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AFTER a mere 100 days, the “Obama Doctrine” for our foreign and security policies has emerged.
And it’s terrifying.
The combination of dizzying naivete, dislike of our allies, disdain for our military, distrust of our intelligence services and distaste for our own country promises the worst foreign policy of our lifetimes. That includes President Jimmy Carter’s abysmal record of failure.
The core tenets of the Obama Doctrine to date would make a charter member of the Weather Underground cheer:
We’re to blame. If there are problems anywhere, they’re America’s fault. This central conviction of leftist ideology appears to have soaked so thoroughly into our president’s consciousness during his lengthy friendships with extremists that it’s now second nature to him.Problems can be negotiated away. From Somali pirates to Moscow’s belligerency, Obama and his Cabinet see a good chat as the best response to a challenge. Our president got to the Oval Office by talking, not doing, and his faith in his powers of persuasion is unlimited.
An acquaintance who may have our government’s best grasp of the Russians shakes his head at the tone in Washington. The current mantra: “We have to get over our Cold War thinking.” Great — except that it’s the Russians who’ve revived Cold War hostility.
The Taliban devours Pakistan, and we want to talk. President Hugo Chavez destroys Venezuela’s democracy, and we want to talk. Iran pursues nuclear weapons with refreshed enthusiasm . . . and we want to talk.
Problems that can’t be talked out can be bought off. Pakistan, a nuke-armed state of 170 million Muslims seething with anti-Americanism stirred up by our “friends,” faces a crack-up as its once-monolithic military splinters. Obama’s answer? Send billions of dollars that will disappear and weapons that may soon be used against our troops.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thinks the solution to piracy is a generous program to rebuild Somalia. (Been there, done that.) She’d also like to hand Hamas a billion bucks.
The “Las Vegas law” applies: You can buy sex but not enduring love. We can’t defeat terror with welfare checks.
Islamist terrorism doesn’t exist. The term’s even been banned from government departments. As Muslim extremists slaughter innocent victims by the thousands, we’re assured Islam’s a “religion of peace” that contributed profoundly to our country’s development. (Huh?)
It’s as if 9/11 never happened. The “nonterrorists” drenching the greater Middle East in blood and threatening us as loudly as they can are just victims of our aggression. It’s all our fault.
Terrorists do exist, though — among our returning veterans and amid those Americans who don’t subscribe to’s revulsion at our country.
Israel’s the obstacle to Middle East peace. Palestinians are all victims. Hamas consists of struggling community activists. The terrorists are in the Israeli military.
Our nukes threaten world peace and we need to get rid of them. Other states only maintain or seek nuclear arsenals because we worry them. If we can get down to zero nukes, peace will reign on earth.
Forget that only our nuclear weapons prevented World War III and that they still deter potential enemies. Just get rid of them, OK?
Our military is dangerous. Beyond Obama’s cynically choreographed appearances with our troops, he and his coterie clearly disdain military advice and uniformed service. The administration views our troops as primitive creatures who must be collared and leashed, not as part of any solutions.
Our intelligence services are even more dangerous than our military. The administration’s already begun to gut our intelligence capabilities. Carter at least pretended to study the problem. Obama’s plunging straight in with the demoralization of our shadow warriors.
It’s only torture if we do it.
Blame President George W. Bush. Should the Obama Doctrine lead to new terror attacks (sorry, Janet: I meant “man-caused disasters”) or to foreign-policy humiliations, it won’t be Obama’s fault, but Bush’s.
We’re becoming a third-world country, succumbing to a sickening (in both senses of the word) culture of blame. And that culture is fostered by breathtaking ignorance.
We now have a president who doesn’t know that Pakistan was founded as a democracy, a secretary of state who thinks we created the Taliban, a head of the Department of Homeland Security who doesn’t believe Islamist terrorists exist and a vice president who claims FDR gave televised speeches during the Depression.
If Bush had made such gaffes, the media would’ve mocked him. But Obama and his entourage excite orgasmic forgiveness among journalists. Which brings us to the Obama Doctrine’s final tenet:
Our media sluts will portray defeat as victory.
Ralph Peters is Fox News’ strategic analyst.


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

- George Orwell

Press release:

New York , New York , April 30, 2009 -- A former Muslim terrorist will speak out for human rights and against radical Islam at mass rally in Manhattan's Times Square this Sunday at noon. Tawfik Hamid, former member of the Jemaah Islamiya terror group, will join Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jewish and other Muslim leaders and organizations to call for defeat of radical Islam and heighten awareness about the danger radical Islam poses to human rights across the globe.

The "Rally for Human Rights and Freedom," sponsored by the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam (HRCARI) and a new rainbow coalition of dozens of diverse partner organizations, will feature a special ceremony to honor the US Military, Homeland Security, police, firefighters, emergency workers and others who have defended the United States from terror. Peter Gadiel of the 9/11 Families, who lost his son on of the 9/11, will be present, as will a retired NYC police officer who lost his son-in-law on 9/11.

The May 3rd event will mark the kick-off event for a new grassroots global action network that is taking on the fight against radical Islam.

A HRCARI spokesperson notes, “As part of this initiative, we intend to educate elected officials to help prevent the spread of Shariah Islamic law. We will work to publicize the threat of radical Islamic terrorist groups and their allies, and endeavor to protect the right to freedom of religion, and freedom of speech in the face of those who seek to silence advocates of human rights against the threat of radical Islam.”

HRCARI believes that radical Islam is a worldwide threat against commonly accepted human rights and is the most urgent topic of our generation. A preliminary list of speakers will be distributed shortly.

