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Long Blog Dawning...

I'm Back
"It's time for the West - and all other free peoples - to get outraged over how this totalitarian kill cult masquerading as a great faith
destroys human lives and the human spirit with a
sneering air of piety."

- Patrick, Clarity &

Vacation was great, but now I am back and ready to blog again. I know I missed a lot of events over the past week, but will try & hit the keyboard running today!
I believe I have posted this one before, but it bears repeating...
until we all finally "GET IT"...
The Threat of Lawful Islamism
Islamists ultimately seek hegemonic control via a worldwide
caliphate that applies the Islamic law in full. Afghanistan under the Taliban offers one model of what they would establish globally.
Terrorism is one method to advance these projects but it is not the only one. Indeed, the activities of nonviolent Islamists arguably will prove a more effective tactic in the long term. For while the public intuitively understands the threat of terrorism and is mobilized by it, and while states have well-developed institutions (law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the military, the justice system) to protect and fight against it, the activities of nonviolent extremists are not alarming and institutions do not exist to deal with this problem. And how can terrorists impose their will on whole societies?
The Progress of Lawful Islamism
Quietly, lawfully, peacefully, Islamists do their work throughout the West to
impose aspects of Islamic law, win special privileges for themselves, shut down criticism of Islam, create Muslim-only zones, and deprive women and non-Muslims of their full civil rights.
I urge everyone who can to catch Lou Dobbs every day (6-7 PM EST).
His show is the only thing on CNN that I can stomach.
But tonight is especially important as he is broadcasting live from Texas.
The Not-So Underground Railroad
by Baron Bodissey

It’s not often that you see a piece of paperwork released by the Federal government that makes you say, “That was tax money well spent!” But Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Investigations, has managed it with his recent report, (in PDF format) “A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border” (for video interviews of Rep. McCall, go here and here).
Congressman McCaul represents Texas, so he has some up-close experience with the problems on our southern border. His report draws on the work of the border patrol, law enforcement, and domestic intelligence to paint a grim picture of the border crisis. You knew it was bad, but it’s worse than you think.
;) to Patrick

Parents fly in African village elders to circumcise their young daughters

Police and health authorities fear that 25,000 British girls
are at risk of genital mutilation

Esther has been granted asylum in Britain after fleeing
the threat of mutilation in Sierra Leone

HUNDREDS of young girls in Britain are suffering genital mutilation at the hands of women paid to come to Britain by their families.
African immigrants are clubbing together to pay for practitioners to fly to Britain and circumcise their daughters in highly secretive rituals.
;) to Tami W. of NY PAICE
North American Union
One million Americans to lose their homes or businesses to foreign, privately owned companies
Point of View Commentary by Kerby Anderson
I want to talk to you about the establishment of a North American Union and the building of the NAFTA Superhighway.
These issues are going to be given a great deal more prominence in the news in the next few weeks. For example, there will be a press conference next week at the National Press Club. Attending will be such people as Howard Phillips, Jerome Corsi, Phyllis Schlafly, as well as members of the House of Representatives who have introduced a resolution (H. CON. RES. 487) calling for an investigation into the North American Union and the NAFTA Superhighway System. The sponsors of the bill are Virgil Goode, Jr. (R-VA), Walter Jones (R-NC), Tom Tancredo (R-CO), and Ron Paul (R-TX).Let me give you some background on these issues.
It all started with a meeting in Waco, TX on March 23, 2005 with President George Bush, Mexican President Vincente Fox, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. At the end of the meeting they announced the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Some people in the press reported it, but no one thought much of it until people began to read the details of the agreement.Essentially, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (or SPP as most people call it) created a new administrative infrastructure that could transfer these three countries into a North American Union similar to the European Union. And this was done without a treaty and without a vote in Congress...
read on, readers...
;) to Gayle, Co-Chair, New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control
Whooping cough outbreak linked to illegalsDoctors warn of worst spread of pertussis in 40 years

The American Academy of Pediatrics is warning of the worst outbreak of whooping cough in 40 years, while those concerned about border control see it as more evidence that vanquished diseases are spreading due to widespread illegal immigration.
Texas Border Vulnerable To Terrorists

A Congressional Homeland Security report accuses Venezuela of providing support that could help terrorists infiltrate the United States through Texas’ porous border with Mexico.
"The potential is certainly there for terrorists to infiltrate the U.S. through Mexico. We apprehended five Pakistanis on the U.S. Mexico border with fraudulent Venezuelan documents."
Documents Reveal Shadow Government - October 24, 2006
About 1,000 documents obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America show the White House is engaging in collaborative relations with Mexico and Canada outside the U.S. Constitution, says WND columnist and author Jerome Corsi. "The documents give clear evidence that the Bush administration has created a shadow government..."

