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Europe's 'Immigrant Problems' Close to Boiling Point

Culture War
Warner Todd Huston, Senior Writer
July 11, 2007
Islamofascism is fast over taking the immigrant communities of old Europe. Now, by "immigrant community" Europeans mean Muslim immigrants, of course. Whether they be Moroccans, or Africans or what have you, large segments of Europe's immigrants are from Muslim countries and these insular communities are long past the point of being merely troublesome already having become an outright danger. It has been a long time coming, but some Europeans are finally getting to the point of having had enough. More and more are finally beginning to speak out. But Europe’s empty PC attitudes and platitudes are hard in dying.
We are all aware of the on going riots and mass car burnings in France, but what many Americans are not aware of is the increasing violence and sexual abuse that is occurring amongst Europe's most Islamicized immigrant communities. From Sweden, to Germany to the Netherlands, all across old Europe the danger, crime and poverty of their Muslim immigrant communities is growing exponentially every year.
I have written before of how England has seen an growing rise in sexual assaults and in the so-called honor killing, a brutal and barbaric practice where members of a girl's own family will kill her if she is even seen in public with the "wrong" kind of man. But, England is by no means an isolated trouble spot. All of Europe is seeing the same thing.
Many in Europe are finally starting to wake up and see the threat that Islam presents a civilized society, but they are still too few and not able to sway policy to any great extent. . .yet.
As reported in the Brussels Journal, tempers are reaching a boiling point....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For what appears to be a well documented report, this particular writer, Warner Todd Huston, missed an important opportunity to link Fjordman's journals about the rape epidemic in Sweden.

Fjordman provides excellent analysis :

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Related discussion at this video -

Rough transcript:
Media, Politicians, and especially the liberal left- betray rape victims. . .an unforgivable prejudice.
The liberal left have historically, and sometimes admirably, stood up for women's rights and against sexual abuse and rape.
In recent years, however, they have completely ignored a growing number of rapes, even trying to suppress the reporting of them . . .

In 2004, for instance, channel 4 in the UK planned to air a documentary, "edge of the city' on the gorwing menace of paedophile grooming gangs in Bradford .
Left wing groups were either silent, or actively sought to stop the screening of the programme. The furore was such, the West Yorkshire Police service stepped in and asked for it not to be broadcast. Did either the police or the leftist liberals question the veracity of the documentary? No. They wanted it suppressed, whilst knowing it's claims were factual .

Why would liberals and leftists be so blase, even hostile to reporting on child rape victims?

Could it be because the paedophile gang rapists were Asian, and the victims white?

No group or individual has yet suggested an alternative theory of any worth, and it would certainly fit in with liberal reactions across Europe to the growth of gang rapes and interracial rapes . .which almost exclusively involve white victims and non-white rapists . .the media in general rarely report the full nature of these rapes, but the left, alleged stalwarts of feminism, have been sickening in their lack of response.

THey have betrayed these victims, for the sake of political correctness. Do you Disagree?

Then consider some facts and statistics. In London, A scotland Yard report found that rapists were
49% Black
13% Asian in appearance

Whilst, 59% of victims were white. Almost all perpetrators of gang rape were Black/Asian . . .(Link:

Not one single left wing, feminist or socialist group decried these figures, but then that's not surprising.

This trend is mirrored throughout Europe and America. IN Denmark, 2001, the minister of justice Lene Espersen informed Parliament that 76.5% of the nation's rapists were non-white immigrants, at that time just 5% of Denmark's population . . .But, a national Danish newspaper also found that every single gang rape in the previous 18 months had been committed by immigrants . Of all these gang rapes, only one was committed by European immigrants - The rest were exclusively committed by non-European gangs.

In September of 2001, Danish police figures put the figure of rapes committed by immigrants at 68%.

The majority of the victims were white Danish women.

A criminologist, using older figures from 1998, proclaimed immigrants as 'rape champions', the older figures showed 'only' 48% of rapists in Denmark were immigrants. Link:

Those who published or dissected the figures publically risked being accused of racism.