The HRCARI rally coalition (list in formation) includes: 911 Families for a Secure America; ACT for America, Long Island and Manhattan; AIR -- Alliance for Interfaith Resistance; Aish Center; American Coptic Union; Americans for a Safe Israel; Alliance of Iranian Women; AMCHA-Coalition for Jewish Concerns; American Center for Democracy; Americans for Peace & Tolerance; Arabs for Israel; Artists4Israel; Atlas Shrugs; Chinese Community Relations Council; Coalition for Israel; Damanga (Darfur Muslim organization); The David Project; Fordham University School of Law's National Security and Law Society; Foundation Nepalese; Gathering of Eagles-NY; Global Movement Against Radical Islam; Hasbara Fellowships; Hindu Human Rights Watch; Indian American Intellectuals Forum; International Foundation of Bangladeshi Hindus; Iraq the Model; Israpundit; Jewish Action Alliance; Jihad Watch; Mothers Against Terrorism; Muslims Against Sharia; Namdhari Sikh Foundation; R.E.A.L. - Responsible for Equality and Liberty; Sikh Recognition Trust; Snapped Shot; StandWithUS; Sudan Freedom Walk; Women United: Code Red; Zionist Organization of America.

I just wish Jesus would come back already and get it over with

Normally I would say that this can't be right. I can easily imagine how a glitch might wipe out geotagged Israeli locations from a mediocre British LCC's electronic display. But the "so as not to offend Islam" explanation gets a little too close to "too bad to check" territory.
This is a country, though, where teachers erase the Holocaust from their lessons because Muslim parents complain when it gets taught. It's a country where the Israeli flag is functionally illegal because it provokes Muslim rioters. And so - naturally - it turns out that this is totally true:
Cheap British carrier BMI, which launched lines flying to Tel Aviv in March, deleted Israel from electronic maps presented to passengers on its flights so as not to offend Islam,... However, the orientation of Mecca, the direction to which Muslim face when they pray, is shown on the electronic screens. In the electronic maps presented on BMI flights to Tel Aviv, neither Israel nor any of its cities are marked, except for Haifa, which is spelled 'Khefa,' a transliteration of the Arab name of the city as it was called before 1948. BMI operates many lines to Muslim destinations and presents the 'Mecca Compass' as a service to its many Muslim passengers.
What apparently happened is that BMI has two kinds of maps. One kind is a map of the world as it actually is, which they use on flights bound for Israel. One is a map as their Muslim passengers presumably want it to be, after Israel has been wiped out in a genocidal conflict. That's the map BMI uses for all of their other Middle Eastern destinations:
A "logistic failure" caused the map to be presented on the flight to Tel Aviv, a company statement said, adding that it will be removed from the Tel-Aviv bound planes. The company was making every effort not to hurt passengers' feelings by adopting a nonpolitical position, the statement added.
Because imagining a fantasy world in which century-old dreams of an ethnically cleansed Middle East - that's the inoffensive, nonpolitical position.

Compare: One Is A Traitor; One Is A Warrior of Virtue

Looks like all that blood money paid off.
The Mohammedan president is aligned with the terror force.
If your father and step-father were Muslims, were raised in a Muslim country, were taught at a Madrassah, studied the Quran (a doctrine rife with Jew hatred and calls for the annihilation of the Jews) and thought the "Muslim call to prayer at sunset was the prettiest thing you ever heard" as Obama was -- this is expected. Catastrophic but expected.
During the campaign, terrorists were campaigning for Obama, jihad dollars contributed to Obama's coffers from a Hamas controlled Rafah refugee camp in Gaza, along with al qaeda linked terrorists, phone banks in Gaza for Obama...

The World According to Allah

Today Show Feature: ‘There’s No Such Thing as Virginity’

"...expectation of virginity is harmful..."
"This smacks of the typical feminist idea that boys and girls are exactly the same and that the differences between them are merely societal constructs. Of course, it never occurs to this woman that if we were to have a society where girls are just as sexually aggressive as boys, we’d have no families at all, no stability for children and a nation of frustrated, unhappy citizens. Naturally, Valenti refuses to accept the salient fact that women want a stable mate with whom they can stay for the rest of their lives so that their children will be well cared for, not a constant revolving bedroom door through which parades a never ending series of thoughtless and little thought about men."
Posted by Warner Todd Huston
On April - 30 - 2009
Jessica Valenti, founder of the vaguely pornographic sounding, has decided that there is no such thing as virginity in America’s young girls and the Today Show is entirely pleased with itself to give her a national TV venue from which to say so. Never mind how silly it all sounds.
On April 22 Valenti and Today pushed the idea that sexually active girls should not be thought of as a problem, that an expectation of virginity is harmful, and that religion is a baneful influence on young women today. Valenti says that if young men can have their sexual exploits given a wink and a nod, then so should the sexual activity of young girls.
Naturally, being a good left-wing, feminist, Valenti draws all the wrong conclusions and advocates all the worst solutions to address the real problems in American society. Just as naturally, NBC gives a legitimate stage for her absurd proclamations and ill-thought-out prescriptions...

