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Islamists always believed the U.S. was weak. Recent political trends won't change their view.

We in the Western world see the defeat and collapse of the Soviet Union as a Western, more specifically an American, victory in the Cold War. For Osama bin Laden and his followers, it was a Muslim victory in a jihad, and, given the circumstances, this perception does not lack plausibility.
Was Osama Right?
BY BERNARD LEWIS Wednesday, May 16, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT
From the writings and the speeches of Osama bin Laden and his colleagues, it is clear that they expected this second task, dealing with America, would be comparatively simple and easy. This perception was certainly encouraged and so it seemed, confirmed by the American response to a whole series of attacks--on the World Trade Center in New York and on U.S. troops in Mogadishu in 1993, on the U.S. military office in Riyadh in 1995, on the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, on the USS Cole in Yemen in 2000--all of which evoked only angry words, sometimes accompanied by the dispatch of expensive missiles to remote and uninhabited places.
Stage One of the jihad was to drive the infidels from the lands of Islam; Stage Two--to bring the war into the enemy camp, and the attacks of 9/11 were clearly intended to be the opening salvo of this stage. The response to 9/11, so completely out of accord with previous American practice, came as a shock, and it is noteworthy that there has been no successful attack on American soil since then. The U.S. actions in Afghanistan and in Iraq indicated that there had been a major change in the U.S., and that some revision of their assessment, and of the policies based on that assessment, was necessary.
More recent developments, and notably the public discourse inside the U.S., are persuading increasing numbers of Islamist radicals that their first assessment was correct after all, and that they need only to press a little harder to achieve final victory. It is not yet clear whether they are right or wrong in this view. If they are right, the consequences--both for Islam and for America--will be deep, wide and lasting.
Read it all:

Jihadis Post Scenario for the Defeat of the United States

By Abdul Hameed Bakier, Erich Marquardt
On May 14, jihadi forum users Abu Kandahar and Roslan al-Shami posted a five-point scenario for the collapse of the United States and the rise of the Islamic ummah, entitled, "The Next Strikes in the Heart of America, When and How." It appeared on the forum, although at least one other jihadi forum,, reposted the scenario. The posting outlines a scenario for attacking the United States, although the sheer size of the operation suggests that it is jihadi propaganda and not an actual plan that could be operationalized. The alleged operation is dedicated to Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic State of Iraq.
The first stage in the scenario involves multiple terrorist attacks on three major U.S. cities, preferably with nuclear weapons, using an unspecified number of trucks. The scenario places priority on attacking New York City because it is the central artery of the U.S. economy and it would prove that the mujahideen are capable of recurrent attacks on the same target. The second city to attack is Los Angeles, an important West Coast "atheist" city. The third "city" to be attacked is Florida because, they argue, it is an East Coast congregation city and has the Kennedy Space Center (considering the description, the statement's authors probably meant Orlando). While those are the three primary cities for attack, the writers of the document suggest that if the mujahideen wish to expedite the collapse of the United States, they should also conduct attacks in Seattle since it is a strategic border city; Washington, DC, the political center of the United States; and cities in Texas, since the "biggest oil companies" are located there.
According to the writers, the purpose of attacking these specific cities is to cause a sharp decline in the U.S. economy; mass amounts of casualties; the support for the mujahideen by anti-U.S. countries such as Cuba and Venezuela; a decrease in American support for their own government; the withdrawal of the "blasphemous" U.S. military from Islamic territories; mass military desertions; and the inability to fuel U.S. military fighter jets. The document also outlines how the fallout from such large-scale attacks would cause the U.S. military to return to the United States in order to conduct massive relief operations. They refer to the example of how Hurricane Katrina overburdened the U.S. National Guard, calling the hurricane a "Soldier of God." After such attacks, they argue that the Islamic State of Iraq will seize the opportunity to launch mass strikes on the apostates in the Iraqi military and police, paving the way for the third stage of the scenario: the commencement of the golden era of the triumphant Islamic conquests that includes the implementation of Sharia, the liberation of the Arabian Peninsula, the removal from power of "the U.S. ruling family" in Jordan and, finally, the big march toward Palestine. In the end, even Washington DC will fall to the mujahideen and that will conclude the final stage of Islamic control of the globe.
The scenario appears less of a planned operation than a hope for the fulfillment of a prophecy. The supposed factuality of the scenario is based on various verses in the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad's teachings. Nevertheless, some of the users on the forums who discussed the scenario asserted that all of the details to execute the operation had already been prepared. One such user, by the alias of Abu Nedal, said, "For your knowledge, the operations are ready and awaiting the orders from our leader Osama bin Laden, God protect him, to decide what he deems appropriate either to strike now or to wait."
Islamist extremists have always fabricated factitious scenarios for victory over the West based on their own interpretations of Quranic prophecies in times of crisis and defeat. Nevertheless, al-Qaeda has shown prior interest in acquiring nuclear materials for use in an attack, and it is necessary to take such forum postings seriously as they display the mindset and the intent, although perhaps not the capability, of al-Qaeda-affiliated militants.

