Monday, November 29, 2010

Call me an Islamophobe, please. Seriously.

Oregon: Just another bomb-plotting jihadist yelling “Allahu akbar!”

by Michelle Malkin

Arkansas 'Man' Arrested for Possession of Explosives

The ABC News report only says that an Arkansas "man" was arrested, and charged with multiples counts of manufacturing and possessing explosive devices after a traffic stop in Smyth County. After all, wouldn't want to say anything that even remotely connects Islam with its most frequent activity (violence and the threat thereof), would we?

The perp's name is Emad Hatem Abdullah. If he were a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, or "other" ... my guess is that we'd have been told about it - especially if he Is a Christian. But being that Islam is "special" in the minds of the socialist left and their like-minded friends in the media, all we're given is a nondescript "man" (only important because the omission is meant to cause the public to be less 'aware' of Islam's proclivity towards violence) ... our first clue that the perp is one of Islam's "misunderstanders" that haven't got the word that Islam is a religion of peace.