The Audacity of Arrogance or the Arrogance of Audacity?
by Jed Babbin
Moving quickly to release Chinese Uighur terrorists into the United States, Obama administration officials have -- for the second time -- overridden objections of federal agencies responsible for national security.
The first time -- as I reported on April 20 -- the White House overrode the inter-agency panel it created from all the national security agencies to review all the cases of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners. That panel found that the seventeen Uighurs -- members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement captured at an al-Queda training camp in Pakistan -- were too dangerous to release in the United States.
Now -- according to a federal agency source who requested anonymity -- the White House has also overridden opposition to the release from both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security...
Beginning yesterday and continuing today, Obama administration officials are briefing key members of Congress on the release, which may happen as early as next week. There apparently has been no decision on where the Uighurs will be turned loose. Earlier reports suggested they could be released in Alexandria, Virginia or Washington, D.C.
Mr. Babbin is the editor of Human Events and He served as a deputy undersecretary of defense in President George H.W. Bush's administration. He is the author of "In the Words of our Enemies"(Regnery,2007) and (with Edward Timperlake) of "Showdown: Why China Wants War with the United States" (Regnery, 2006) and "Inside the Asylum: Why the UN and Old Europe are Worse than You Think" (Regnery, 2004). E-mail him at

Three Race Murders in Seattle

In the April issue of American Renaissance, sent by a reader, Nicholas Stix tells about three racially motivated black-on-white murders and how the media covered up the perpetrators' race. In one instance, Stix tells us, "I looked through dozens of news articles and columns without finding a single reference to the race of the killers, even though I was able--after much digging--to find the description the Seattle police had originally given the media: "two 15-year-old black boys."
Three Race Murders in Seattle Media pretend race was not a factor.
by Nicholas Stix
American Renaissance
April 2009
Kristopher Kime, James Paroline, and Edward Scott McMichael had three things in common: They were white, they helped make Seattle a more civilized place, and they were murdered by blacks. Only Kime's murder was officially recognized as racially motivated, but it is hard not to conclude that the other two men were also killed because they were white.
Edward Scott McMichael
Late last November 2 or early the next day, Edward Scott McMichael, 53, better known as "Tuba Man," died of injuries he suffered several days earlier when he was stomped by five Seattle "youths" at a bus stop. Three of the five were arrested but their names were not released because they were only 15 at the time of the attack. McMichael, a lifelong Seattleite, had gained local fame as a busker, a street musician who played the contrabass tuba wherever people gathered for sports and cultural events. The gregarious eccentric could be identified by his tuba, Dr. Seuss or Uncle Sam hat, scraggly beard, hornrimmed glasses, and by the fact that he often needed a bath. The classically trained McMichael took requests for a price, remembered old customers by name, and played rock songs, movie themes, American pop standards, and classical music.
At about midnight on October 25, five teenagers attacked McMichael and stole his ring and wallet. After they knocked him to the ground he curled up into a ball but they continued to beat and kick him.
A passing police officer arrested two attackers on the spot. Police have also caught one of the three who ran away but are still looking for the other two.
On November 12, an estimated 1,500 mourners, mostly sports fans, gathered for a hastily organized memorial service for Tuba Man at Qwest Field Event Center, where Seattle Mariners president Chuck Armstrong tearfully read a tribute written by Mr. Armstrong's son: "It was just impossible to be sad while he was playing that tuba." The New York Times even sent a reporter to cover the service.
At the service, someone handed out a flier, pointing out that McMichael's death was part of "the hidden campaign of murder against white people." An indignant Todd Dybas, editor of Seattle Sports Online, said this took "a staggering level of insensitivity." The truth may be staggeringly insensitive, but not as insensitive as beating someone to death.
None of the many prominent news stories and columns I read about the crime gave any description of the attackers still at large or mentioned the race of the two who had been arrested. It took several days for me to find a quote from a message board, and follow it to a copy of the Seattle Police Department's "morning press release" at a crime blog, which reported: "Unfortunately, the only description that we have is that the suspects were black males in their mid-teens." On November 7, an entry for Mc- Michael appeared at Wikipedia, the Internet's most popular reference (see "Wikipedia on Race," AR, August 2008). The entry did not mention race, and still does not.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published a column on the killing that attracted over 1,000 reader comments. The vast majority of responses were deleted for "insensitivity," and a number of people whose responses remain were permanently banned after complaints by politically correct posters.
James Paroline
On July 9, 60-year old, Vietnam War veteran James Paroline was killed in his residential Seattle neighborhood of Rainier Beach, as he did his daily duty of watering the garden in a small traffic circle in front of his house. He always put out traffic cones to prevent cars from driving over the hose, which he ran from his house. This meant some cars had to drive the long way around the circle to avoid the cones.
That evening, three black women in their teens and early twenties in two cars refused to drive the long way around.
They stopped their car, and started yelling at Paroline. A neighbor shot a video of the confrontation, in which Paroline tries to ignore the girls, while one can be heard claiming they were hosed and beaten by Paroline. One can be seen throwing a jug of water at Paroline. One girl then fetched her sister's boyfriend, 28-year-old Keith David Brown, who walked up to the older man, spoke quietly to him, and then "sucker-punched" him in the face, according to court documents. The blow knocked Paroline to the pavement, fracturing his skull in several places. Mr. Brown got in his car and drove away. Paroline died that night in the hospital, without ever regaining consciousness.
The next day, a white Seattle television reporter at the crime scene described the killer only as "a man in his twenties." That same day, the black women admitted to police that they had lied, when they claimed they did not know the man who killed Paroline. Police also found no evidence that Paroline had assaulted them.
