Monday, January 18, 2010

the religion of what, again?

(Jos, Nigeria) - Muslim youth go on a rampage, hacking about 20 Christians to death after an attack outside a church.
Legal Jihad suffers a setback in the U.S. as Islamists find the courts unwilling partners in gagging critics of the Religion of Peace.

Not in the Name of Islam? (Answering Muslims)
A fantastic video by David Wood at AM that perfectly sums up the main point that we are trying to make with our own website. Please watch this!

Google Goes Jihad (FrontPage Magazine)
Approaching the third week, tech savvy Google still claims to be struggling with that pro-Islamic 'software glitch'.

Muslim Child Brides in Britain (FrontPage Magazine)
Women's rights in Europe are on the downward trend as the continent bends to accommodate its most unruly guests.
What was long suspected about the Fort Hood Massacre is now official. U.S. Army superiors blatantly ignored the warning signs so as to avoid accusations of 'Islamophobia'.

For CAIR, the Fort Hood massacre was quickly overshadowed by concern for this woman’s hijab, which was tugged at a Chicago grocery the next day. The police were called, charges pressed, and major news outlets notified of the horror. (Reportedly, the head scarf is in stable condition).
A 48-year-old Somali begs for his life as he is partially buried in preparation for stoning over adultery by an Islamic Court


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