, not long after they had crossed the border on June 25, 2010. During their interrogation, one of the men admitted that they were members of Harakat-ul-Jihad-i-Islami Bangladesh (HuJI-B), which was designated a terrorist organization by the United States in February 2008.”

The State Department designated HuJI-B as a terrorist organization in 2008. The group has a long history of deadly bombings against India, and wages Jihad alongside other terrorist organizations with the goal of a global caliphate. According to Long War Journal, the terrorist group HuJI-B operates by recruiting from:

“Madrassas, or religious schools, in Bangladesh and are trained in al Qaeda and Taliban camps Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Bangladeshi terror group plays a crucial role in training jihadists from southern Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Brunei and provide[s] manpower for al Qaeda’s affiliates in Jammu and Kashmir, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Chechnya.”

So we have to ask the question, if a self-proclaimed terrorist is in the United States illegally, wouldn’t deportation at a minimum be a better option than releasing him on bail?

Earlier this week, PJ Media’s Patrick Poole met with a national security official with direct knowledge of the case who reportedly said of the possible terrorist-at-large:

“That this guy was allowed out on bond is criminal. We don’t have the slightest idea where he is now. If he sets off a car bomb in Tucson or Phoenix, or shoots up a shopping mall or elementary school somewhere, there will be a lot of finger-pointing. But nobody seems that concerned about it now. And this is not the first time something like this has happened.”

While an attack remains a real concern, the odds are against a lone wolf attack. The bigger and more immediate problem is the porous nature of the border for enemies of the U.S., and the lack of effective policies when it comes to illegal crossings by those with terrorist ties.

Fox News reported last year on a Somali smuggling ring that brought hundreds of individuals into the U.S. through Mexico. Some of those Somalis were allegedly affiliated with the Al Shabaab terrorist organization. Individuals with ties to Hamas, Hezbollah, and even Al Qaeda are believed to have crossed into the U.S. from Mexico, or attempted to do so.

While every American strips down and get in humiliating security lines at airports, our enemies remain well-aware of the wide open, 2,000-mile-long point of entry at our southern border.

‘We Got You, You White Motherf*****!’

PA: Man Describes Racially-Charged Mob Attack

Detailed and increasingly troubling information has been reported in regards to a violent attack in the Port Richmond area of Philadelphia earlier this month. Mark LaVelle came across two fearful white teens near his home on Sept. 9 who were being chased by a mob of black and Hispanic youths. The well-known sports-league organizer and coach allowed the boys to hide inside his house and went outside to try and calm the angry mob, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

The mob was reportedly armed with bats and pipes, and in search of white teens who allegedly attacked a black kid in a nearby playground hours earlier. LaVelle said the two kids he took in appeared to be 13 or 14.

The Daily News has more:” ‘We got you, you white mother——-!’ “ LaVelle said he heard someone yell in the ”mob” of black and Hispanic youths.[...]

“They were standing on his steps. One shouted, ‘Something’s going to happen now!’ LaVelle recalled in an interview Friday at his house. LaVelle got nervous and went back inside, locking his door with a deadbolt.

But the attackers pounded on his front windows and kicked his wooden door so hard, it flew open and some of them entered his house.

‘The first guy hits me with a pipe. The second guy knocks me in the face. All I’m hearing is my wife and kids screaming,’ said LaVelle, who feared that the next time they saw him, he would be in a casket.”

LaVelle said as he was pushing the attackers out the door, one man extend his arm with gun. LaVelle grabbed onto the gunman’s lower arm as police sirens rang out and the mob turned and scattered.

The violent attack on the LaVelle home took place all the while LaVelle’s wife, 11 and 17-year-old sons, 7-year-old nephew, and 13-month old twin boys locked themselves upstairs. ABC 6 coverage of the violent affair:

LaVelle was able to identify three members of the mob who have been arrested, including the man who hit him with the pipe. LaVelle told the Philadelphia Daily News that the mother of one of the men identified came to his door the next day threatening and screaming at LaVelle:

“LaVelle said, the mother yelled at him, ‘You white mother——, you got my kid locked up! You got my son locked up because he’s black, you’re white!’ The mother claimed that her son had been “a witness,” not an attacker. To that, LaVelle said if that were true, it would come out in court.

