Friday, July 27, 2007

Illegal Aliens and Islamists Are Not That Different...

You can subsitute illegal alien for Muslim here and you'll see how it is no different. Invasion is invasion. Period.
The recent phenomenon of Islamic terrorism against the west, and certain unwelcome aspects within the increasing Muslim presence in Western countries, seem new to us but, in reality, owe more than just a passing nod of acknowledgement to the Arab Bedouin tradition of the plundering raid (ghazwa or razzia.). The razzia, with its opportunistic seizure of spoils (anfal) was undertaken by a desert people who were unable or unwilling to contribute to the creation of their needs; so the Bedouin, who neither grew nor made anything, simply pillaged what they wanted from others. Likewise, Muslim emigrants keep their “eyes on the prize” when choosing a destination country and seem to find nations that are devoid of generous welfare systems and high standards of living, singularly unappealing.
Islam and the West
Warner MacKenzie - 7/24/2007
Migration for financial betterment is neither reprehensible nor new, and has been a primary motivating factor for many former immigrant groups; however, no group in the past has sought to bend the host country to its will, rather than assimilate, as have those of the Islamic faith. Unprecedented concessions have been made to Muslims and will continue to be made as they persistently chip away at the Western edifice. We can expect that any concessions granted will do no more than embolden the petitioners and encourage even more, and greater, demands in the future. If the demands are resisted or denied, and their numbers are sufficient, there will be civil disruption and confrontations as we see regularly in the media. The foreign policies of several European countries have been, or are in the process of being, modified to prevent a Muslim backlash, either physical or electoral.


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