Once Seattle police learned Mr. Brown's name, they publicized his photograph but still could not find him.
His mother contacted the NAACP, which arranged for Mr. Brown to give himself up at what it called a "neutral" and "safe" location, a black church known for "social activism." One week after the killing, the police finally got their man. Mr. Brown had a previous record of nine criminal convictions, including theft, felony drug possession, criminal trespass, and two convictions for felony assault. On one occasion, he head-butted and nearly strangled a woman to death.
His mother said Mr. Brown was wracked with remorse since killing Paroline and had been "praying continuously." She called him the "sweetest" of her three sons, and said he would have attacked Paroline only to protect the women. She also explained that he had moved in with foster parents when she had had to serve time for bank robbery.
Shewanda Coleman, the mother of Mr. Brown's seven-year-old son, reported that he was "a sweetheart," who "tries to do everything to help everybody." Mr. Brown has pleaded innocent.
Wikipedia has no entry for James Paroline.
Kristopher Kime
During Seattle's 2001 Mardi Gras celebrations, gangs of blacks--male and female--charged into the crowd of predominantly white revelers, beating and robbing isolated whites, hitting them with brass knuckles, skateboards, rocks and bottles, and groping white women (see "Bloody Fat Tuesday," AR, April 2001). White vandals smashed several cars, but the assaults were overwhelmingly by blacks against whites.
Kristopher Kime, a 20-year-old white man who worked in construction and attended Highline Community College, came to the aid of a lone, petite, white woman on the ground being stomped by blacks. One of them, 18-year-old Jerell Thomas, came up behind him and smashed a bottle on the back of Kime's head. Kime went down, and the pack stomped him.
Seattle's Finest were assembled nearby, some on the ground, and some on rooftops, and could see the savagery, but were ordered to stand down because Chief Gil Kerlikowske didn't want to stir up the rioters. When Kime's friends telephoned 911 for help, the dispatchers refused to send officers into the riot to rescue him. He died that night in the hospital as his grief-stricken father looked on.
After the murder, two Seattle police officers publicly condemned Chief Kerlikowske for ordering police to stay out of the fighting, and one sent the Kime family the $200 in overtime he had earned that night. He said it was to help pay for the funeral. Seattle police eventually recommended that the Kime murder and other black-on-white attacks be treated as hate crimes, but the King County prosecutor made no hate crime charges.
Black Seattle preachers and community leaders were outraged--not by the racist violence--but because the media had dared to show that the perpetrators were black. Black preachers and the president of the Urban League, James Kelly, met with Mayor Paul Schell to demand that the media stop mentioning the riot's racial character, calling complaints about black racism a "vilification of African Americans." Chief Kerlikowske dutifully announced that race had had nothing to do with the race riot, and the media took the same line. Eventually, in a rare show of honesty, Chief Kerlikowske did admit that the attacks were racially motivated.
Jerell Thomas was convicted in 2001 of Kime's murder and sentenced to 22 years in prison. In 2003, however, the Washington Supreme Court overturned Mr. Thomas' conviction and those of hundreds of other killers in an arcane and controversial decision that appeared to require that murder convictions require incontrovertible evidence of an intent to kill. Mr. Thomas was then re-charged with manslaughter. In February 2006, he pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter and received a sentence of 10 years in prison.
Kris Kime's family sued the City of Seattle for failing to protect him, and in 2002 received a settlement of $1.75 million, a small scholarship fund set up in Kime's name, and a plaque in Pioneer Square.
At Wikipedia, the original May 10, 2005 article about the riot clearly described the racial nature of the riots, but it was quickly removed by censors and replaced with a vaguely worded, 39- word stub that mentioned nothing about race. The current version says the riot's racial character is a matter of dispute.
Media Complicity
In all three of the above cases, the media were in some way complicit with the killers. During the 2001 Mardi Gras riot, the press photographed dozens of mob attackers, all of them black. After publicizing some images--the next day, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran a cover picture of a 250-pound black man wearing brass knuckles--the media remembered their duty to downplay black crime. The first images, however, were transmitted around the world via the Internet.
On the day following the murder of James Paroline at his traffic-circle garden, Karen O'Leary, a 24-year veteran of Cox Broadcasting's KIRO Television, told viewers that "the suspect is a man in his twenties." The police had, of course, told her the man was black, and she knew by then that she was reporting on a murder. The black girls who claimed Paroline had attacked them followed the "don't snitch" policy and falsely claimed to the police that they did not know who he was. The police quickly publicized his name, but the "don't snitch" mentality ensured that Mr. Brown had a full week in which to think over whether to turn himself in.
In the case of Edward Scott McMichael, the "Tuba Man," I looked through dozens of news articles and columns without finding a single reference to the race of the killers, even though I was able--after much digging--to find the description the Seattle police had originally given the media: "two 15-year-old black boys." So how do you fight crime in a city in which race must not be mentioned and motives must not be examined? Seattle's current mayor, Greg Nickels, first won office in 2001 with a promise that never again would a man be beaten to death in Seattle while police looked on. He said that if he were elected, he would hang Kristopher Kime's death certificate on the wall of the mayor's office. He kept that promise, but left Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske on the job despite campaign hints that he would fire him for incompetence. His latest crime-fighting proposal? Shortly after "Tuba Man" was killed, he proposed a new city regulation that would make it illegal for a private citizen to carry a gun in any city-owned building or park. This would include citizens who have the legal right to carry concealed weapons.
Most legally armed citizens are white, while a vastly disproportionate number of gun criminals are black. Law-abiding citizens would, of course, be the only ones who would obey this silly law, leaving them defenseless against robbers and murderers. If his proposal goes through, Mayor Nickels had better be prepared to hang more death certificates on the wall of his office.

