Monday, July 16, 2007

"Muslim domination is at the gates" - a Proud Italian Citizen

Dear Dymphna, From the site Italiani Liberi here is an article by Ida Magli published in the newspaper Il Giornale on Friday 13/07/2007.
The piece has been reprinted on other Italian blogs in its entirety, as it is here. I’ve Anglicized the Italian a bit, but I’ve kept the translation as faithful as possible.
Minister Giuliano Amato, talking about the case of a Pakistani girl murdered by her own father because she wanted to live like Italian girls of her own age, has recently compared Muslim and Sicilian mores concerning women saying that they are quite the same.
Ciao, Minerva
“A Nation for Sale”
by Ida Magli
"The behaviour of the current rulers towards Muslim immigrants is so upsetting, so unacceptable, so unjust for one who knows he is a citizen of Italy, a child of Italian history, language, laws, as to make any reaction practically impossible, or rather a reaction which is actually a reaction. To us, Italians; to me, an Italian citizen who has felt for all her life as her greatest privilege, as her greatest gift that has been granted to her at birth to be Italian, only one thing has remained: silence.“I even have trouble writing for Il Giornale, which I love so much and in which I have believed so much, because it is no longer a matter of commenting, negatively or positively, it is no longer a matter of trying to explain to other Italians, to the readers, a point of view that can make them understand a single case, a single decision, taken from time to time either by a minister or by the whole government, but to make them accept the idea that we are imbeciles, that we have the duty to behave like and to believe we are imbeciles; that we must obey rulers who want exactly this: convince the whole world that nobody is more imbecile than the Italian people; imbecile to the point of wanting its own death, of favouring it with its own money; that it doesn’t even open its mouth before the squandering of taxes that we are called so harshly to squeeze every day from our own pockets, because we must spend it above all for an end: enable as soon as possible Muslim immigrants, duly instructed in mosques by ourselves put at their disposal, to learn what it is to be Muslim believers, and to judge with right logic, the one which is forbidden to us, that in Italy nobody believes in his own religion, because what they desire is to favour other religious faiths, favour the costumes, the values, the culture of all those foreigners who are even amazed at the imbecility of those who exhort them every day to make Italy their home.”
“Why can’t we protest? Why aren’t we allowed what every people has always had the right to say, that is that no ruler, whatever the system of government — monarchy, dictatorship, democracy — has either the power or the right to sell off the homeland of their own subjects? Here every day the territory, the water, the air, the road, the beach, the woodland, the language, the religion, the history are sold off… Mr Giuliano Amato, who confidently talks about analogies between Pakistani costumes and Sicilian ones, maybe does not know (no matter how much his polished learning is praised) that it took Sicily long centuries to free itself from the horrible habits regarding women imposed in Sicily by Muslim domination. Now he can relax: he doesn’t any longer have any reason to worry. He belongs to the male sex and anyway Muslim domination is at the gates.
“Prodi’s government, though, would do well not to lull itself for yet too long in the quiet imbecility of Italian subjects. Even imbeciles sometimes revolt.”
— Ida Magli


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