Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WH & The New Black Panther Party - the plot thickens

More White House involvement in New Black Panther-DOJ scandal than first thought?

Ed Lasky
January 19, 2010

On election day in 2008, the New Black Panther Party had a group of people intimidating voters in Philadelphia. The case was a slam dunk: there is a video of the Party members outside the polling place; dressed in military-style uniforms while one is waving a truncheon. Racial epithets were hurled at prospective voters, including the elderly.
The Department of Justice filed suit, the New Black Panther Party did not deny the charges, the court entered a default judgment and department lawyers were preparing a list of sanctions. Instead, lawyers at the Civil Rights Division were ordered to drop the lawsuit against the party and all but one defendant (who got away with an injunction that would not prevent him from repeating the same violation in the future).
This was among the first indications that Eric Holder would use the Department of Justice in a biased way (here are some others).
The DoJ has continued this pattern of conduct in other racially influenced ways. Meanwhile the DOJ has stonewalled numerous subpoenas from Congress and the US Civil Rights
Now, Hans Spakovsky has revealed that the involvement of the White House in the travesty of justice involving the Black Panthers may be far more extensive than once thought. By examining the schedule of visitor logs to the White House and significant dates in the saga of the Black Panther case, he builds a case -- at least circumstantially -- that political appointees, as well as a White House deputy counsel with close ties to Barack Obama, were closely involved in allowing the Black Panther party members to basically get off scot-free...


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