H.R. 1999: To authorize appropriations for assistance for the National Council of La Raza and the Raza Development Fund

Track this piece of &%$# legistlation that gives even more of our tax dollars to these racists.
Legislation > 110th U.S. Congress (2007-2008)
H.R. 1999: To authorize appropriations for assistance for the National Council of La Raza and the Raza Development Fund

Opinion: An "Infidel's Prayer To Allah"

Good friend of Western Resistance Wiking, our Danish correspondent, has provided translations (here and here) and has contributed with his own writing.
He has felt inspired to write this latest contribution, his "Infidel's Prayer to Allah". Enjoy.
Dear Allah,
I know you hate me.
You have said so yourself in your Koran, the book you have revealed to mankind through your messenger, Mohammed. You hate all the infidels, and I am an infidel. This is true and has been confirmed again and again by people you have selected to spread your message on earth, the mullahs, the ayatollahs, the imams and all the "scholars" who speak in your name. What is truly disappointing, yes shocking, to me and the other "infidels", is to discover that you created us for the sole purpose to hate us and send us to Hell, and that you offer no guidance to lead us towards your light, and ultimately to salvation. On the contrary, you do your best to deceive us, to lead us astray and to remove us from your presence and your paradise, the brothel in the sky. We are predestined for Hell.
You are indeed the greatest of deceivers.
Don't let the opening address of this prayer mislead you, Allah. I hate you too. I'm not the hating type, but you Allah, has brought hatred into my life.
I'm planning your downfall, Allah.
Yes, I promise. I'll do my outmost in the effort to bring you down; to rid humanity of your evil presence, imaginary though you may be. The world will be a more peaceful and secure place without you. Without you, the 1000 millions of slaves you keep in your "ummah" will be free at last, free to pursue prosperity and happiness, without your evil interference.
You have no power over me Allah. I don't believe in you and I don't fear you, like the millions of slaves you keep in absolute terror and misery throughout the world do. Your Hell holds no terror to me. I breathe freely, in spite of your threats and curses, in spite of the acts of beheading and stoning and shooting and suicide bombing in your name we witness almost every day, in spite of the terror you try to instill in the hearts of every human of this planet.
I'm here to kill you Allah!
Our enmity is boundless, but in all fairness, I'll let you have your chance to defend yourself. Allah, let's fight this out as gentlemen. I know being a gentleman is not one of your traits, but that shall not stop me from behaving like one. I'll give you the right to fire the first shot. Do kill me!
Yes, seriously. Kill me! Show the world what a mighty god you are. Show them your power and grandeur and how you handle your enemies. Send me to Hell! Open a channel to the inferno and let the world see my suffering. Don't be such a limp dick. Show them what you can do. After all, you are an omnipotent god! You are the mightiest they say. Some even say there are no other gods, but this I very much doubt. There are thousands of gods, and there have been millions of gods through human history, all as imaginary as you are.
See you at dawn Allah.
Yours in enmity, Wiking


Articles & Commentary
Muslim doctors refusing to treat Jewish patients? It's already starting to happen in the U.S., and it's just something that Americans will need to get used to as they seek to accommodate the Religion of Peace.
Anti-Semitism is enjoying new life in Europe, where enthusiasm is high and double-standards are plentiful.
CAIR: Islamism is Islam (FrontPage Magazine)
CAIR's love affair with Hamas continues.
Terror training camps operate in the U.S. with a free rein as polls show that hundreds of thousands of Muslim-Americans support terror. Do we really need a crystal ball here?
7th century morals versus 21st century freedom of speech. Can you guess which side needs the bodyguards?
The Religion of Peace has no solutions to offer to the world… only more problems. Here's why.
By trying to appease extremists, the West has merely affirmed the hatred and grievance.
The Arab Hijacking of Bosnian Muslims (Family Security Matters)
A moderate Muslim explains how the Wahhabi poison is seeping into Europe.
U.S. Muslims: A Look at the Good and Bad (Boston Globe)There is some good news in the recent Pew Research poll. The fact that a majority of Muslim-Americans are well-assimilated dramatically undermines the claim that America is hostile to Muslims.
The Religion of Peace is back in genocide mode.
Truly moderate Muslim voices in the U.S. are sent to the back of the bus, while Islamic supremacist groups like CAIR make the rules at PBS.

Youth Bulges, Violence, and the Fifth Village: “The Game is Over for Europe”
by Baron Bodissey

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Below is a translation of an interview by Lars Hedegaard of the German sociologist Gunnar Heinsohn, from the May issue of the online magazine Sappho. The article was translated from the Danish by Zonka, who deserves our thanks for undertaking such a Herculean task.Dr. Heinsohn elaborates on a theme that Mark Steyn has made familiar: the impending demographic collapse of the West, particularly Europe, and the accompanying threat from a surplus of angry young Muslim males...