But the mother, according to LaVelle, then yelled: ’If you make it to court! I know where you live!’ “The two adults arrested face charges of aggravated assault conspiracy, burglary, weapons and related offenses. The third attacker arrested was a minor.

ABC 6 reports raising tensions and violence in the area have troubled community leaders. An emergency meeting was held Sept.14 with police and officials from the Human Relations Commission along with community leaders and State Representative John Taylor.

“It’s something that none of us can take lightly, I think the community leaders are not taking it lightly and certainly the residents aren’t,” Taylor told ABC 6.

Going... Going... Galt

The AMA declares that its core mission is to "help doctors help patients." But ObamaCare undermines that pursuit by making life harder for physicians and driving down the quality of care available to patients.

Doctors Leaving AMA In Droves Over Obamacare

The American Medical Association has long served as the self-appointed chief lobbying group for doctors, however the AMA now only counts about 17% of doctors as members. And one of the main reasons is the AMA's support of Obamacare:
According to a new survey, the majority of doctors do not believe that the AMA represents their views and interests. Much of that dissatisfaction stems from the organization's support for President Obama's contentious health care reform package.
That shouldn't be surprising. The AMA declares that its core mission is to "help doctors help patients." But ObamaCare undermines that pursuit by making life harder for physicians and driving down the quality of care available to patients...

Frankly... Rep. Allen West

Rep. Allen West (R-Fl): Obama Intentionally Killing the Economy
Call it Allen West uncut and not one to mince his words.
I like this guy.

Testing the waters...


Former Obama budget director: 'We need less democracy' to 'counter gridlock'...

Iranian Navy Plans To Send Ships Near U.S. Waters
The Iranian navy plans to move naval vessels out of the Persian Gulf and into the Atlantic Ocean, "near maritime borders of the United States".
Al Arabuya reports: Iran equips naval forces with cruise missiles, plans to send ships close to U.S. waters

Influential Pakistani imams to U.S.: We’ll wage jihad if you attack
Walid Phares, an adviser to the Anti-Terrorism Caucus in the U.S. House, told Fox News that the call by so many clerics is unusual, which means that a significant political force is behind this open call.

Pakistanis burn effigy of Obama...

WH tries taking back harsh words about Pakistan...

CHAOS: Florida moves to hold prez primary Jan. 31...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The left is scared to death of Herman Cain...

Is Herman Cain the left's worst nightmare?
September 27, 2011
Thomas Lifson

Politico, which pretends to be a nonpartisan website while harboring three members of the infamous JourNoList conspiracy to shape news to favor Obama, has revealed how deeply it and the Democrats fear Herman Cain. American Glob noticed that in pictorial display of the GOP presidential field, Politico somehow managed to include Huntsman and Santorum, but omit Herman Cain's beautiful black face. Here is their screen capture:

This is more than odd, considering that Herman Cain now leads the GOP field, according to Zogby's latest poll:

Rick Perry has tumbled by more than 20 percentage points over the past month among Republican presidential primary voters and is now second to Herman Cain, who leads the field with 28%.

Mitt Romney received little benefit from Perrys (sic) fall, garnering 17% of the vote for third place.

Coming in the wake of President Obama's rebuke of the Congressional Black Caucus and Mad Max Waters' pushback, the Politico gambit reveals how deeply Democrats and their agents at Politico fear Herman Cain last night, Cain told Greta Van Susteren:

...the African-American vote, I am confident, based upon black people that I run into, black people that used to call my radio show, black people that have signed up on my website to support me -- I believe, quite frankly, that my campaign, I will garner a minimum of a third of the black vote in this country and possibly more, especially after what the president did recently when he was addressing the black caucus. That didn't go over well with a lot of people in this country.
My message is resonating, not because of my color but because the message is simple, and it is sticking to the American people in terms of actually making a difference.