A massive rise in rapes has occureed in Scandinavia too. simultaneously with mas immigration . . Gang rapes, once almost unheard of, are now common.

In Oslo, Norway, 2001, 111 rapes were reported. 72 committed by non-whites, 25 by whites, 14 of unknown ethnicity. . . The victims?

80% were white Norwegian girls . . .


Was there an outcry from liberals, leftists and women's groups?

NO. They either ignored the figures, tried to suppress them, or attempted to excuse the rapes with cliches about social factors.

Not one prominen t liberal public figure or group condemnd the grim rise in racist rapes. NOT ONE.

Sweden, perhaps the most liberal of all nations, particularly when it comes to imigration, has sadly, but predictably, suffered the most.

Research conducted by Ann-Christine Hjelm for the commission for crime victim (Brottsoffermyndighete), Found that . . 85% of men convicted for rape were either immigrants or the sons of immigrants.

Again, the liberal and leftist media, as an entity an as individuals reacted with apathy. Even accusing those who published or discussed the statistics of being "racist".

There has been a 300% increase in rapes in Sweden in the last 20 years, mirroring almost exactly the rise in the immigrant population.

300%. Consider that statistic for a moment or two. Three times the amount of women being raped.

The following graph shows the growing number of rapes in Stockholm alone, in the years 1996-2005.

(image link unknown)

The actual statistical breakdown of these figures is as follows:

1996: 463

1997: 431

1998: 601

1999: 488

2000: 656

2001: 708

2002: 660

2003: 716

2004: 708

2005: 935


Rapes of children under the age of 15 have increased 600% in just one generation.

Prior to mass immigration, which in Sweden started in the 1970's, gang rape was almost unheard of. It is now commonplace. And growing rapidly.

Why does the media and political establishiment, specifically it's liberal elements, feeel this is irrelevant?

In the nation with the most liberal society, where equality for women in general is more advanced than anywhere on earth?


As human beings, we find it hard to empathise with statistical victims. Let us then consider the human faces that the media in general and especially the left, are ignoring or even suppressing.


Gang raped and beaten by 5 men, in an appalling and prolonged attack . ..


image location unknown

Attacked with a knife by a racist, dark skinned man, who screamed at her during the ordeal that she was a

The 'anti-racist' lobby in Sweden is prominent and powerful.. Howeer, not one individual or group amongst them condemned this brutal racist assault.

Goran Persson was the Prime Minister at the time

He once threatened to "crush the far right by any means. . ." He never once spoke out against the epidemic of racist rapes though.

Despite his profesed hatred of racism, he exemplified the Swedish left in that he only acknowledged racism against non-white Swedes.

The Swedish left, right up to their one time Prime Minister, have the blod of these women on their hands. Indirectly, but undeniably, they betrayed these women.

Sweden's median and official bodies actively try to hide the truth of what is happening. Malin and Amanda, two Swedish girls endured a brutal gang rape on New Year's Eve 2005

Media and reports claimed the four attackers included 2 Swedes and a Finnish man . . .Look at the actual perpetrators:

Mursal Mohamud Abdullahi 870410 Verkligheten
Omar Mohamed Omar 890607-6313 Verkligheten
Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud 870410-5777 Verkligheten

Abdulgadir Mohamed Khalif 880112-5231 Verkligheten

ALL four were Somali immigrants. Had pictures not finally be published in certain newspapers, the truth may never have come out.

Australia has suffered a similar wave of interracial rapes, again almost exclusiely involving immigrant rapists and white Australian women victims.

In the most infamous case, a gang of Lebanese muslim immigrants raped 70 Australian women in a 3 year period.

The 'Daily Telegraph" reported the rapists telling one girl "..You deserve it because you're Australian . . .|", and referring to their own religion, Islam, throughout.

Despite such facts, and the gangs exclusive preference for white victims, (female) trial Judge Latham claimed "..there is no evidence before me to show a racial motiviation."

Holland - famed for it's liberalism, from drugs, to the sex trade, to . . .immigration.

The Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law enforcement has found a third of all youth sex crimes were gang rapes. . 66% of the rapists were from ethnic minorities. 75% of the victims were white.