Postcards from the Edge

North County Times -- Escondido, Calif.
An early-morning shooting involving a Border Patrol agent killed one person in northern Escondido on Thursday. -- A border patrol agent shot a suspected smuggler around 12:36 a.m. Thursday near Mountain Meadow Road and Champagne Boulevard, near Deer Springs Road.
R. Cort Kirkwood -- The John Birch Society
Way back in 1986, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), then, as now, the principal agent of leviathan leftism in the Senate, sponsored an immigration bill. Then, as now, illegal aliens had flooded the country. And then, as now, the Senate had an answer: amnesty. Kennedy said a few things worth remembering...
Nashville City Paper
The number of foreign-born persons physically arrested by Metro Police over the Memorial Day weekend was more than twice as high as the average number from a weekend, according to Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall, who is responsible for screening all foreign-born arrestees for federal immigration violations.
Daily Democrat -- Woodland, Calif. Bush's willing workers
A manhunt is under way for the suspect in the brazen murder of his wife at an orchard near Zamora over the weekend. -- Law enforcement officials are hoping they can capture Ignacio Favela Mendoza before he makes it to Mexico, where he had been deported several years ago.
Rasmussen Reports
There's a simple reason the immigration bill [aka amnesty scheme] being debated by the U.S. Senate is unpopular with voters - the general public doesn't believe it will reduce illegal immigration. And, in the minds of most voters, that's what immigration reform is all about.
The United States will soon begin admitting a bigger trickle of the more than 2 million refugees who have fled Iraq, acknowledging for the first time the country may never be safe for some who have helped the U.S. there. -- After months of agonizing delays and withering criticism from advocacy groups and lawmakers...
Tom Fitton -- American Daily
The Bush White House and a select group of senators reached a prospective deal on immigration... a deal that could mean amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. This week, [DHS Secretary] Michael Chertoff stumped for the legislation. While acknowledging that there is a "fundamental unfairness" in a bill that allows illegal aliens to stay...
San Francisco Chronicle
The Senate immigration bill has been defended by promoters of virtual unlimited immigration, both from the left and the right. No wonder Americans are very angry at our elite. -- If another amnesty is granted, millions of naturalized citizens could become potential voters. Considering how close recent presidential elections were...
Media Watch
The radio show is going back on the air. Mark Edwards will be heard every Sunday Night beginning on June 3 from 10 PM to 12 Midnight on KFNX-1100 in Phoenix, Arizona. Mark will follow the man who "articulates the popular rage," illegal alien crime fighter Terry Anderson.
Associated Press
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's political courtship of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa landed her an early, influential endorsement this week that highlights the intense competition among presidential candidates for support within the growing Hispanic population. -- Candidates in both major parties are reaching out to Hispanic voters...
Los Angeles Times
First came the Mexican consular photo identification cards that closely resembled U.S. driver's licenses and allowed immigrants, including those in the country illegally, to establish credit and apply for government services. -- Then the Mexican government worked with the Treasury Department... [More Mexican meddling]
Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review
Sanger, Calif. -- In the 1960s, farm labor leader Cesar Chavez rallied fieldhands to speak out against a guest worker program that recruited millions of Mexicans to pick crops at low wages. -- Today, farmworker advocates are throwing their weight behind a proposal in the current Senate immigration bill that would bring thousands of laborers...
The Journal News -- White Plains
Brewster, NY -- Three illegal immigrants from Guatemala are being held without bail today at the Putnam County jail after state police charged them in the armed robbery of another man last week. -- Carlos R. Soto, Rolando F. Massariego, and Aroldo Martinez, who police said live in Brewster but have no specific address...
Washington Times
A recent proposal in Congress - H.R. 1999, which was cosponsored in April by Reps. Ruben Hinojosa of Texas and Rick Renzi of Arizona - would provide $10 million a year to a radical immigration group, the National Council of La Raza (meaning "the race"). The bill offers funds for "community development and affordable housing projects..."
Judicial Watch
Illegal immigrants recently deported after highly publicized federal raids of various companies easily returned to the United States days later to claim unpaid wages from their former employers. -- Immigration officials basked in the media spotlight during their nationwide raids of businesses that hired illegal aliens earlier this year...

California Islamic Honor Killing: Muslime Family defends Muslime man held in double murder

Looking forward to an eternity
in hell being mohammed's
(may his soul burn in
hell for all eternity) bitch

Former boyfriend of surviving daughter arrested in Phoenix airport carrying a one-way ticket to Bangladesh.
Thursday, May 31, 2007
The family of a Van Nuys man who has been arrested at a Phoenix airport in connection with the deaths of an Anaheim Hills father and daughter, the beating of a mother and a house fire last week say they are "very sad" about what is happening.
Iftekhar Murtaza, 22, was carrying a one-way ticket to Bangladesh when he was arrested, Maricopa County Superior Court officials confirmed Tuesday. He will have an extradition hearing at 8 a.m. today at Maricopa County Superior Court, officials said.
If Murtaza waives his right to a hearing, "he'll go as soon as the people from your state make arrangements," said J.W. Brown, a spokesperson for the court.
If he does not waive his right, the court will schedule another hearing in 30 days. After 90 days, the governor of Arizona can issue an order for extradition, Brown said.
On Wednesday morning Ishtiak Murtaza, 37, the brother of Iftekhar Murtaza, said the arrest had created a "situation under pressure for my family."
Iftekhar Murtaza is identified in court papers as the ex-boyfriend of Shayona Dhanak, the 18-year-old daughter of one of the two homicide victims, Jayprakash Dhanak, 56. The other victim, Karishma Dhanak, 20, was Shayona Dhanak's sister. Jayprakash Dhanak's wife, Leela Dhanak, 53, was severely beaten in the attack but survived.
"I strongly believe that he has no part in it," Ishtiak Murtaza said at the family's convenience store in Van Nuys.
Iftekhar Murtaza's 64-year-old father declined to comment Wednesday morning as he helped customers at his Discount Cigarette Bargain Line Grocery store in a shopping center at the corner of Sepulveda and Victory boulevards...
Culture, not just religion, may be a factor
The man linked to a double homicide and assault is Muslim. The girl he courted, Hindu. The victims are members of her family. Was the motive religion?

Officer arrested; citizenship questioned

He is suspected of taking on identity of dead cousin years ago
Posted: May 30, 2007

A Milwaukee police officer was arrested Wednesday by federal immigration agents on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant who assumed the identity of his dead cousin a decade ago, officials said.
The officer, who has lived and worked under the name Jose A. Morales since he was a teenager, was arrested by agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz confirmed Wednesday.
A spokeswoman from Immigration did not return a call seeking comment Wednesday night.
"When the Milwaukee Police Department was made aware of these allegations, we worked in concert with federal authorities on this investigation," Schwartz said.
Morales, 24, was suspended after his arrest, Schwartz said.
He will continue to be paid, per state law...