From California to Texas, 200 officials indicted since 2004

EL PASO — Bribery of federal and local officials by Mexican smugglers is rising sharply, and with it the fear that a culture of corruption is taking hold along the 2,000-mile border from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego.
I know people like to think that they know this, or that enough of us know this or that at least the right people know this well... but as I look around, as I scour the headlines every day and as I talk to people around me I do not see enough sincerity in our society to save us from Islamofascists, from illegal alien invasion, from the North American Union & SPP or from self-serving lefty elite multiculturalists and the socialist special interests they are aligned with...
Knowing the Enemy, Understanding the Enemy
Douglas Farah
One of the greatest weaknesses five years after 9-11 is the striking inability of the political leadership and body politic to define and reach a consensus on who the Islamist enemy is and what the enemy wants. There is a striking lack of intellectual curiosity, or perhaps fear because of concerns about political correctness, that have blocked a serious discussion of what bin Laden and al Qaeda really think, what their real targets and objectives are and how that group fits into the broader Islamist project of converting the world to an Islamic state ruled by sharia law...
... Hence we have the absurd ridiculing in Newsweek magazine of President Bush’s use of the word “caliphate” in discussing the Islamist project (and the even more absurd CAIR response that talking about the caliphate is anti-Islamic)....
... The caliphate, from its historical signficance to the dream of its recreation, is perhaps the best way to understand how the different currents of Islamist thought relate to each other...
... It is intellectual laziness, not a lack of information, that has led to the paucity of understanding of what the Islamist project it...
... And...
When Dr. Walid Phares speaks about terrorism threats, we listen.
On September 20, 2006, Dr. Walid PHARES delivered important testimony before the Subcommittee on Homeland Security at the US House of Representatives about the threat to the US homeland by Islamic terrorists. Dr. Phares outlined two very important points in his testimony:
1. The little ability of the public to identify threats since the Terror ideology hasn't officially been identified by the Government yet.
2. That Law Enforcement and Homeland Security cannot mobilize on a large scale to identify Jihadism because the latter has inserted itself under the political freedoms of the country. It is 'protected' by advocacy groups, legal defense and is funded both domestically and by foreign regimes and organizations.
Testimony Excerpt: "Your concerns about 'radicalization' as a threat to U.S. Homeland Security are warranted. For after twenty five years of studying the ideology and the evolution of the doctrines that produced the self-declared Jihadist movement (al haraka al Jihadiya) which has declared, waged and continues to conduct war against the United States and other democracies, I conclude along with a number of colleagues in this field of expertise that the Terrorism America and its allies are facing in the War on Terror, is a direct product of this radical ideology. The 19 men, who massacred 3,000 US and other citizens on September 11, belong to al Qaeda and the latter is a self declared Salafist-Jihadist organization. Every single case of Terrorism uncovered on U.S. territory, since 9/11, was motivated by this ideology. To name a few: The Virginia Paintball gang, the dirty bomb case, the shoe bomber case, al Qaeda's John Walker, Azzam al Amriki AKA Adam Gadahn, the Oregon case, the Virginia multiple cases, the Jihadi charities, etc. This ideology was omnipresent in the cases than ended with court sentences and those which didn't; in the Sheikh Abdel Rahman case of 1993; in the statements made by the Zarqawi networks while assassinating innocent civilians; in all speeches by Usama Bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri from 1998 till now; and on all Jihadi web sites in all languages: one global common thread is always omnipresent: The Jihadi ideology. And in parallel to al Qaeda’s radical doctrine another ideology of Jihadism follows the teachings of Ayatalollah Khomeini and is embodied by the public speeches of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmedinijad and Hezbollah. Hence, the ideologies that produces 'Radicalization,' are the Jihadist ones. They are of two main 'trees,' the Jihadi Salafist and the Jihadi Khomeinist. These doctrines, taught and disseminated worldwide and in America, are the producers of the 'Jihadists' (al Jihadiyun) who have declared war and waged it against the United States both overseas and in the homeland. Jihadism is the ideological common identity of terror groups al Qaeda, Salafi Combat Group of the Maghreb, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Jemaa Islamiya of south Asia, the Taliban of Afghanistan, Laskar Taiba of Pakistan, the Mahakem Islamiya of Somalia, and other Salafi-Wahabi groups internationally, in addition to Hezbollah. Jihadism was the inspiration for the 1990s attacks, 9/11, Madrid, London, Beslan, Mumbai, Riyadh, Casablanca, the Sunni Triangle in Iraq and other violence associated with Terrorism. Hence at this stage of the War on Terror, the ideology behind the threat has been identified and thus should be addressed."
Thomas Sowell is right... when you import people, you import culture and values as well...
Human trafficking, modern-day slavery & illegal aliens come across our southern border and are imported through our immigration "system".
It's time to realise all cultures are not compatible, and just because someone wants the favors of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for themsleves doesn't mean they belive in
Let's take back our country NOW!
Egyptians who enslaved girl, 10, get U.S. prison
Two Egyptian nationals who pleaded guilty to enslaving a 10-year-old Egyptian girl at their Southern California home, making her work long hours serving their family of seven, were sentenced on Monday to prison terms.
And a refresher...
Borrowed from this is quite scary... very, very scary...
Georgetown gets $20 million from prince
promoting Islam, ejects Christian groups