Unlike Barack Obama, Herman Cain comes from African-American roots, with slave ancestors, and blue collar parents. While Obama's Luo ancestors in Africa were slave holders, Cain's ancestors were slaves in America. Cain didn't attend any elite prep schools or Ivy League universities, he was the first member of his family to attend college and rose on merit in the corporate world, before the era of affirmative action. He is, to use Al Sharpton's phrase, "authentic."

No wonder the left and its press lickspittles are so worried.

Update: ABC News also betrays deep fear of "nobody" Herman Cain. Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters:

Good Morning America's John Hendren on Sunday dismissed the victory of Herman Cain in the Florida straw poll, condescendingly asserting that the "big winner is nobody." The ABC reporter made sure to repeatedly mention the business of the Republican presidential candidate: "That's right. The man who brought you Godfather's Pizza at 37 percent."Hendren arrogantly explained, "What's notable about the Florida straw poll is less who won than who lost...The week's big winner in the Republican primary is nobody."

It's odd for ABC to dismiss the straw poll's actual winner as a "nobody." But if the candidate hasn't broken through, perhaps the hosts at GMA should actually consider having him on as a guest. (This has yet to happen in 2011.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Georgia Middle School Assignment Depicts ‘Positive’ Aspects of Shariah Law

"Women in the West do not have the protection of the Shariah."

NEWSFLASH: Women in the West do not NEED OR WANT the oppressive "protection" of Shariah - jillosophy.
September 26, 2011

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, the assignment was supposed to teach students at Campbell Middle School about the pros and cons of school uniforms. It featured a letter from a woman who said she is “proud and happy” to be Muslim and to completely cover herself in public — and also that her husband could take another wife rather than divorce her if their marriage gets rocky... READ IT ALL

Herman Cain Follows Newt Gingrich’s Lead in Agreeing to Investigate CAIR, Other Muslim Brotherhood Fronts in America if Elected
Newt Gingrich was the first GOP presidential candidate to say his Attorney General will probe the Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood fronts called the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America and the North American Islamic Trust. I reported on this for FrontPage Magazine on September 19. Gingrich has been, by far, the most outspoken candidate on the internal Islamist threat, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and demonstrates a well-educated view on the problem.

Cain calls Obama's rhetoric 'bull****'...

'Hermaneutics' Cain-Style
Can an honest, straight-talking non-politician can cut through the flowery rhetoric and be taken seriously? More

On FL win: voters listening to message, not media...

'Not a fluke'...

To Congress: Stop playing with tragedies...

Calls Freeman remark 'sad': 'This is real life, not a movie'...

Obama Lies about the ‘Do-Nothing Congress’

