Saturday, July 28, 2007

Flying While Muslim - Infidels Strike Back!

And Paris still thinks she has this princess-thing topped.
Here are two reports on this most amusing incident:
Arab princesses kicked off British Airways plane to jeers and whistles after refusing to sit next to male strangers
11:45am on 28th July 2007
Three Arab princesses were thrown off a packed British Airways flight after refusing to sit next to male passengers they didn't know.
The dispute - in which the three princesses from the ultra-conservative Qatar royal family demanded segregated seating - left the London-bound plane delayed on a baking Italian runway for nearly three hours.
Furious passengers whistled and clapped as the row intensified before the captain eventually ordered the women to be escorted off the plane.
Sheikh delays plane over seating
Fri Jul 27, 2:15 PM ET
MILAN (Reuters) - A Qatar sheikh held up a British Airways flight at Milan's Linate airport for nearly three hours after discovering three of his female relatives had been seated next to men they did not know.
When none of the other business class passengers agreed to swap seats, the sheikh, a member of Qatar's ruling family, went to the pilot, who had already started the engine, to complain, an airport official said.
But the pilot ordered him and his traveling companions, the three women, two men, a cook and a servant, off the plane.
The London-bound flight took off nearly three hours behind schedule Thursday evening and around 50 of the 115 passengers missed connecting flights.
Traditions in the conservative Gulf Arab region bar women from mixing with unrelated men.
The 'conservative Gulf Arab region' they are referring to here must be the space between the ears of every "good" slave to Allah and there is a word for their "traditions" - the word is Islam.


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