Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder

I highly suggest reading this post from Denmark - found it at this wonderful site: http://www.gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/
...a speech written by Bente Jørgensen for a demonstration at the Landsoldaten [a statue — the Country Soldier — erected to honor the soldiers in the wars against Germany/Prussia 1848 -1864] in Fredericia, on Sunday, December 1st, 2002.
What is happening in our country?
We have a constitution that says that censorship can never again be introduced. We have freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and freedom of expression.
Or do we?
At the same time we have laws that prohibit us from expressing our fears about the future — if they concern the consequences of immigration and a hostile foreign religion.
Is it illegal to learn from history?
We now have about 425,000 immigrants and descendants of immigrants in this country. About 300,000 of these are from Muslim countries. This number has doubled in the last ten to eleven years. If this goes on the Danes will be a minority in about twenty-five years. But I am not allowed to express my fear about this without risking prosecution. I must be careful with my mouth. The worst thing is that it is usually other Danes who are the most active enforcers of these rules.
In my daily work I meet many people, both young and old, who are very worried and frightened. Especially the old people, who experienced World War Two.
They are all frightened of the future.
Especially the future of their children and grandchildren. And they are happy to be old, so they don’t have to live to see the future society of conflict and confrontation between cultures. They have seen what happened in Yugoslavia and are afraid of civil war in this country.It is very painful to hear.When the war was over, the old people say, the Germans went home. This time its different. And they mention incidents with which were unfamiliar in this country only twenty years ago.
Gang rapes
Parents mutilating their baby girls
Guards on Strøjet [walking and shopping street] in Copenhagen
Children in kindergarten who are not allowed to eat Leverpostej [common food made from pork]
Children in Nørrebro forbidden to wear crosses
Police protection for a Danish revival
In the past it was not a problem to be buried next to a Dane in the cemetery.
We do not understand why the freedoms we were given in our Constitution in 1849 are now being used against us, to advance an "ism", one that is not itself tolerant towards different believers or thinkers.
Is it wrong to preserve the society and the values we have built?
Should we accept a foreign culture’s demands on us, without being allowed to speak against it?

Are we not allowed to say openly why they are here?
Their leaders in their home countries are not hiding it.
And should we accept the fact that it falls on us to pay for the whole thing?
Can we hope to be able to see once again a society built on harmony and safety?


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