Deroy Murdock
September 23, 2011

His party, not the Republicans, is the obstacle.
‘This Congress, they are accustomed to doing nothing, and they’re comfortable with doing nothing, and they keep on doing nothing,” President Obama whined at a September 15 Democratic National Committee gathering in a private Washington residence.
Now that his “Blame Bush” hobby horse finally has retired to the glue factory, Obama resorts to pinning America’s woes on the “Do-Nothing Congress.” If only these parliamentarians would stop taking endless lunches, sipping cocktails at Capitol Hill happy hours, and napping at their desks, America might have some chance of returning to normal.
Obama speaks as if the entire Congress were in lock-step Republican opposition to his every initiative. Damn those pesky elephants!
Of course, Obama’s rhetoric cynically turns things upside down.
Congress consists of a do-something House of Representatives, run by Republicans, and a do-nothing Senate controlled by Obama’s very own Democrats. Obama evidently believes that if he can keep spouting clever lies and distortions, no one will call him on it. Well, it’s time to do so.
The 112th Congress has been characterized by a very active legislative pace in the Republican House, featuring the passage of many measures designed to revive America’s exhausted economy.
The Democratic Senate, meanwhile, is a much lazier place, where House Republicans’ measures go to die.
The figures bear this out, beyond debate.
Through September 15, the Republican House had been in session for 120 days. The Democratic Senate through the same date had been in session only 115 days.
In terms of recorded votes, the two bodies are as different as Times Square and the Everglades. Through September 15, the GOP House had voted 711 times. Meanwhile, across the same period, the Democratic Senate had only 137 recorded votes. So, the allegedly lethargic GOP legislators whose sloth dooms the nation actually are five times as energetic as their indolent counterparts in the Democratic Senate.
This distinction might discredit House Republicans if they wasted their time voting on National Apricot Yogurt Month and similar matters of national urgency. In fact, Republicans have approved serious legislation designed to get America moving.
“Our new majority has passed more than a dozen pro-growth measures designed to address the jobs crisis,” Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor wrote Obama on September 6. “Aside from repeal of the 1099-reporting requirement in the health care law, however, none of the jobs measures passed by the House to date have been taken up by the Democrat-controlled Senate.”
These have included bills to reduce anti-business regulations, accelerate offshore oil production, and speed the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry Canadian oil to refineries in Texas. The pipeline alone would create 20,000 jobs.
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid seems to be in no rush to consider Obama’s American Jobs Act, even though Obama wants it enacted “right now!”
“We’ve got to get rid of some issues first,” Reid said. For now, he is not sure “exactly what I’m going to do yet with the president’s jobs bill,” especially since some of Reid’s own Democrats, such as Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Jim Webb of Virginia, seem ho-hum about Obama’s $447 billion Stimulus Jr.
While House Republicans adopted a budget last April 15, the Democratic Senate has not approved a budget since April 29, 2009. This Democratic inaction seems to violate the U.S. Congressional Budget Act, which requires passage of an annual budget resolution. Indeed, the Senate rejected Obama’s budget in May by a vote of 0 to 97 — with every Democrat in the chamber voting nay.
Obama can disagree with every piece of paper passed by the GOP House. But when he slyly bashes Republicans by accusing “this Congress” of “doing nothing,” he simply is lying through his teeth. If Obama wants the entire Congress to get something done, he should tell Harry Reid to wake up and do his job.

Don't let the MSM pick our candidate... again!!!

They pumped up John McCain like this the last time around... And now I think the lame stream media is scared of Herman Cain and they will do their best to keep him out of sight, out of mind. They know this next election will be race-driven and that Herman Cain can beat obama: Obama 2012 campaign's Operation Vote: Whites Need Not Apply

Perry still leading in new CNN poll... oh, well if CNN say's so it must be true!
September 26, 2011
by Ed Morrissey

After two successive sub-par debate performances, it looked like Rick Perry might have blown his chance to grab the Republican presidential nomination. According to a CNN poll taken in the three days after Thursday’s debate — including the time when Herman Cain won a surprise victory in a Florida straw poll — Perry still has a significant lead over the rest of the Republican field, with or without Sarah Palin included...

Berkeley GOP group in hot water for 'affirmative action' bake sale
September 26, 2011
Rick Moran

Definitely not politically correct. And, as you'll see, the liberals are having a hissy fit.
It's a bake sale being put on by UC Berkeley Young Republicans that is designed to be both humorous and thought provoking.

What they didn't expect were death threats:

During the sale, scheduled for Tuesday, baked goods will be sold to white men for $2.00, Asian men for $1.50, Latino men for $1.00, black men for $0.75 and Native American men for $0.25. All women will get $0.25 off those prices.

"The pricing structure is there to bring attention, to cause people to get a little upset," Campus Republican President Shawn Lewis, who planned the event, told CNN-affiliate KGO. "But it's really there to cause people to think more critically about what this kind of policy would do in university admissions."

Lewis says it's a way to make a statement about pending legislation that would let the California universities consider race or national origin during the admission process.

But the young Republicans have been on the receiving end of a fierce backlash. Reaction has been so negative they've been forced to cancel their customary lunchtime tabling duties, according to KGO.

This reaction from the pro-quota camp makes us wonder what planet this fellow lives on:

Tim Wise, author of the book "White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son," calls the bake sale a "sarcastic and rather smarmy slap at people of color."

"There are a lot of ways to make a point about your disagreement with affirmative action," Wise told Lemon Saturday night.