Jihad A'la Carte

"While Haq identified himself as an 'American Muslim,' he was acting alone and had no ties to terrorist organizations." Feel better?
11 new charges filed in Jewish Federation shootings; defendant pleads insanity
By Christine Clarridge
Seattle Times staff reporter
Flanked by King County Deputies and Jail guards, alleged Jewish Federation shooter Naveed Haq arrives for his hearing Wednesday morning.
King County prosecutors this morning filed 11 additional criminal charges against Naveed Haq, who is accused of killing one woman and wounding five others last summer during a shooting rampage at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.
In response, Haq's attorneys filed pleas of not guilty by reason of insanity to the new charges and the nine others he already faced, effectively announcing the defense strategy.
In a hearing before Superior Court Judge Paris Kallas this morning, prosecutors received permission to charge Haq with five additional burglary counts, five malicious harassment charges and one charge of unlawful imprisonment.
Haq, 31, a Tri-Cities man with a history of mental illness, was already facing one count of aggravated first-degree murder for the slaying of the charity's fundraising director, 58-year-old Pamela Waechter. He also had been previously charged with five counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count each of kidnapping, burglary and malicious harassment, the state's version of hate crime.
Prosecutors said Haq's violent criminal spree is more accurately represented, though, by the 20 charges in total he now faces.

Jihad Watch

Photography students in Bangladesh receive death threats for violating Islamic law
Jihadists in Bangladesh find that a picture is only worth six words: Stop that or we'll kill you. Sharia Alert. "Bangladesh: Photography students receive death threats," by Angilee Shah for AsiaMedia:
Pakistan: Christian sentenced to death for derogatory remarks about Muhammad
Islamic Tolerance Alert: "Man gets death for blasphemy after video trial," from the Daily Times, with thanks to Andrew Bostom:

Big Disparities in Judging of Asylum Cases

Doesn't anyone work in the best interests of America and the American people anymore??
May 31, 2007
Asylum seekers in the United States face broad disparities in the nation’s 54 immigration courts, with the outcome of cases influenced by things like the location of the court and the sex and professional background of judges, a new study has found.
The study, by three law professors, analyzes 140,000 decisions by immigration judges, including those cases from the 15 countries that have produced the most asylum seekers in recent years, among them China, Haiti, Colombia, Albania and Russia. The professors compared for the first time the results of immigration court cases over more than four years, finding vast differences in the handling of claims with generally comparable factual circumstances.
In one of the starker examples cited, Colombians had an 88 percent chance of winning asylum from one judge in the Miami immigration court and a 5 percent chance from another judge in the same court.
“It is very disturbing that these decisions can mean life or death, and they seem to a large extent to be the result of a clerk’s random assignment of a case to a particular judge,” said an author of the study, Philip G. Schrag, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center.
The study offers an unusually detailed window into the overburdened and often erratic immigration courts. Though the immigration bill now being considered does not propose major revisions in asylum laws, those courts serve as the judicial backbone of the immigration system that would take on an immense new workload if the bill becomes law.
The legislation would offer a road to legal status to an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, eliminate backlogs of legal immigration cases and step up enforcement, among other measures. Experts predict countless legal snags that would land before the immigration judges.
Officials at the Executive Office for Immigration Review of the Department of Justice, which oversees the immigration courts, declined to allow interviews about the study with David L. Neal, the chief immigration judge, citing a policy that immigration judges do not speak with the news media about their rulings...

'High tempo' of terrorist chatter: FBI

Thursday, May 31st 2007, 4:00 AM

WASHINGTON - The FBI has increased its use of secret search warrants over the past two years because of a "high tempo of terrorist activity," a top official said yesterday.
FBI Assistant Director John Miller said the 2,176 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act search warrants approved last year, compared with only 1,754 granted in 2005, mostly targeted plotters inside America.
"We're seeing a very high tempo of terrorist activity, not just based on the cases you're seeing being brought in the United States," Miller said in an interview yesterday for C-SPAN's "Newsmaker" program.
Miller said the warrants, issued by a secret federal court in Washington, are usually not a "way to a prosecution," but are "an intelligence tool."
The FBI's chief spokesman - who as a TV newsman conducted a 1998 interview with Osama Bin Laden - echoed other counterterror officials who say the U.S. may have underestimated top Al Qaeda leaders' ability to oversee operations in recent years.
One measure is the record-high output of video and audio messages from Bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri.
Typically there has been "a two-year arc between major attacks to develop the plan and execute it," Miller said.
Al Qaeda is "on a bell curve and they're getting more effective" at planning new strikes while pushing propaganda to inspire others to "take that ball and run with it."
"They're counting on both happening at once," Miller said. "They're better at this than they were before and they're thinking about it differently."

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The Presidents Immigration Speech Translated…

Full Text of His speech is here
It’s clear the president is putting a lot of energy into getting his Amnesty without Apology bill past the American people.

As you can understand this requires a lot of repetition, deflection, obfuscation, and most importantly half truths and cleverly disguised ball faced lies.My apologies for the length.There are many sections of this speech that need translating in order for it’s meaning to be truly understood…..


H.R. 1999: To authorize appropriations for assistance for the National Council of La Raza and the Raza Development Fund

Track this piece of &%$# legistlation that gives even more of our tax dollars to these racists.
Legislation > 110th U.S. Congress (2007-2008)
H.R. 1999: To authorize appropriations for assistance for the National Council of La Raza and the Raza Development Fund

By the way, we are indeed being invaded... and betrayed... and sold out...

Why would anyone want "reform" of a law they've shown no intention of obeying? What they really want is "belly-up immigration surrender" -- free instant citizenship rights to all government welfare benefits for anyone who can get here.
VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: Illegals push citizens to boiling point
May. 13, 2007 Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal
By Carlos Martinez and Sam Enriquez Los Angeles Times
Sunday, May 27, 2007

No Alien Left Behind

May 29th, 2007 by Brad
Mark Krikorian

Our editors here at National Review Online pointed out last week that “It’s Worse Than You Think” with regard to the Senate’s preposterous amnesty bill.
They were addressing specifically the fact that the Senate bill would immediately give probationary amnesty to virtually all illegal aliens, and that the much-touted enforcement “triggers” are therefore a sham, since legalization will already have taken place. What’s more, if the benchmarks (more miles of fencing, additional border-patrol agents, etc.) are not met, the probationary status would likely continue indefinitely, since there is no expiration date in the bill...
Read more... [2:58 min est. read time]
Ron Paul
The much-vaunted Senate “compromise” on immigration is a compromise alright: a compromise of our laws, a compromise of our sovereignty, and a compromise of the Second Amendment. That anyone in Washington believes this is a credible approach to solving our immigration crisis suggests just how out of touch our political elites really are.

