Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interview: Darrell Castle: VP Candidate for the Constitution Party in 2008

He had me at:
"The biggest issue facing Americans today is whether we will remain a free and independent people able to govern ourselves and decide our own destiny and that of our children or whether we will be ruled by a tiny elite who will decide those things for us."
He lost me at:
Q: What grade would you give President Obama’s first 100 days and why?
A: I would give him an A on his returning some degree of dignity and restraint to the office of the President..."
WTF??? No matter what he says after this, I cannot put my trust in his judgement.
Interview with Darrell Castle - the Vice-Chair of the national Constitution Party, a party dedicated to a stricter reading of our founding document.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You took this answer out of context and thus missed a wonderful interview. His judgement and clarity on the issues makes sense to those who actually are willing to hear him out. He has influenced Democrats, Republicans, and people who have given up on change in America. Darrell Castle should be the next president! He would bring peace and prosperity back to this country. Check him out further. Your first impression was wrong.

10:48 PM  

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