"I get the joke," he continued. "How very original. It's been done for 15 years. The point that I think needs to be made ... is that by the time anyone steps on a college campus ... there has already been 12- to 13-years of institutionalized affirmative action for white folks, that is to say, racially embedded inequality, which has benefited those of us who are white. And it's only at the point of college admissions that these folks seem to get concerned with color consciousness."

If the gentleman feels that guilty about being white, I suggest he see a therapist. For the rest, the self-delusion necessary to deny that "affirmative action" permeates society, top to bottom, right to left, in all endeavors is shocking. In order to believe what this gentleman believes, you have to deliberately ignore what's going on around you and substitute a fantasy world where white people oppress minorities as part of a vast conspiracy to keep them down.

In schools from kindergarten to senior high, students are regularly and systematically exposed to race based decisions that start from the premise that white people are oppressors and that because of historically bad behavior, everything must be done to rectify it. And statements by this jamoke like, "there has already been 12- to 13-years of institutionalized affirmative action for white folks" is so far outside reality that we can properly question the gentleman's sanity.

If he wants to make a point about the historic imbalance between suburban schools (where white and black kids score equally well on standardized tests) and the travesty of minority schools in cities, then have at it. But recognize that "affirmative action" is a fact of life at every level in American society and that college admissions is just one more manifestation of the phenomenon.

Toronto District School Board's Calendar Shocks 6 Year-Old's Dad

This story from a few days ago is really sick stuff:

TORONTO - This Toronto dad is just not ready to explain to his first-grade son about transgender people, prostitutes, AIDS or female genital mutilation.

So one can imagine his shock when he found these issues listed as special days of recognition in his son's Toronto District School Board 2011-12 daily planner.

"I was looking through this thing and was shocked by the kind of days they are marking as 'days of significance,'" he said.

The first one that jumped out at him, under a headline that said "equitable and inclusive," was Nov. 19's Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Then came Dec. 1's World AIDS Day, followed by Dec. 17's International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. There was also Feb. 7's International Day of Zero-Tolerance on Female Genital Cutting/Mutilation and Feb. 12's International Sexual and Reproductive Health Day.
"It's just bizarre," said the outraged dad. "He's six. I want him to enjoy being six."

Read the whole thing here.

The dad in Toronto has every right to be alarmed, but parents right here in America should also be alarmed ... because the very same thing is going on at schools throughout the U.S.A., as well.

"Yes We Cain"!

'Hermaneutics' Cain-Style

September 26, 2011
Jeannie DeAngelis

Herman Cain winning the Florida straw poll is encouraging. It means an honest, straight-talking non-politician can cut through the flowery rhetoric and be taken seriously. While all eyes are on Rick and Romney, Herman is busy transforming "grass-roots popularity into strong showings in national polls."

In the end, it's more than a long shot that the 'Hermanator,' a Baptist minister who enjoys singing the occasional Gospel hymn and whose favorite dish is the "Godfather's combo with extra cheese, sausage, ham, onions and peppers, [washed down] with an icy Coke," would actually have a chance to win the Republican nomination.

Still, if one were to fantasize about such a scenario, many pleasant ideas come to mind which, if they were to materialize, could inject some humor into a nation that Mr. Cain says needs to "lighten up" and have a few laughs.

Right out of the gate, the first thing that would be striking about a Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama presidential race would be the comparison between Barry dragging out and setting up two Teleprompters to answer a few questions and Herman standing next to him, hands in his pockets, pithy retort at the ready.

On jobs, the President's usual approach is to attempt to razzle-dazzle with flowery rhetorical proposals that sound good on the campaign trail but, in practice, don't work. Herman's method is to listen to his opponents, look at the crowd, smile, and off-the-cuff respond to half-baked ideas with: "It's time to get real, folks. Hope and change ain't working. Hope and change is not a solution. Hope and change is not a job."

After watching Bobble Head Barack turn from right to left reading what someone tells him he believes off a scrolling Teleprompter, oh, to be able to watch Herman Cain lean over a debate podium and hear him say, "We need a leader, not a reader."