VDH: Our Jekyll and Hyde President
In matters of foreign policy during the president’s first 100 days, we have seen two Barack Obamas.
Consider “Obama I.” After taking office, the president gave his first interview to the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV station, and listed various sins of America while praising the Saudi king as courageous.
Obama II gave the green light to execute suspected Somali pirates who were holding an American hostage. And in the case of our continued Predator drone attacks in Pakistan, such bombings are a little more extreme than waterboarding known terrorists.
There could be several explanations for our split-personality president...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

After 100 days, the new president has revealed himself as an effective salesman of exhausted ideas.

Instead of thinking outside the box, Obama is nailing it shut from the inside.
Obama's Vision Deficit
Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch April 29, 2009
So here we are, 100 days into the great eight-year triumph of Hope over Change, a new Era of Really Good Feelings in which only one thing has become increasingly, even irrefutably, clear:
President Barack Obama is about as visionary as the guy who invented Dippin' Dots, Ice Cream of the Future. Far from sketching out a truly forward-looking set of policies for the 21st century, as his supporters had hoped, Obama is instead serving up cryogenically tasteless and headache-inducing morsels from years gone by.
On issue after issue, Obama has made it clear that instead of blasting past "the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long," (as he promised in his inaugural address), he's moving full speed ahead toward policy prescriptions that already had less fizz than a case of Billy Beer back when Jimmy Carter was urging us all to wear sweaters and turn down our thermostats...



What could possibly go rwong?

Muslim Brotherhood Leader/Terror Supporter Running For VA Legislature
Esam Omeish is trying to get the Democratic Party nomination to represent the 35th district in the Virginia state legislature. Omeish, has a unique background, as President of the Muslim American Society (MAS) he serves as one a leader of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in the United States...Esam Omeish has spoken publicly congratulating his Palestinian brothers for waging Jihad against the Zionist entity:

The Audacity of Ignorance - The Ignorance of Audacity

'Never again,' Obama style
At Pajamas Media, Michael Ledeen analyzes Barack Obama's Holocaust Memorial Day speech and concludes that the President has a very Orwellian idea of what we mean when we say "Never again!" (Hat Tip: Power Line).
Here's the key part of the article.
... He then gave his version of “never again,” and it’s a very odd version indeed. First, he draws hope from the survivors of the Holocaust. Those who came to America had a higher birthrate than the Jews who were already living here, and those members of “a chosen people” who created Israel. These, he says, chose life and asserted it despite the horrors they had endured. And then he goes on:
We find cause for hope as well in Protestant and Catholic children attending school together in Northern Ireland; in Hutus and Tutsis living side-by-side, forgiving neighbors who have done the unforgivable; in a movement to save Darfur that has thousands of high school and college chapters in 25 countries and brought 70,000 people to the Washington Mall, people of every age and faith and background and race united in common cause with suffering brothers and sisters halfway around the world.
Those numbers can be our future, our fellow citizens of the world showing us how to make the journey from oppression to survival, from witness to resistance and ultimately to reconciliation. That is what we mean when we say “never again.”
So “never again” means that we learn from others how to forgive and forget, and ultimately live happily with one another. But that is not what “never again” means, at least for the generation of the Holocaust and for most of those who followed. For them, “never again” means that we will destroy the next would-be Fuhrer.
In his entire speech, Obama never once mentions that the United States led a coalition of free peoples against Germany, Italy and Japan, nor does he ever discuss the obligation of sacrifice to prevent a recurrence.
Indeed, his examples suggest that he doesn’t grasp the full dimensions of the struggle against evil.
Northern Ireland is a totally inappropriate example (nothing remotely approaching a Holocaust took place there), the relations between Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda and Burundi are hardly characterized by forgiveness, even though the president of Burundi is striving mightily to achieve a peaceful modus vivendi, and as for Darfur, well, despite the tens of thousands who demonstrated on the Mall, nobody has done much of anything to stop the Khartoum regime from slaughtering the peoples of the south.
In the history of modern times, the United States has done more than anyone else, perhaps more than the rest of the world combined, to defeat evil, and we are still doing it.
Yet Obama says that we must “learn from others” how to move on, forgive and forget, and live happily ever after. But these are just words, they are not policies, or even actions. And the meanings he gives to his words show that he has no real intention of doing anything to thwart evil, any more than he had any concrete actions to propose to punish North Korea.
Significantly, Barack Obama is a lot tougher on his domestic American opponents than on tyrants who threaten our values and America itself.
He tells the Republicans that they’d better stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, but he doesn’t criticize Palestinians who raise their children to hate the Jews.
He bows to the Saudi monarch, but humiliates the prime minister of Great Britain.
He expresses astonishment that anyone can worry about a national security threat from Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela, even as Chavez solidifies an alliance with Iran that brings plane loads of terror masters, weapons and explosives into our hemisphere from Tehran via Damascus, fuels terrorists and narcotics traffic, and offers military facilities to Russian warships and aircraft.
He is seemingly unconcerned by radical Islam and a resurgent Communism in Latin America, even as his Department of Homeland Security fires a warning shot at veterans–the best of America–returning from the Middle East.
He seeks warm relations with Iran and Syria–who are up to their necks in American blood–while warning Israel of dire consequences if she should attempt to preempt a threatened Iranian nuclear attack.
READ IT ALL!!!!!!!

Interview: Darrell Castle: VP Candidate for the Constitution Party in 2008

He had me at:
"The biggest issue facing Americans today is whether we will remain a free and independent people able to govern ourselves and decide our own destiny and that of our children or whether we will be ruled by a tiny elite who will decide those things for us."
He lost me at:
Q: What grade would you give President Obama’s first 100 days and why?
A: I would give him an A on his returning some degree of dignity and restraint to the office of the President..."
WTF??? No matter what he says after this, I cannot put my trust in his judgement.
Interview with Darrell Castle - the Vice-Chair of the national Constitution Party, a party dedicated to a stricter reading of our founding document.

Mohammed Was An Antichrist (clicks: 3)
Algiers, 29 April (AKI) - A documentary-style video from Al-Qaeda's North African branch released on the Internet shows children promoting jihad or holy war and inviting others to join them. The video also contains footage of previous messages by Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu Yahya al-Libi.
At the end of the video, three children raise their fists in the air.
The eldest child, who calls himself Abu Dajana Sufiyan says: "I am a mujahid, (a Muslim who is engages in jihad) son of a mujahid, and I tell all Muslims and particularly young Muslims to fight against the Crusaders and their heretic allies."
Abu Dajana, who presumably is 13 years old is shown in the video with two other very young children, one who calls himself Osama and another who calls himself Muadh Abdel Salam. All three are seen holding rifles...