Anti-American hatefest in Mexico - and Postcards From The Edge

american patrol dot com
Michelle Malkin -- New York Post
The United States government is on the verge of approving a mass amnesty to millions of illegal aliens - a plan pushed aggressively by meddling Mexican officials who reap billions of dollars in remittances (illegal aliens' earnings sent back to Mexico) without having to lift a finger to clean up their own country.
WLS-TV -- Chicago
The father of a Chicago alderman has been charged in connection with a raid in the Little Village neighborhood last month. Elias Munoz owns a photo studio that was allegedly used to produce phony identification. Munoz is the father of 22nd Ward Alderman Ricardo Munoz...
Edwin S. Rubenstein --
Here's a question Tamar Jacoby's pollsters should ask Americans: would you support a "path to citizenship" [Bushspeak for amnesty] if you knew it would cost you, oh, say $2.4 trillion? -- Robert Rector, the reigning domestic policy expert at Heritage Foundation, has shown that it will.
David Storobin, Esq. -- Global Politician
Today I spoke to Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project. The most striking part of the interview was how mild his views on immigration truly were. The man has been vilified by most of the Left and even much of the Right, including the White House. He's supposed to be an immigrant-hating vigilante who dreams of...
Savannah Morning News
(with a straight face! - jillosophy)
Seeking a friendly audience for his first major event touting a controversial immigration reform plan, President Bush told a crowd of federal law enforcement trainees and instructors on Tuesday that security will be key to any effective immigration plan. -- "We have a mission, a vital mission, and that's to protect our country," Bush said...
Michael Barone -- Washington Times
As the Senate mulls the details of a compromise immigration bill hammered together by the odd couple of Sens. Edward Kennedy, Mass. Democrat, and Jon Kyl [shown left], R-Az, and with members of Congress hearing from their constituents over this week's Memorial Day recess, it may be worthwhile to put the issue in historical context.

Norway: Iranian killed wife, but pleads ‘not guilty’

Because it was an honor killing, you see. "Man killed wife, but pleads ‘not guilty,’" from Aftenposten, with thanks to all who sent this in:
An Iranian man charged with stabbing his wife to death outside a crisis center in Drammen last autumn pleaded not guilty when his trial started on Tuesday.
The 44-year-old man also said in court that he was certain his wife had cheated on him, and he blamed her brother for being a bad influence on her. The brother, he claimed, had become "too European," and gave the dead woman "inappropriate advice."

Netherlands: Man Halts Action against Compulsory Arabic Names following Threats

An update on this story.
Islamic Tolerance Alert: "Man Halts Action against Compulsory Arabic Names following Threats"
from NIS News, with thanks to Fjordman:
HAARLEM, 30/05/07 - A Moroccan man who was opposing the Moroccan state intervention with the names given to children born in the Netherlands has halted his campaign. The many threats he received were too much for him, newspaper De Volkskrant reported yesterday.
In registering a newly-born baby, Moroccan parents have a list stuck under their nose by Dutch municipalities out of which they have to choose a name. This official list distributed by the Moroccan government contains only Arabic names. This is discriminatory and violates freedom of choice, according to Moussa Aynan. Dutch municipalities are thereby an outpost of the Moroccan government, De Volkskrant quoted him as saying.
The 34 year old Aynan, who has just become a father himself, is a Labour (PvdA) council member in Haarlem. Hundreds of angry and threatening reactions have reportedly come in on his website in the past weeks from the Netherlands and abroad. So many that he has now decided to remove his weblog from the air. "It became too much, my wife particularly became afraid," said Aynan in the newspaper.

Why we call it "Londonistan"

Lecturers oppose Muslim 'witch hunt'
By Graeme Paton, Education Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:13am BST 29/05/2007
Academics are threatening to derail a Government drive to root out Islamic extremists on university campuses.
The University and College Union, will ask its 120,000 members to refuse to take part in the Government-led "witch hunt".
It insists that Muslims are being "demonised" because of new guidance that asks staff to look out for students falling under the influence of radical preachers.

Spencer: 300,000 Supporters of Suicide Attacks in America

jihad watch dot org
Thoughts on the Pew poll from FrontPage (news links in the original). Video here.
Some of the results of the Pew Research Center poll of Muslims in America were startling: twenty-six percent of Muslims between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine affirmed that there could be justification in some (unspecified) circumstances for suicide bombing, and five percent of all the Muslims surveyed said that they had a favorable view of Al-Qaeda.
Given the Pew Center’s estimate of 2.35 million Muslims in America, and the total of thirteen percent that avowed a belief that suicide bombings could ever be justified, that’s over 300,000 supporters of suicide attacks. And 117,500 supporters of Al-Qaeda.
read it all:

Getting the Government the Third World Deserves

With the "people" changing radically through Third World immigration (Ted Kennedy's 1965 immigration act ensures that 85 percent of immigrants come from the Third World and Asia), it's legitimate to wonder how demographics influence democracy. And it's not hard to understand how these folks will shape government, for they have done so before - in their own lands.
May 30, 2007
By Selwyn Duke
When Thomas Jefferson said that "people get the government they deserve," it was more than just a clever turn of phrase.
It also was not an isolated insight but a timeless truth, one expressed by many.
William Cowper said:
"When was public virtue to be found when private was not?"
Benjamin Franklin stated:
"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

OUTRAGEOUS! This is just the first slap on the wrist for these immigrant slave masters