One of the researhcers, another woman, Catrian Bijeveld, said she ". . .could draw no conclusions from these figures" (!!!)


Britain - 2006. In one of the most grotesque murder cases of recent years, two muslim men, Mohammed Ravishi and Iyad Albattikhi are suspected of raping and murdering 14 year old Charlene Downs.

Image (unknown source)

Her remains have never been found . Horrifically, police believe she may have been butchered and sold as kebab meat.

France - Interracial rapes are astronomically disproportionate - the victims are mostly white, the rapists African immigrants. France's leading magazine Le Monde published the following figures:

CHART (unknown link)


Source: Sebastian Roch et Monique Dagnaud (KNRS)

In 2001, the National Centre for Scientific Research, specfically studying the epidemic of gang rapes in France, found that 52% of the rapists were North African, 20% were black African

These figures were also printed on a government website, Link:

The majority of the victims were white girls.


It was also discovered gang rapes had increased by 400% within 2 decades. Again mirroring the growth of the immigrant populace in French cities.

America. The US Dept. of Justice's National Crime Victimisation Study showed that, between 2001-2003 there were 15,400 black on white rapes per year, and 900 white on black rapes. This is despite white Americans outnumbering black Americans roughly 6-1.

Take into account that Hispanic rapists were classed as white, and the disparity is almost certainly much higher.

Considering that one report believes there to be 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders living in the USA, many of them Mexican.

The latest NCVS figures, from 2005, showed that 15.5% of rapes against white women were committed by black men. Less than 1% of rapes committed against black women were by white men.
Link Table 42

In Amerian Prioson, interracial rape follows the exact same pattern, academic reports consistently show 90% of all male rapes in the US prison system involve a black or hispanic rapist and a white victim.
Link: http//

Russia - media reports state around 50% of all rapes in Russian cities involve central Asian/Caucasion rapists and white Russian victims.

This growing wave of rapes came to a head in 2002 in the town Khimki, just outside of the capital, Moscow.

Yet another rape, this time a grisly gang rape, committed by imigrants against a Russian native, led directly to the creation of "The movement against illegal immigration"

In 2006, a Russian woman, Aleksandra Ivannikova was convicting of killing an immigrant taxi driver. He had tried to rape her.

When the disgraceful conviction was overturned, she was given a cash reward by the movement. Russia is one country which is starting to acknowldge the epidemic of rapes.

Ironically, Western Europeans criticise the Russian press fro being prejudiced and selective in its reporting.

Between 2000-2004 in Italy, 52% of rapes were committed by non-white immigrants. In Spain, 80%.
Germany, 80%. Canada 52%.

If you, like most of Europe's press, and almost 100% of the liberal left, feel these figures are irrelevant, and the victims unworthy of coverage, you should take a long hard look into the mirror and question your motives. Your blind faith in political correctness

If you recognise these figures for what they are, contact politicians and media bodies. Repeat these statistics. Ask them why they are silent. Ask so called 'anti-racist' groups why they ignore this exponential rise in the most brutal of all acts of both racism and sexism.

This video is dedicated to rape victims across the world. Especially those whose media, politicians and liberals have fogotten.

Consider the current case in England seeking justice for the crimes against Charlene Downes.

14-year-old Charlene Downes (if you haven't heard) is believed by Blackpool police to have been raped, strangled and her body cut up and turned into kebabs and tile grout after her disappearance in November 2003. Two Muslim men - one a former social worker - are on trial for her murder or with assisting in the disposal of her body.

The combination of murder, the appalling likelihood that scores of unwitting customers actually ate Charlene, and the unasked question as to whether this was another case involving the grooming for sex and drugs of a young white girl by a Muslim sex predator gang should have made this killing national front page news.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I live in sweden and it's like this here.. Gonna live in finland where I can't see how shitty it goes for the white people in our own countries.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If nothing happens, I'm migrating from Sweden. To Norway, Finland or possibly USA. I can't live in a country being half-dominated by islam. So will my older brother.

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