A "Yes We Cain" versus a "We thought we could, but then we couldn't" run-off for the White House between the man from Georgia and the man from God-knows-where would certainly create mass liberal confusion, because instantaneously the race card would have to be moved to the bottom of the deck.

Oh, but wait! Obama had better not remove the race card too fast. Herman identifies with racists in a way, because as a black man he knows the racism issue isn't about skin color. On the left, racism is defined as: "People who oppose Obama," and in the past Mr. Cain has in fact admitted, "I guess I'm a racist."

The confusion surrounding having two black candidates for president would make for interesting theatre. Take for instance Black Panther poll watchers standing guard for racial equality. How would they know whom to wave their clubs at on Election Day? Do the Panthers intimidate whites voting for Obama or blacks voting for Cain? How would they figure out who is voting for whom? What a quandary.

Prior to winning the Florida CPAC straw poll, Mr. Cain articulated his intent to replace the tax code with a 999-tax plan where, across the board, he would implement "9 percent tax on businesses, personal income and sales." If, in the aforementioned fantasy, Herman and Barry get to debate taxes, when it's the President's turn to articulate his views on taxes Herman could hold a "999" poster board upside down in front of the camera and America will instantly know where and from whom Barack's tax philosophy gathers its inspiration.

A perfect retort to Obama touting, blaming and refusing to accept responsibility for failed policies would be for Cain to pose a question to America: "How's this guy workin' out for you?"

Who can forget the First Lady opining on Obama's 'share the wealth' view of the world, saying, "The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."

Oh, what sweet irony it would be to watch Obama grapple with Godfather's Pizza's successful CEO who saw pie as a symbol of success, not an emblem of imposed sacrificial socialism. A person who, since leaving what he calls "that Democrat plantation" a long time ago, found out that if an individual refuses to adopt the usual liberal victim status, miraculously there's more than enough for everyone to have a whole pie - if a person is willing to work for it.

Sweeter still would be to hear how cancer survivor Herman Cain would respond to Barack laying on the ObamaCare user-friendly insurance language, heartstring-manipulation banter about 32 million+ uninsured, talk of $980 billion in 10-year costs, mandates, and everything else included in Obama's gargantuan government power grab.

At a recent Republican debate, the potential presidential nominee succinctly boiled down all the healthcare drivel to one concise and grateful sentence when he said: "If ObamaCare had been fully implemented when I caught cancer, I'd be dead."

Mr. Cain has repeatedly proven that when truth is in the mix there is no need for theatrics, or Hermanator hysterics. Cain's legendary "I'd be dead" comment not only applies to himself as a cancer survivor, but regrettably also predicts America's future if Barack Obama manages to somehow slickly speechify himself into a second term.

Herman Cain may not be the perfect candidate but, then again, who is? Moreover, Mr. Cain getting the Republican nomination, unfortunately, is doubtful.

However, reality does not diminish the fact that this patriotic man is the master of a unique style of political "Hermaneutics." In few words, Herman Cain clearly articulates the extent of death, doom and destruction a second term would impose on a nation already reeling from three years of Barack Obama's perverted brand of "Hope and Change."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Debunking the Palestinian Lie(s)

Where is Obama Kingmaker Dr. Khalid al-Mansour?

Donald Warden, (aka Dr. Khalid al-Mansour), hit the political scene when he partnered with law partner and member of the Communist Party USA Robert Treuhaft, whom Hillary Clinton also worked for out of law school.
by JB Williams

International Saudi powerbroker Dr. Khalid al-Mansour was at the epicenter of Obama’s lifelong grooming, almost since Obama’s birth. He was at the center of all decisions concerning Obama’s grooming from youth, including arranging Obama’s apparent Ivy League education and connecting him to known radicals like William Ayers, Professor Edward Said, Tony Rezko and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Dr. Khalid al-Mansour was born Donald Warden in the U.S.A. – Before converting to a radical Muslim and becoming international front man for the Saudi Royal Family, Warden was the brains behind the Maoist Black Nationalist Movement manifested in the Black Panthers, the Afro-American Association, the Peace & Freedom Party, the Students for Democratic Society, and Warden set out to raise up a Black Nationalist President with the following platform put in place by Warden in 1966.