(District Court Judge) Platt agreed to allow bail for the couple Wednesday after a hearing in which prosecutors claimed relatives of the Sabhnanis had attempted to bribe one of the victims and that one of the victims was threatened with death after complaining she was abused.
NY Millionaires Get Bail in Slavery Case
May 30, 1:47 PM (ET)
CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (AP) - A millionaire couple accused of keeping two Indonesian women as slaves will be permitted to post $3.5 million bail under strict conditions that include home detention, telephone wiretaps and 24-hour surveillance, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.
U.S. District Judge Thomas Platt told attorneys to negotiate details of a bail agreement, including exactly how the security restrictions will work, by Friday.
"We're very, very pleased that the defendants are getting out," said Jeffrey Hoffman, a member of the defense team for Varsha Mahender Sabhnani, 35, and her husband, Mahender Murlidhar Sabhnani, 51.
The Sabhnanis, who operate a worldwide perfume business out of their mansion in Muttontown on Long Island, were arrested May 13 after one of the Indonesian women was found wandering outside a nearby doughnut shop. She apparently had escaped the night before when she was putting out the trash, prosecutors said...

Call me an Islamophobe, please. Seriously.

Report confirms terror dry run
By Audrey Hudson
May 30, 2007
Download the
inspector general report (PDF)
A newly released inspector general report backs eyewitness accounts of suspicious behavior by 13 Middle Eastern men on a Northwest Airlines flight in 2004 and reveals several missteps by government officials, including failure to file an incident report until a month after the matter became public.
According to the Homeland Security report, the "suspicious passengers," 12 Syrians and their Lebanese-born promoter, were traveling on Flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles on expired visas. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services extended the visas one week after the June 29, 2004, incident.
The report also says that a background check in the FBI's National Crime Information Center database, which was performed June 18 as part of a visa-extension application, produced "positive hits" for past criminal records or suspicious behavior for eight of the 12 Syrians, who were traveling in the U.S. as a musical group.
In addition, the band's promoter was listed in a separate FBI database on case investigations for acting suspiciously aboard a flight months earlier. He was detained a third time in September on a return trip to the U.S. from Istanbul, the details of which were redacted.
The inspector general criticized the Homeland Security officials for not reporting the incident to the Homeland Security Operations Center (HSOC), which serves as the nation's nerve center for information sharing and domestic incident management.
The report comes three years after the incident, which was not officially acknowledged until a month later, after The Washington Times reported passenger and marshal complaints that the incident resembled a dry run for a terrorist attack. After reviewing the report, air marshals say it confirms their earlier suspicions.
Official denial
An air marshal who told The Times that he has been involved personally in terror probes that were ignored by federal security managers, called such behavior typical...

TB and Whooping Cough Making a Comeback! Thanks ILLEGAL AND LEGAL immigration!

In March I posted about a case in Arizona just like the one making headlines today. I guess that one escaped the MSM's attention:
Friday, March 02, 2007
Man with 'extreme' TB may be jailed in Phoenix ward until death
The Arizona Republic
Published: 03.02.2007
A man infected with an especially virulent strain of tuberculosis has spent eight months in a hospital jail ward under a court order and may be held until he dies.Robert Daniels has not been charged with a crime, but the 27-year-old violated the rules of a voluntary quarantine, exposing others to a potentially deadly illness. Maricopa County public health officials got a court order to keep him locked up.The TB strain Daniels has is so dangerous that he has never met his appointed lawyer, Robert Blecher, who describes the situation as "extremely unusual."Daniels' hospital room is designed so that air flows in, never out, to prevent the bacterium from spreading.
. . .Daniels, who has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Russia, contracted "extreme multidrug resistant tuberculosis" while living in Russia, court records show.
He was diagnosed two years ago in Russia, and said he came to Phoenix in January 2006 after being told drugs were hard to get and expensive.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported there were 14,097 cases of TB in the United States last year. Just 15 were of the rare strain Daniels has. Prospects for his release are unclear. A 2006 medical assessment indicated the disease was mutating in Daniels...
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Study: Superbugs Emerge Among Urban Poor
Current headlines:
13 people may have contracted whooping cough from Seton employee
Another 159 people flock to ER for examination, worried they may have been exposed
By Mary Ann Roser
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Thirteen people, including three infants, might have contracted whooping cough from a Seton Medical Center employee working in the maternity area, and another 159 people showed up in the emergency room fearing that they had been exposed, a Seton official said Tuesday.
The 13 who appeared to have been infected were given antibiotics as a preventive measure, as were all 159 people who came to the ER, said Greg Hartman, a senior vice president for the Seton Family of Hospitals. Two of the 159 had symptoms that might have been whooping cough, he said.
Seton announced Saturday that a worker in the labor and delivery area might have infected some patients and family members with whooping cough, also known as pertussis. Seton said it would offer free examinations and antibiotics for anyone who might have been exposed.
Pertussis, which can appear to be the flu, pneumonia or allergies, can be difficult to diagnose and is highly contagious. Pertussis bacteria are spread by droplets during sneezing or coughing.
Symptoms include a runny nose, a slight fever, watery eyes and severe coughing, which can produce produce a "whooping" sound when a person takes a breath.
Babies younger than a year are at the greatest risk of severe illness, even death, especially those younger than 2 months: too young to be vaccinated against the disease.
No one has died or required hospitalization in the Seton outbreak, Hartman said.
ER visits by those responding to Seton's announcement were steady over the Memorial Day weekend but "trailed off significantly" Tuesday, Hartman said. He didn't know how many people might have been seen by their own doctors instead of coming to the Seton ER.
Seton learned Friday that an employee whom it declined to identify by name, gender or job title probably was infected with pertussis and could have exposed patients and visitors in the labor and delivery areas.
The employee was diagnosed by a doctor with whooping cough, but a definitive diagnosis probably won't be possible because antibiotics had been started, Hartman said.