Outlaw Islam In This Country - it is a totalitarian political ideology - jillosophy

Wilders says: stop Muslim immigration, encourage Muslims to leave, prohibit the building of new mosques, close Islamic schools
Posted by Lawrence Auster
Geert Wilder’s speech at the pro-free speech conference in Florida last night was his hardest hitting so far, both in the way he described the Islamic campaign to take over Europe and the West, and in the measures he proposed to stop it. They include: stopping all immigration from Muslim countries; encouraging voluntary repatriation; designating Islam as a totalitarian ideology not a religion; passing a European First Amendment; requiring all immigrants to take a pledge of allegiance to their host country; barring the building of new mosques; closing mosques where violent jihad is preached; and closing Islamic schools.

I’ve been trying for years, without much or any success, to get the mainstream conservative Islam critics to go beyond merely complaining about Islamization and to support active measures to stop it, including, at a minimum, ending Muslim immigration. For a figure like Geert Wilders, so esteemed by Americans who are concerned about the Islam problem, to take the positions he takes must have a large effect in moving conservative opinion in the right direction. MORE…

Member of world's most hateful ideology EVER to monitor American islamophobia

Call me an islamophobe, please.
- jillosophy
"I am not actually the first Muslim. There have been other Muslims appointed to Obama's administration. I am also not the only Muslim on the White House advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships..."
"Muslim Americans lag behind other Americans in their political and civic participation according to our research (National Portrait). The best thing they can do to strengthen America is to become fully engaged in writing its next chapter by getting involved and feeling a strong sense of ownership for the future of their country."
And then learn here of what her ideology produces around the world when they become "fully engaged" in "writing the next chapter":

Islamists Slit the Throats of Two Christian Women...

Christian Minister and Wife Hacked to Death (Indonesia)...

Taliban Vow Revenge against Villagers over Daring Stand...

Robberies Cause Muslim-Owned Shop to Bend Rules on Veils...

Senegal Muslims Urged to Stone 'Suspected' Gays...

Female Singer Gunned Down...

Pakistani Police Stood by During Mob Assault on Christians...

(UK) Directors Used College as Heroin Smuggling Front...

Prospective UK Councillor Told She is 'Too White, Too Jewish' for Muslim Tastes...
This journalist might be the only person still shocked that a mother would blow up her own toddler for the cause of Allah.
The good news is that the one-sided 'give-and-take' relationship between Europeans and Muslims only has a few more decades remaining. The bad news is why.
The Burkha of Irony (The Telegraph)

"If 90 per cent of human communication is non-verbal, the burkha implicitly elevates male sexual incontinence to a pivotal social role."
My previous post on this sad & scary development:


I didn't give him an "A" for Antichrist..
I gave him an "F" for fu*king Antichrist - jillosophy


Critics of the law say it unfairly punishes black offenders, pointing to statistics showing 82 percent of federal crack cocaine convicts were black, while nine percent were white.
Monday, February 18, 2008
Obama Sex Scandal - and he's got the Crackhead Vote now too.
See Larry Sinclair's allegations:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Obama seeks to change crack sentences
ASSociated Press
Wed Apr 29, 2009
WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is asking Congress to close the big gap in prison sentences for dealing crack versus powdered cocaine, a law that critics say is unfair to blacks.
Such sentencing reform efforts tend to focus on lowering the mandatory minimum sentences for crack cocaine possession, but in prepared testimony to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer did not spell out exactly how the administration hopes to make the law more fair.
"The administration believes Congress' goal should be to completely eliminate the disparity in prison sentences between crack cocaine and powdered cocaine," Breuer said in written testimony to be delivered Wednesday.
Federal law now has what lawyers call a "100-to-1" ratio for cocaine sentences, in which a person selling five grams of crack faces the same five-year mandatory minimum sentence as someone selling 500 grams of powder cocaine.
Critics of the law say it unfairly punishes black offenders, pointing to statistics showing 82 percent of federal crack cocaine convicts were black, while nine percent were white.
President Barack Obama had called for such a change while campaigning for the White House.
Breuer said the government should focus on punishing drug trafficking networks, like the cartels wreaking havoc in Mexico, and those whose crimes include acts of violence.
The Obama administration is also seeking to increase drug treatment, as well as rehabilitation programs for felons after they're released from prison.
While politicians often support laws lengthening prison terms for various crimes, it is rarer to try to reduce sentences, in part out of concern they may appear soft on crime. But recently, some states have been moving on their own to temper long-standing "get tough" laws.
In New York last month, state leaders reached an agreement to repeal the last vestiges of the Rockefeller drug laws, once seen as the harshest in the nation. Kentucky enacted changes that would put more addicts in treatment, and fewer behind bars.
The Justice Department is working on recommendations for a new set of sentences for cocaine, and Breuer urged Congress to overhaul the current law, written in 1986 at the height of public concern about crack use.
Since then, Breuer argued, prosecutors' views of crack cocaine has evolved to a more "refined understanding" of crack and powdered cocaine usage.
He also suggested that until such changes are made, federal prosecutors may encourage judges to use their discretion to depart from the current sentencing guidelines. Such departures are rare in the federal courts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And now for something completely different... GOOD NEWS!

I do, however, expect HUSSEIN Obama to commute their sentences on that golden day to come... that being the day he leaves office
1st sentences in Fort Dix case: Life in prison
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Two brothers convicted of plotting to kill military personnel at Fort Dix in New Jersey will spend the rest of their lives in prison.
A federal judge in Camden has sentenced 30-year-old Dritan Duka (DRY'-tahn DOO'-ka) to life in prison plus 30 years. His 25-year-old brother, Eljvir (EL'-veer), has been sentenced to life in prison.
Their brother Shain is also being sentenced Tuesday on conspiracy and weapons charges. Two other men convicted in the plot are to be sentenced Wednesday...