John Esposito's "Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding" flourishes, while Christian groups lose recognition. An update to this story. "Georgetown gets $20 million from prince promoting Islam: Just months later, university ejects evangelical Christians from campus," by Bob Unruh for, with thanks to Truth Seeker:
The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University has been renamed after Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal donated $20 million to its projects. And while that may be just the tail, the dog appears to be moving away from its historic Catholic and Jesuit teaching philosophy too.
The Center's leaders say it now will be used to put on workshops regarding Islam, fostering exchanges with the Muslim world, addressing U.S. policy towards the Muslim world, working on the relationship of Islam and Arab culture, addressing Muslim citizenship and civil liberties, and developing exchange programs for students from the Muslim world.
The "Christian" part of the center's projects at the university that has a history of 200 years of higher education following its Christian founding, is conspicuous by its absence in its website plans for its 10-year future.

And so it begins. The invasion of our hearts and minds.
Want to know how it ends? Look at Eurabia.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She went to college for an education, not to major in dhimmitude:
I went to college thinking I was prepared to face a secular environment having been well grounded academically and well-schooled in various philosophical thoughts and ideologies. I was wrong...
...all students at Butler were required to take a course on Islam. We were required to purchase the Koran and handle it with respect. If we were carrying a stack of books the Koran had to be on top. One day, my professor even had us act out the five pillars of Islam in class. If you ask me, that's going too far. It'd be equivalent to having a required course on the Bible (which, like you said, would never happen) and partaking in communion or baptism during class...
borrowed from
This is a good example of how dhimmitude begins to be injected into our society insidiously...
The Truth About Muhammad: It could be anywhere
I received this email from Jihad Watch reader Paul:
Entering a local Borders outlet tonight, I noticed that front and center on the "New Non-Fiction" table was Karen Armstrong's "Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time." That set me to wondering whether "
The Truth About Muhammad" was in stock. I looked in the Religion section and found Armstrong and Emerick's biographies, but not yours. Checking on the store's computer, I found it had been placed in the Middle Eastern History section -- well away from every other book on Muhammad. This was annoying enough to prompt me to take a copy up to the "New Non-Fiction" table and set it right by Armstrong's tome.
Earlier I received a report of another Borders where The Truth About Muhammad was classified in the "Christian fiction" section.
They can hide the book, but they can't hide the truth forever.
When you notice something like this going on in your area - AND YOU WILL - say something. Write a letter. Draw attention to it and what it really is... SUBMISSION.
Drug Bust Leads To Los Alamos Docs
FBI Probes Apparent Classified Data Leak At The Nuclear Lab

(CBS/AP) Authorities in northern New Mexico have stumbled onto what appears to be classified information from Los Alamos National Laboratory while arresting a man suspected of domestic violence and dealing methamphetamine from his mobile home.

This is absolutely ridiculous! They say gender "expression" is the deciding factor... how about a little gender reality? What's to stop a pervert from dressing in drag and excercising his right to his "gender expression" and using the ladies room? It's only a matter of time folks...
"Gender expression"? Puh-leeze.
What a crock of shit.

Transgender men free to use ladies room in NYC Transit System

The line for the girls' room just got longer.
Men who live as women can now legally use women's rest rooms in New York's transit system under an unprecedented deal revealed yesterday.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority agreed to allow riders to use MTA rest rooms "consistent with their gender expression," the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund announced yesterday.
The group filed a complaint against the MTA on behalf of a 70-year-old telephone repair technician who was arrested for using the women's room at Grand Central Terminal.


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