No Islam, no cry.... No Islam no cry....

Before being deported from Britain back to his native Jamaica, Islamic hate preacher Abdullah El-Faisal told young British Muslims it was their duty to kill non-believers, Jews, Hindus and Westerners, urging them to adopt a “jihad mentality”. He also promised schoolboys that they would be rewarded with “72 virgins in paradise” if they died in a holy war. He was the “mentor” for one of the July 7 London bombers.
And he’s being welcomed back to Jamaica with open arms by the Islamic community:
Sunday Observer senior reporter
Sunday, May 27, 2007
JAMAICA'S Muslims have made it clear they will welcome reputed hate preacher Abdullah el-Faisal into the community unless he proves himself unworthy, following his deportation to the island last Friday.
"As a Muslim coming back to Jamaica, we welcome him. We welcome any and every Muslim who come here as long as they abide by the rules and regulations that are stipulated," president of the Islamic Council of Jamaica (ICJ) Mustafa Muhammad told the Sunday Observer.

“That’s empty political rhetoric, trying to frighten our citizens.” - Bush, when faced with facts on illegal immigration

Bush Takes On Opponents of Immigration Deal
May 29, 2007
GLYNCO, Ga., May 29 — President Bush today accused opponents of his proposed immigration measure of fear-mongering to defeat it in Congress, and took on his own conservative political base as he did so.
“If you want to scare the American people, what you say is the bill’s an amnesty bill,” Mr. Bush said this afternoon at a training center for border enforcement agents located in this town in Georgia’s southeastern corner. “That’s empty political rhetoric, trying to frighten our citizens.”
It was the conservative opponents whom Mr. Bush seemed to address most forcefully in his remarks here today — a rare example of the president crossing swords with key members of the political coalition that helped him attain the Oval Office and then keep it four years later: The same conservative radio hosts, writers, bloggers, and legislators who killed an attempt at compromise immigration legislation last year...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Iraq: "Absolutely Worth It" and "Sharia-Supporters and Transvestites of the World Unite!"

Monday, May 28, 2007
by Dymphna
This essay is from The Talisman Gate*, a blog kept by Nibras Kazimi, a citizen of Iraq who works in the US. It originally appeared as an editorial in The New York Sun on March 23rd of this year, and subsequently in Mr. Kazimi’s blog.
I am presenting the essay in its entirety. The comments following the essay have been omitted, but you can see them at The Talisman Gate.
Mr. Kazimi is a Visiting Scholar at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC. He also writes on the Middle East for the Sun, in addition to a monthly essay for Prospect magazine in Britain.
Turn off the talking heads who never leave the Green Zone, and spend the time you save reading this Iraqi citizen’s viewpoint about the war in Iraq.
Absolutely Worth It
“Was it worth it?” is a question that I hear at every anniversary of the Iraq war, and it gets more pointed and pained — and asked more accusingly by some — with every passing year and especially this week as we mark the fourth anniversary after a particularly rough year.
And I can never understand the bewildered and disappointed look upon the questioner’s face — whether they be well-meaning or sanctimonious — when I answer, matter-of-factly, “Yes, of course.”
Sharia-Supporters and Transvestites of the World Unite!
I was planning to take a break from writing about Sweden, but I just couldn’t help it. Swedish journalist Kurt Lundgren had a noteworthy story on his blog this week. A friend told him about a magazine published by Lärarförbundet, the Swedish Teachers’ Union, the largest union for teachers and heads of schools in the country. The magazine, aimed at preschool teachers who take care of children between the ages of 0-6 years old, included recommendations to not only promote “gender equality” but also “sexual equality” at this tender age. Mr. Lundgren considers the suggestions that are sent out to kindergarten and preschool staff to be clear-cut sexual abuse of children:

Victor Davis Hanson: This is a baffling sort of “containment” we’re seeing

Amid Middle East cries of Western injustice, oil hovered near $70 a barrel, sending half-a trillion dollars per year to the supposedly victimized Middle East, desperately in need of Western cash for impoverished Hamas.
Another Month in the War
Victor Davis Hanson
National Review Online May 25, 2007
May was another normal month in the war against Islamism. At home, a delusional Rosie O’Donnell was back at it. She reminded her viewers that the United States has killed over 600,000 innocents in Iraq. And in an impassioned plea, she and her cohorts reminded us dullards that zealous jihadists must have some understandable reason for being so, well, zealous. Perhaps she meant in the same way that the zealous Waffen SS must have had some legitimate reason for its strong feelings?
Read it all!!
What do leftist, mostly secular elites share with medieval sinners?
The New Penance Doesn’t Offset Much
by Victor Davis HansonTribune Media ServicesMay 21, 2007

