Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ISLAM: Making a hell on earth for all to share...

Oh, by the way... the only way in Islam to be guaranteed a spot in heaven is to kill a non-Muslim... even if all they are doing is making a pittstop.

If heaven is full of Muslims, I certainly don't want to be there.
3 French travelers slain in Saudi desert

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Three French travelers were killed by gunmen Monday in the Saudi Arabian desert when they stopped their car to rest on the side of a road leading to the holy city of Medina in an area restricted to Muslims only...
The travelers were resting on the side of a road about 10 miles north of Medina when gunmen fired at their car, instantly killing two of the men. The third man died later after he was taken to a hospital, and the fourth Frenchman was in serious condition at an area hospital, al-Turki said.
The area the group was traveling in is restricted for Muslims only.
Non-Muslims are barred from the area around Medina and neighboring Mecca, the holiest cities in Islam.


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