Saturday, July 14, 2007

Moral Foundations: Why do so many of us not seem to have the courage of our convictions?

People should not be executed for deciding to adopt a different religion or abandoning faith altogether. Women should have rights equal to men. Freedom of speech, including questioning faith, is better than suppression of reasonable, rationale inquiry. Freedom to choose a government, and dismiss it, is better than being autocratically ruled without end by clergy, monarchs or dictators. Courts should be free to overturn pernicious legislation, and not be ruled by clerics dispensing ancient religious dogma that is beyond appeal.
If we believe these things to be true, why would we not want to secure them for others when we have an opportunity? Why should we be ashamed of trying to bring our enlightened moral codes to the dark corners of the earth? Why should we be afraid to fight and die for these beliefs?
Their citizens & our bombs, or our citizens & their bombs
By Gary Reid
Thursday, July 12, 2007
Suppose you are walking down a street late one night and a man emerges from a doorway ahead of you. He is Middle Eastern in appearance and is brandishing a knife. As he approaches, he declares that in the name of Allah he will kill you because you are a non-believer and the Koran instructs the faithful to kill infidels.
Is he wrong to do that?
If you are a moral relativist, you believe that your attacker’s moral foundation has equal validity to your own. Your morality might say that it is wrong to kill people for their beliefs, but that does not bind Mr. Middle East to accept your code of ethics and you cannot object if he does not...


Anonymous Susan Kamen said...

In that violent sense, it is no longer agreeable that you need to die because of somebody's moral obligation to his religion. I mean, what kind of religion is that that means harm to another person? It's creepy that some people of other belief do this just to say that he only follows the spiritual ethical will of his religion. Sad to say some of us are being blinded by this wrong belief.

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