Tuesday, February 27, 2007

He-Man-Cult-O'-Hate strikes again...

The Brutal Death of a Father
by Aussie Dave at 08:45PM (IST) on February 26, 2007
Two 18-year-old palestinians have brutually murdered a 42 year-old father of three - while he meditated in prayer.
Erez was found brutally stabbed to death just several hundred yards from the Bat Ayin community.
It is believed that arab terrorists ambushed Mr. Levanon as he was engaged in his nightly prayer meditation in the forest adjacent to the town. At approximately 6:00 p.m. Sunday, the victim was reported missing by a friend who was waiting to travel with him to Tel Aviv.
Security forces later found the body in a wood just outside the gate of his hometown of Bat Ayin. He was pronounced dead at the scene, having been stabbed and possibly attacked with an axe. The victim’s car was stolen by the killers and used in their flight from the scene of the attack.
Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for settler's murder
In statement released on its website, group says two members of its al-Quds Brigades were 'able to lure settler into an agricultural area, and fatally stab him several times.' Organization also warns of 'more operations against Israeli soldiers and settlers'


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