Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is America Being Deliberately Destroyed?

I have been telling this to people for some time now.
He has no intention of healing this country.
He will destroy it, tear down the very institutions and principles that are the foundations of this country and rebuild it in his own image. He will destroy us. That's been the plan all along.
Read my post regarding his astrological chart posted a year ago - here is a quote from me:
"I see here someone who can see his place in the real world (Second House) is to fight (Mars), destroy and then rebuild (Pluto) the world he sees around him to his own institutionalized specifications(Saturn)."
check out my whole post:
Deliberate impoverishment of all Americans through joblessness, rising taxes, the debasing of the dollar’s value, and environmental regulations
Is America Being Deliberately Destroyed?

By Alan Caruba Tuesday, March 3, 2009
As the Dow continues to plummet and President Obama’s approval rating continues to diminish, it is time to ask if all the programs being put forth by his administration are a deliberate effort to destroy the nation’s economy.
These mindless borrowing, spending and taxing programs can have no other rational purpose than the deliberate impoverishment of all Americans through joblessness, rising taxes, the debasing of the dollar’s value, and environmental regulations that will cripple industry and increase the cost of energy.
If a foreign power had invaded our nation and imposed these measures we would be at war with it.
With all the numbers, the billions and the trillions coming at us every day, White House budgets, proposals to raise taxes “on the rich”, a new health care scheme, a “cap-and-trade” emissions plan to penalize utilities and all other companies for releasing “greenhouse gas” emissions, it has been a dizzying ride since January 20th and it’s all downhill.
What could justify the obscene failure of Congress to hold a single hearing before passing a “stimulus” plan that apparently none of its members had read before voting on it. It represents nothing more than an accumulation of the thousands of Democrat “earmarks” that Congress knew former President George W. Bush would have vetoed.
This wasn’t a bill that was hastily cobbled together in response to the financial crisis. It was waiting for Democrat control of Congress and the White House. The pork-laden “stimulus” bill will have no significant effect this year or next and those major infrastructure projects will not come to fruition for many more years.
The financial crisis now appears to have been purposefully initiated with an incident in September, prior to Election Day, in which an electronic run on major U.S. banks of several billions of dollars was perpetrated, knowing it would create a cascade of failures. There is nothing accidental about the current financial crisis.
Every single American as well as Americans yet to be born will be saddled with huge debts tied to a multi-trillion-dollar deficit that President Obama has endorsed and Congress has created. It is a deficit he promises to cut in half, but not until he is re-elected. Do you believe him?
We have a runaway Congress which, with the exception of its Republican members, is utterly indifferent to the needs and wants of Americans in a headlong rush to impose still more socialism upon a nation that grew powerful and wealthy in the practice of free market capitalism.
Is it deliberate? Yes, of course, it is!
There is a reason that CNBC analyst Rick Santelli became a sensation after he spoke out against President Obama’s proposed $275 billion deficit-financed homeowner bailout plan and other massive spending measures with a call for a new Boston “tea party” from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
The fate of this nation hangs in the balance if citizens do not organize to get Obama’s policies withdrawn and reversed. The current members of Congress—the Democrats at least—have to be deluged with emails, calls and letters to get them to back off the proposed White House legislation and the administration’s regulatory plans. That’s how politics works.
It is not too soon to begin planning to elect a Republican-controlled Congress in 2010 to stop the bleeding.


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