Survival Optional: Thomas Sowell

Bending over backward is a very bad position from which to try to defend yourself...
President Obama can ban the phrase “war on terror,” but he cannot ban the terrorists’ war on us.
April 28, 2009 12:00 AM
Thomas Sowell
National Review
What matters more — national survival or political correctness?By Thomas Sowell
It used to be said that self-preservation is the first law of nature. But much of what has been happening in recent times in the United States, and in Western civilization in general, suggests that survival is taking a back seat to the shibboleths of political correctness...

Public Enemy #1: the Antichrist-In-Chief
"For the mothers and wives of American soldiers, we tell you that we offered the U.S. administration to exchange this hostage with some of the detainees in Abu Ghraib and they refused... So we tell you that the dignity of the Muslim men and women in Abu Ghraib and others is not redeemed except by blood and souls. You will not receive anything from us but coffins after coffins ... slaughtered in this way."
This was the statement made right after terrorists in Iraq hacked off the head of American Businessman Nicholas Berg.
His beheading was right after the scandal of the American soldiers mistreating prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison. The solders that perpetuated the cruelty needed to be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law, the pictures however, should never have been released.
They became the terrorists number one recruiting tool.
Nothing has changed in the intervening years except that the President of the United States has become the number one PR Machine of Al-Qaeda.
His recent moves, the apologies,t release of the "enhanced interrorgation memos" and the up coming release of the pictures the ACLU requested, all make it easier for Al-Qaeda to recruit and kill Americans:
In 2004, after the media published photos of Abu Ghraib and leftist politicians blamed America, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi prefaced his beheading of Nicholas Berg with these words: “we tell you that the dignity of the Muslim men and women in Abu Ghraib and others is not redeemed except by blood and souls. You will not receive anything from us but coffins after coffins...slaughtered in this way.” Yet those images had a more lasting impact on the War on Terror. John McCain revealed four months ago that “a former high-ranking member of al-Qaeda” told him “‘the greatest recruiting tool we had – we were able to recruit thousands of young men,’ he said – ‘was Abu Ghraib.’” Yet America’s dark history of releasing compromising photos is not detaining President Obama from handing al-Qaeda a veritable public relations coup. The media have emphasized that he plans to release 44 photos of interrogators abusing detainees by May 28; however, sources report the administration will release a “substantial number” of other images, and up to 2,000 photos in all could be divulged...

Immigration: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Published: 4/26/2009
... Intelligence gathered over the past 14 years has revealed a shadowy underworld of "second- and third-generation" Mexican drug smugglers who have gained a foothold throughout Oklahoma. They often operate in rural towns under the guise of a legitimate business such as a meat market or restaurant, and their connections have been traced to nearly all of Mexico's most notorious cartels — Sinaloa, Los Zetas, La Familia Michoacana, La Linea and Juarez. "At least 90 percent of the drugs we see here in Oklahoma are coming from the Mexican drug cartels," said one undercover state agent who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. The agent, known as "Agent M.S." for this article, is a veteran investigator who often conducts direct buys with major drug distributors. He is a second-generation American citizen whose father once served in the Mexican military, and he has participated in many of Oklahoma's largest drug busts in the past 15 years...

UT: Illegal Aliens Delivering Drugs to Wal-Mart
Monday, April 27, 2009


VA: Illegal Alien Charged with Child Rape Had Been Released a Year Earlier After Assault Arrest

Friday, April 24, 2009


NM: Assault Plea Expected from Illegal Alien that Attacked Two FBI Agents
Thursday, April 23, 2009


Obama Quietly Disarms America’s Military
Posted by LBG1
April 28th, 2009
Obama, by administrative order, appears to have stopped development of the New Generation Bomber (NGB), while allowing the cycle down of the B-52s. The rationale behind this is so dubious as to be absurd...
Oh. And it must be just coincidence that, within days of Obama quietly announcing the destruction of the third arm of American retaliatory nuclear policy, that Russia did just the opposite....

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz has let the cat out of the bag in the Post's April 27 issue about a regularly scheduled secret media dinner attended by some of the top left-wing journalists in the country.
But it isn't just the lefty scribblers that have attended these secret, off-the-record dinners for these gatherings have each featured a guest. Rahm Emanuel, Sec. of the Treasury Tim Geithner, and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke have all recently had their chance to schmooze the press and guide them with the spin desired by the White House.
So, not only does Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel have secret daily phone calls with which to program the media's coverage of the White House, now it is revealed that Emanuel and other Obama staffers have been attending secret dinners to help the press understand what the White House wants reported? As Kurtz says, it all sounds "rather cozy," doesn't it?

Who is this masked man?

We do not have a medical report, or a college transcript from Columbia, or a notion of how well he did in Harvard Law School.
No president in modern times has managed to conceal so much of his biography as this one. The journalists assigned to the Obama beat seem to have lost their traditional avidity for digging out the missing details. We do not have a medical report, or a college transcript from Columbia, or a notion of how well he did in Harvard Law School. (or a birth certificate - jillosophy)
These things are not automatically significant, but they can be...
What did Obama study? With whom? How well did he do? Obama occasionally says things that are uncharacteristic of cultured persons, as when he flubs the number of states in the U.S., or when he seems to believe that they speak “Austrian” in Vienna. Are these just occasional slips of the tongue? Or did his college and law school years show a pattern of ignorance? We’re entitled to know these things, but there is a disappointing, albeit quite predictable, lack of curiosity by the usual suspects in the media hunter/killer packs...