To fully understand the agenda of the movement to seat Americas first Black Nationalist President, take time to review the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense 10 Point Program and Platform...


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Muslim-run IHOP's raided in two states...

All seven of the restaurants are owned by Terry Elk. Elk is from our area and WFIE, our sister station in Evansville, Indiana, confirmed Terry Elk's real name is Tarek Elkafrawi.

FBI, Homeland Security, ICE raid IHOP locations in Ohio and Indiana
by Lisa Strawbridge
Sep 20, 2011

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Several IHOP locations are re-opening after seven IHOP locations in Ohio and Indiana were raided early Tuesday morning by the FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and local police.
Officials with Homeland Security tell us the investigation is currently sealed and cannot release any additional information.
A well-placed source with Toledo Police Department tells WTOL 11 the investigation surrounds allegations of money laundering and possibly undocumented workers.
This source also told us there may be allegations of terrorism, but a spokesperson with IHOP's corporate office says they have been told there are no terrorism links.
Locations that were raided:
- Talmadge Road in west Toledo
- Fremont-Pike location in Perrysburg
- Airport Highway in Springfield Township
- Central Avenue in Sylvania Township near McCord road
- An IHOP in Lima, Ohio
- An IHOP in Findlay, Ohio
- An IHOP in Evansville, Indiana
Homeland Security confirms search warrants were executed at 6 a.m.
All seven of the restaurants are owned by Terry Elk. Elk is from our area and WFIE, our sister station in Evansville, Indiana, confirmed Terry Elk's real name is Tarek Elkafrawi.
The FBI told WTOL they raided two homes and two storage units have also been searched. A source tells us the storage units were rented by Maazen Kadir.
According to the Better Business Bureau website, Kadir is the primary contact for the Talmadge Road location and is listed as the area manager. WTOL 11 reporters witnessed FBI agents removing many boxes from the locations. It is unknown what the boxes contain.
Elkafrawi was at a national meeting of IHOP store owners this morning and is now on his way back to our area.
IHOP also said they have been in contact with the FBI and the other authorities and, again, IHOP is saying they have been told this investigation is not related to terrorism.

Michiganistan car bombing...

Michigan car bomb injures 3...

Father, 2 kids hurt in car bomb blast in Monroe

Santiago Esparza
The Detroit News

Monroe— Local, state and federal authorities are investigating the detonation of a car bomb that hospitalized three people Tuesday evening.
The incident happened about 5:40 p.m. at East Elm and Interstate 75, Monroe police officials said in a press release.
A father and his two children were in the vehicle at the time of the incident, Michigan State police said, citing preliminary information from Monroe County authorities.
The children were flown by helicopter to St. Vincent Hospital in Toledo and were listed in serious condition, police said. The father was taken by ambulance to the hospital, police said. He also was listed in serious condition.
The victims' injuries weren't released.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed Wednesday morning that an explosive device was involved in the incident.
Michigan State Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are working with Monroe police on the investigation.
Monroe Police Lt. Charles Abel said in an e-mail that authorities were to meet Wednesday morning to discuss the case, and a press conference could be held after the meeting.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama Promises... MORE CZARS!!! Whoo-hoo!

Related: Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’ Makes ACORN Eligible for $15 Billion...

Obama "Proposes" New Czars
Lurita Doan

... Obama's style of management--bypassing the senate-confirmed agency heads--has failed to yield the results promised to the American people. You would think Obama would give up on the failed idea of using a curious collection of White House czars to manage complex economic and regulatory issues. No way.
Instead, in the American Jobs Act, Obama is proposing a new group of czars as a part of his "jobs" act-- the American Infrastructure Financing Authority (AIFA) czars. President Obama’s newest czars will be given the authority to manage over a trillion dollars of federal funding for roads, bridges, buildings, waterways, dams and other infrastructure.
Here we go again...


