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Slavery: Just one of the evils of Islam... on a list of many

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Yes! Keith Ellison is a stupid and unread man. He was a Detroit Catholic negro who was converted to Islam to gain power through and over the growing population of Somalian Muslims in Minneapolis. He is all style over substance.[This would be the cabbies and airport footbath folk we see daily in the news.]
A myth that presumed that black people had never risen more than slightly above the level of beasts was created, promulgated, and exported to Europe by Muslims.
Herodotus, and other ancient historians, described the advanced black civilizations of Ethiopia.In many parts of the African Muslim world, slavery has blighted the landscape and stunted the development and growth of the negro since Muhammad's hoards swept down through African beginning in, what is today, Darfur Sudan, the Ivory Coast, and most of the North and East of the entire continent.
Gold and silver, iron, ivory, hides, and countless humans were plundered, killed and enslaved in Zimbabwe, Sofala, Malinda, Kilwa, Timbuktu, Gao and other large cities. Almug trees, precious stones, and countless valuables developed and perfected by negroes were plundered and sold.Their beautiful buildings were burned leaving ancient concrete structures still standing today. A society historically tracable to over 500 years before Christ that developed architecture, buildings perfectly geometric (and over 30 feet high with towers 70 feet high) edifices, iron working, mining, and many other refined arts and sciences was decimated, ravaged, and destroyed. Ophir is mentioned in the Bible as a source of precious gold for King Soloman. Blacks many contributions to mankind have been obliterated by Islam. The cultured artisans and merchants were BLACK having been some of the first peoples ever to carve and chisel perfectly symetric dwellings out of mountains using no mortar.
What are the origins of this terrible institution, slavery?
Islam played the most decisive role in all human enslavement using humans as valuable chattel.
As Europe and the new world grew a market for free labor was created by Islamists. The slave trade was pioneered by Muslims.
Why is it still practiced?
Because of the strangling death grip of Islam.
It has become an acceptable practice and is still rampant in Saudi Arabia and parts of Africa. How widespread is it and how does it differ from Western chattel slavery? It extends generation to generation unbroken and unfettered by force and vicious cohersion to enforce. It is servitude for life.
The story of how the enslavement of Africans by Arabs Muslims, Sunni Berbers, and other Africans has become institutionalized and legitimized throughout Muslim Africa. Slavery in the History of Black Muslim Africa provides an expansive portrait of domestic, female, wealthy, sexual, and the weak in slavery from the early 700s A.D. to the present in the context of the religious, social, and economic conditions of the African Islamic world.
Drawing on a host of accounts from contemporary observers such as William Stiebing, Jr., Leo Africanus and Ibn Battuta, Fisher and Fisher describe the status and rights of slaves in Africa, and their various roles as currency, goods, eunuchs as laborers and sex slaves, soldiers, and statesmen, as well as the jarring historical interruption brought on by slave raiders and traders in West and North Africa.
NO black man today should even consider the dark and deceptive path of Islam!
Uncovering The Past by Wm.H. Steibing, Jr., Oxford University Press, C. 1993
Slavery in the History of Black Muslim Africa : [Notes] Allan G. B. Fisher, Humphrey J. Fisher, Publisher: New York Univ Pr (11/01/2001)
Islam's Black Slaves: The Other Black Diaspora by Ronald Segal
Slavery and African Life: Occidental, Oriental, and African Slave Trades (African Studies) by Patrick Manning
African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Beyond the Silence and the Shame by Anne C. Bailey
Transformations in Slavery: A History of Slavery in Africa (African Studies) by Paul E. Lovejoy


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