Friday, July 27, 2007

Terrorists Plan For US Surrender - with great anticipation

... While Iraqi's Refuse to Give Up On Their Dreams
Terrorists Form Political Front in Iraq
The Guardian (UK)
Seven of the most important Sunni-led [terrorist] organizations fighting the US in Iraq have agreed to form a public political alliance with the aim of preparing for negotiations in advance of an American withdrawal...
The Weekly StandardThe US military and the Iraqi government continue to court the tribes in the provinces surrounding Baghdad. One day after the tribes in the city of Taji in Salahadin province pledged to fight al Qaeda in Iraq and the Mahdi Army, a tribal meeting was held in the city of Khalis in Diyala province. Seventy-five tribal leaders gathered and vowed to fight al Qaeda in Iraq, its Islamic State front, and other insurgent groups. “Here, right now, I am denouncing the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Qaeda,” said one sheik in attendance.


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