“There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.”

Congressional Black Caucus Chair: We‘d ’Be Marching on the White House’ if Not For Obama
Posted on September 18, 2011

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Emanuel Cleaver said if it weren’t for President Barack Obama, members of his caucus would be “marching on the White House” in anger over the high unemployment rate for black Americans, but don‘t want to do anything that would empower Obama’s detractors....

Obama's "Jobs Plan" - poised, or just posing?


Obama's urgent jobs plan: Right now, 'right now' means sometime next month maybe
By Andrew Malcolm
September 19, 2011

Everybody remembers the urgency of President Obama's attitude toward the awful jobs situation.

Back in early August, Obama said the jobs situation was so urgent that he was going to give another speech about it -- in a month or so, in September after his vacation on Martha's Vineyard.

And then in September the president announced he would give his major jobs speech to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 7. But he neglected to check with congressional leaders first. And they suggested the 8th. So, since it was their House, the 8th it was.

"Tonight," the president said in the first 34 of his 4,021 words to a national television audience that night, "we meet at an urgent time for our country. We continue to face an economic crisis that has left millions of our neighbors jobless, and a political crisis that has made things worse."
The speech got panned as another political campaign one with Obama announcing, in effect, that....

...since the first stimulus spending plan of $787 billion hadn't really worked, maybe another $447 billion stimulus spending plan would.

This is the kind of thinking that can make sense within Washington. But since "stimulus" has become a laugh line, he didn't use that word anymore.

And, hey, the debt ceiling had been raised to $16 trillion. (Speaking of which the president speaks on the debt this morning in another speech because he's a Real Good Talker.) So why not spend a half-trillion more to look like he's doing something about the terrible jobs situation with 14+ million unemployed?

If Republicans didn't bite, no one would know Obama's Plan B was never going to work anyway. And he could try to blame the GOP next year for failing schools and rusting bridges. This also seems to make sense within Washington these days.

The president was in such a hurry to get this new spending going, everyone remembers, that during that address he said the phrase "right now" seven times. He didn't actually mean right now that night because the NFL season was opening a few minutes after his remarks.

But Obama did want to show how really urgent he said the situation was, even though it had taken him 961 days as president to say them. And even though from Day #1 of the brief Obama Era polls had shown jobs and the economy were the No. 1 priority among voters but he pursued healthcare and financial reforms first. And even though unemployment had been at or above 9% for 26 of the last 28 months.

So, given the president's professed urgency, the next day, Sept. 9, everyone asked where was his jobs legislation?

And, well, it seems the urgent jobs bill hadn't actually been written yet but should be ready in a week or two. When the laughter died, the White House said on second thought the legislation would be ready for a photo op the next Monday.

Well, here we are on the next Monday after that next Monday and we've just learned from the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin, that actually it seems that body won't really be seriously getting into the legislation for a while yet. The Senate has some other more important business to handle. And then there's this month's congressional vacation, which in Washington is called "a recess," like elementary school.

Here's the revealing exchange with a persistent host Candy Crowley on CNN's "State of the Union:"

CROWLEY: When is the bill going to get on the floor?
DURBIN: The bill is on the calendar. Majority leader Reid moved it to the calendar. It is ready and poised. There are a couple other items we may get into this week not on the bill and some related issues that may create jobs. But we're going to move forward on the president's bill. There will be a healthy debate. I hope the Republicans will come to...
CROWLEY: After the recess, so next month? Or when will it actually begin to act on?
DURBIN: I think that's more realistic it would be next month.
So, as of right now, "right now" uttered on Sept. 8 really means sometime at least one month later.

Good thing the president's own Democratic party controls the Senate. Because, otherwise, there might be some kind of silly, unnecessary delays in deliberating Obama's urgent jobs bill that he says will surely help the nation's unemployed millions if only those Republicans don't connive to slow things down.

Obama's national debt is growing $3 million a minute
Nancy Pelosi bans the s-word (stimulus)
961 days in, Obama is sick and tired of his own dawdling on job creation