Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jihad a la carte

Can't wait to see how this turns out... will we ever learn of the nationality of this "international student"?
Police: Depressed student said he had bomb, anthrax
POSTED: 12:04 p.m. EST, February 27, 2007
ROLLA, Missouri (AP) -- Nearly two dozen people were being decontaminated Tuesday after a white, powdery substance was found on a student who claimed to have a bomb and threatened "terrorist-type" actions at the University of Missouri-Rolla, officials said.
The man, described as a graduate student depressed about his grades, also claimed to have anthrax, according to police. School officials said "possible bomb materials" were found when he was taken into custody.
Twenty-three people were sent through a decontamination process Tuesday morning outside the university's civil engineering building, where a police standoff with the student had started around 2:30 a.m.
Acting Police Chief Mark Kearse said that when police arrived the student was holding a knife and that he held up a bag and said: "This is a bomb." He also claimed to have anthrax.
Police used a stun gun to subdue him and found a note in which the student threatened to destroy the building, Kearse said.
The man's identity and nationality were not released, though school spokesman Lance Feyh said he was an international student.
Student Arrested After Threat At UM-Rolla Campus
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Click here to watch the entire news conference as Rolla officials describe what happened.
KSDK - A student is in custody and 23 people are undergoing deocntamination after what officials call "terrorist-type actions."
The incident started at about 2:30 a.m. at the University of Missouri-Rolla. Campus police received a call of a student making threats. He was arrested in the Butler-Carlton Civil Engineering Building, which is on Pine Street in Rolla.The building was evacuated.
Police say the student had a white powdery substance, and the Rolla Fire Department's Weapons of Mass Destruction Team has been called in. 23 students who were in the building are undergoing decontamination. Police also say they may have found bomb materials in the area of the student.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gateway Pundit gives the suspect's name: Sujith Kumar Venkatramolla
his picture id can be seen here:
www.valmikiedu.org (search for Kumar)
University/College: UMR
Program: MS.Civil Engg
Intake: Fall'06
Testimonial: I consider myself as a lucky guy for being a student of Valmiki.Guidence initially given by Shanti mam and later on by tulasi mam was superb. I think I would never get a visa without attending Mock - Interviews. I can't express all my feelings in words. I am thankful to each and every staff member of Valmiki.
the white substance was powdered sugar.
word on campus is that this was possible suicide by cop
No charges filed yet
Classes to resume Wednesday
02/27/2007 03:43 - UMR Public Relations

Classes at the University of Missouri-Rolla will resume tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 28), after a threat affecting the civil engineering building forced officials to close the campus today.

A UMR student has been arrested because of the incident, which sparked concerns about a possible bomb and anthrax contamination. Late this afternoon, law enforcement officials were able to determine that those threats were false.

Twenty three individuals, including eight UMR students and one professor, were quarantined for several hours while investigators determined the source of a white powdery substance that was found on the suspect. All 23 individuals were released this afternoon after the substance was determined to be ordinary powdered sugar.

The student’s identity has not been released because charges have not been filed at this time.

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