The Audacity of Arrogance or the Arrogance of Audacity - continued...
Call it tin-eared; call it tone deaf; call it what you will. It’s shameful.

Moral Busybody Alert!!!

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely excercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."
- C.S. Lewis
(page 23 of "Liberty and Tyranny" by Mark Levin)
This just in - via jillosophy's Official Right Wing Extremist Secret Decoder Ring!
U.S. regulatory czar nominee wants Net 'Fairness Doctrine'
Cass Sunstein sees Web as anti-democratic, proposed 24-hour delay on sending e-mail
Posted: April 27, 2009
WASHINGTON – Barack Obama's nominee for "regulatory czar" has advocated a "Fairness Doctrine" for the Internet that would require opposing opinions be linked and also has suggested angry e-mails should be prevented from being sent by technology that would require a 24-hour cooling off period.
The revelations about Cass Sunstein, Obama's friend from the University of Chicago Law School and nominee to head the White House
Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, come in a new book by Brad O'Leary, "Shut Up, America! The End of Free Speech." OIRA will oversee regulation throughout the U.S. government.
Sunstein also has argued in his prolific literary works that the Internet is anti-democratic because of the way users can filter out information of their own choosing.
"A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government," he wrote. "Democratic efforts to reduce the resulting problems ought not be rejected in freedom's name."

Why We Need Germany - Fjordman

Everything he says about Europe can be said about America.
Mon, 2009-04-27
I’m tired of people who are busy losing this world war because they are still obsessed with the previous one, which ended generations ago.
Anti-Nazism has mutated into a permanent witch-hunt on an imaginary enemy. The notion that “neo-Nazis” constitute a prominent group today is nonsense. The most dangerous people by far are those running the European Union, who are busy dismantling European civilization and enlarging the borders of the EU to include the Middle East and North Africa, thus flooding their own countries with tens of millions of Muslims and other hostile aliens without consulting the native population. This makes the EU the largest criminal entity on the planet, preoccupied with destroying an entire continent, dismantling the greatest civilization that has ever existed and replacing the native population with others.
I have described this in my book Defeating Eurabia, which is available online.
continue reading here

FINANCIAL JIHAD: Dow Jones Indexes "Best Shari'ah-Compliant Index Provider"

MUST SEE!!!!!!
Nonie Darwish leture on her new book
"Cruel and Unsual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law "
It is with foreboding and morbid wonder, that the "free market economy" would submit to Islam and fund jihad. That's what it is.
Dow Jones Indexes named "Best Shari'ah-Compliant Index Provider"
The Global Finance awards for World's Best Islamic Financial Institutions honor those financial institutions that make significant contributions to the growth of Islamic finance and successfully meet their clients' needs for Shari'ah-compliant products, while creating the foundation for continued fast growth in the future...

King HUSSEIN Gives "President" HUSSEIN Four Daggers & Axe

It's the thought that counts... right?
Jordan's King Hussein presented President Obama with a gift of a "royal weaponry set," including four daggers and an axe.
And last week, a group of Palestinian Arab Christians presented the Pope with a keffiyeh!
Gifts of violence
Nothing says friendship like giving gifts.
And nothing says more about the gift-giver than his choice of gifts.For example, Barack Obama's gifts to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Queen pretty much screamed "clueless."
But that is trivial compared to the symbolism of other recent gifts given by prominent Arabs.
Jordan's King Hussein presented President Obama with a gift of a "royal weaponry set," including four daggers and an axe.Because nothing says "peace" like instruments of war!Last year, Abdullah gifted Defense Secretary Robert Gates with a steel dagger, and Bahrain gave him a $3200 Arab knife.
In 2006 and 2007, Prince Charles received a number of gold swords from Gulf states.
And last week, a group of Palestinian Arab Christians presented the Pope with a keffiyeh:
At the end of the service, two youths from the group were brought to the pope and draped the checkered black-and-white scarf on his shoulders. Benedict chatted briefly with them while wearing the scarf, which an aide later removed. Now, what could a keffiyeh symbolize? According to Palestinian Arabs themselves, it represents nothing less than support for terrorism (a.k.a., "resistance"), something that the Left admits candidly among themselves - as this description from a socialist website shows:
In the 1960s, the kaffiyeh was renewed as a symbol of resistance as Palestinians escalated armed resistance in response to Israel’s 1967 invasion and occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The resistance captured the world’s attention when Leila Khaled and other members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine—a Marxist group —wore kaffiyehs while hijacking five international airliners. These operations drew attention to the Palestinian struggle.The kaffiyeh was made most popular by the late Yassir Arafat. He wore it draped around his head in the shape of historic Palestine throughout his years of participation in the resistance movement, then as president of the Palestinian National Authority....Thousands of women and men, young and old, now wear the kaffiyeh proudly as a symbol of resistance and solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.
What a great gift for a pope!

What could possibly go rwong?

Venezuela opened diplomatic relations with the 'Palestinian' Authority yesterday just months after leftist President Hugo Chavez broke ties with Israel to protest January attacks on the Gaza Strip. An ally of Cuba, which describes the United States as a decadent empire, Mr. Chavez has harshly criticized Israel as a pawn of Washington in the Middle East and has accused it of carrying out a "holocaust" against 'Palestinians'. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro and 'Palestinian' Authority Minister of Information and Foreign Affairs Riyad al-Maliki signed agreements creating diplomatic ties and were scheduled to inaugurate a new embassy in Caracas in the afternoon. Although not formally recognized as a nation by the global diplomatic community, the 'Palestinian' territories have embassies in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. Both Cuba and Argentina host 'Palestinian' envoys...