The Heritage Foundation and Postcards and Video From The Edge

for the cause dot u s
The Heritage Foundation:
We have learned—or have been reminded—that many people around the world look at the United States with fear, suspicion, or resentment and readily attribute the darkest motives to American actions; but we have also seen much indignation among peoples who, before the war, were not so inclined to anti-American feeling. Meanwhile, for all the indignation expressed in so many countries in Europe and elsewhere, we did not see any serious movement toward a gathering of disapproving governments and peoples into an ongoing anti-American coalition. Nor did countries previously allied with the U.S., such as NATO partners in Europe, show any disposition to build up their own military capabilities as a counter to American power. Many people are angry about the American effort in Iraq, not because they regard America as a relentless and remorseless aggressor in the world, but precisely because they do think the United States has committed itself to live by established rules and then violated those rules in Iraq. Nobody seriously expected that the United States would follow up its invasion of Iraq with an invasion of Canada, but much of the world—perhaps most of the world—was not satisfied that war against Saddam was justified in the spring of 2003...
CNN Lou Dobbs - video:
The Senate Immigration Reform Bill has upwards of 1,000 pages of revisions that never went through the committee process. Who came up with it? According to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a group of Senators, affectionately called, the "Masters of the Universe". These include Democratic Senators Edward Kennedy, Ken Salazar, Dianne Feinstein, Republican Senators John Kyle, Arlen Specter, Mel Martinez and Lindsey Graham, and President Bush. Amid mounting public resentment against illegal immigration and a demand to address it, the White House joined with key border state conservative and liberal lawmakers to forge a compromise. No subcommittee hearings, no committee hearings, just a massive document. Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA said: "Nobody with the exception of a tiny group of people who have been forced to stay up all night and read the stupid thing have actually looked at what it really does. And there are provisions in there that I'll bet you that none of them are aware of." With a week at home for their Memorial Day break, senators will learn what voters think about the bill. And that may well determine whether Congress will pass that immigration bill this session.
[Our take: Masters of the Universe? When you read the Senate immigration bill, you wonder just how stupid these people really are. They obviously talk a good game to get themselves elected, but when it comes to doing anything else, they fall far short. If this is what the "experience" of incumbency brings to the table, we have more reason to churn these people out of office at every opportunity. No experience is better than bad experience...]
CNN Lou Dobbs - video:
Illegal alien advocates claims the United States has restrictive policies which make it difficult for immigrants to enter the country legally. But in reality, U.S. immigration policies are more liberal than those of Canada, Australia and France. According to Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, the reality is we don't have enough people. Comparing U.S. immigration policies to France, Germany and Japan, he added, the big challenge of the 21st century is who gets the people? Who gets the immigrants? The United States is the No. 1 immigration draw. By some calculations the current U.S. immigration legislation will promote a surge of millions of more immigrants and their family members. Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies said: "There is the sense of entitlement among immigrants that they should be allowed to bring in their family members and their extended family members. And that mentality is certainly going to continue under this legislation." Other countries put strict limits on immigrants' families. France, for example, tightened laws after riots in immigrant communities in 2005. French President Nicolas Sarkozy campaigned, saying France could not provide, quote, "a home for all the world's miseries." He now advocates controlled immigration. Canada admits about one percent of the population, or 300,000 immigrants a year but favors young immigrants who can contribute longer before collecting retirement benefits. In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard's re-election was tough against people seeking asylum, so-called boat people. Immigrants are admitted only for certain job categories, and there are strict limits on extended family members.
[Our take: In other countries, the rules for immigration are clear and enforced. Not so in the U.S. where illegal aliens feel they are entitled to all the rights and privileges of citizenship for merely sneaking here. Our politicians fuel this sense of entitlement, with the aid of the business lobby, by seeking to extend special treatment to illegal aliens and then, like Lindsay Graham (R-SC), calling the rest of us "bigots" at a La Raza conference for refusing to go along.]
CNN Lou Dobbs - video:
In Los Angeles, a group of illegal alien activists is turning its attention to enforcement issues. They've set up a hot line to tip off their community to federal immigrations raids. Chanting, "The race, yes, immigration officers, no," a group of illegal alien activists have started a phone hot line to warn people of raids by Immigration and Customs enforcement agents. Activist Ron Gochez of Front Against Raids sees the raids in purely racist terms: "These raids have to stop. We're here to denounce these raids as racist attacks against our community. We know that these attacks are racist because they're only happening in our community." Actually, they're happening all over the country with increasingly frequency. ICE says it is not targeting any particular ethnic communities or nationalities. Last month alone, ICE apprehended illegal aliens from at least three dozen nations, including Brazil, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Poland and Saudi Arabia. ICE says it is enforcing immigration and customs laws every day around the country. "Any group that hopes to keep up with our enforcement activities is going to be very busy."
Judicial Watch:
Section 413 of the Senate immigration bill pushes for increased attention to the Partnership for Prosperity, a program launched by President Bush and former Mexican President Vincente Fox in 2001. In particular, a section of the immigration bill, entitled “Bilateral efforts with Mexico to Reduce Migration Pressures and Costs” says, bluntly, “It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico…” The Partnership for Prosperity is a predecessor to the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The Partnership for Prosperity focused on our relationship with Mexico, while the SPP broadened the international discussions to include both Mexico and Canada. Indeed, Section 413 also mentions the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Many believe the SPP and its various incarnations related to North American integration could potentially sacrifice U.S. sovereignty. Judicial Watch has taken the lead in calling for transparency in these proceedings as the media and our elected representatives seem reluctant to do so. Section 413 endorses the SPP-type talks with Mexico and calls their acceleration, including, incredibly, support for the $17 billion plus in remittances sent by illegals and others to Mexico each year. Notoriously, Congress has had virtually no interest in any oversight related to the SPP, so it seems odd to endorse the expansion of something it knows little about.

The Amnesty Compromise Needs a Caveat

One Short Amendment
By Charles KrauthammerFriday, May 25, 2007; Page A19
As the most attractive land for would-be immigrants, America has the equivalent of the first 100 picks in the NBA draft. Yet through lax border control and sheer inertia, it allows those slots to be filled by (with apologies to Bill Buckley) the first 100 names in the San Salvador phone book.
The immigration
compromise being debated
in Congress does improve our criteria for selecting legal immigrants. Unfortunately, its inadequacies in dealing with illegal immigration -- specifically, in ensuring that 10 years from now we will not have a new cohort of 12 million demanding amnesty -- completely swamp the good done on legal immigration.
Today, preference for legal immigration is given not to the best and the brightest waiting on long lists everywhere on Earth to get into America, but to family members of those already here. Given that America has the pick of the world's energetic and entrepreneurial, this is a stunning competitive advantage, stunningly squandered.
The current reform would establish a point system for legal immigrants in which brains and enterprise count. This is a significant advance. But before we get too ecstatic about finally doing the blindingly obvious, note two caveats: