Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obama in Afghanistan 1980-1983???


VIDEO: Rev. James David Manning Claims Columbia University Covering Fact that Obama Never Attended There; Claims that Obama was Training in Afghanistan from 1980-83

Hawaii Department of Health Actively Covering for Obama's Changed Vital Record

Arizona State Rep. Judy Burges Introduces Presidential Eligibility Bill with MANY SPONSORS

Extremely Radical Obama 'Czar' Cass Sunstein Attacks Second Amendment

OR: Illegal Alien Sentenced to 20 Years for Killing 2-Month-Old Baby Girl
ICE Hold Placed on This Murderer

TX: 11-Year-Old Boy Shot by Masked, Armed Illegal Alien Home Invaders - Boy Returns Fire and Hits One in Neck. Two Illegal Mexicans Captured, One in Hospital

CA: San Barnardino County Spent $64 Million on Welfare for Illegal Immigrants' 'American' Children in 2009

Obama Grants Haitian Illegals 'Temporary' Amnesty

MA: Feds Seize Nearly 50 Illegal Aliens in Convoy of Vans Stopped in Foxboro; Some Fugitives, Some Previously Deported

IN: Illegal Alien Charged with Beating 19-Month-Old Infant with Injuries Described "Extremely Serious & Disturbing in Nature"

CT: Illegal Mexican Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Raping 12-Year-Old Girl

NV: Guatemalan Illegal Alien Gets Life in Prison for Killing Hot Dog Stand Vendor with Pipe Bomb; the Perb Pleaded for Leniency from the Jury then Claimed he Was Innocent

All 3 Major Domestic Terror Attacks of 2009 Were Directly Enabled by Obama's Reverse-Profiling Orders, Exempting Muslims from Scrutiny

NJ: Alert Cop Catches Illegal Alien Attempting to Rape Woman in Kohl's Store Parking Lot; Suspect Wanted on Felony Charges and Had Deportation Order

Arizona Has Become 'Ground Zero' for Immigration Fight

MO: Illegal Mexicans Caught with 250 Kilos (625 lbs) of Pot in Kansas City Home

TX: Illegal Aliens Smuggled on Shrimp Boat Through Brownsville Ship Channel

Obama Diverts CIA to Spy on... Polar Bears & Global Warming

NY: Guatemalan Illegal Alien Gets Maximum Sentence for DUI Crash That Killed Mother and Daughter in Brewster

OR: 'Illegal Aliens Rights' Supporters March and Rally in Portland

PA: Feds Bust Four Illegal Aliens Running Bigtime Brothel in South Philly

NC: Emerald Isle Police Arrest YUGOSLAVIAN Illegal Alien in Drug Raid

Thousands from Terror-Sponsoring Nations Now Entering U.S. on 'Diversity Visas'

U.S. Representative Nathan Deal - the FIRST Congressman to Challenge Obama Eligibility

MASSIVE Illegal Alien Amnesty March Coming May 1st

AZ: Phoenix Police Union Leader Being Investigated for Arresting Illegal Mexican at Home Depot


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