Friday, July 27, 2007

Behold the Peace of Islam: Picture of the Week

Buddhist monks have traveled to Thailand's Muslim South, con-vinced that their very presence will inspire Jihadis to quit killing. (The picture shows how things went the last time around).
Yesterday, July 26, 2007, in the name of Allah...
( Yala, Thailand ) -
A man is shot twice in the head by militant Muslims.
( Ramban, India ) -
A civilian is kidnapped from his home and murdered in captivity by the Mujahideen.
( Mogadishu, Somalia ) -
Islamists hurl a grenade into a coffee shop, killing four civilians.
( Mogadishu, Somalia ) -
A local official is gunned down by Islamic militants while walking home.
( Kirkuk, Iraq ) -
Sunni terrorists explode a massive bomb next to a kabob shop, killing over two-dozen innocent people.
( Baghdad, Iraq ) -
Jihadis murder at least twenty-eight Iraqis with a parked car bomb at a busy market.
Iran Vows to Flog Feminists...
Islamists 'Re-take' and Re-paint Pakistani Mosque...
Russia to be 20% Muslim by 2020
(India) Professor 'Laughed' at 9/11, Wishes for More Terror Attacks on the U.S...
Articles & Commentary
Islam and the West (Global Politician)It's a one-way relationship in every sense.
America's Moral Paralysis (NY Post)Not just America. The whole world seems intent on merely watching as Iran travels down an apocalyptical path of no return.
Daif al-Ghazal (Arab Press Freedom Watch)The life and brutal death of a journalist who stood up to Qaddafi.
The Making of a Martyr (CNN)A CNN segment on a new documentary that looks at the way Islamic militants recruit children for terror attacks.


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