Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bob Wright's speech to Tea Partiers in El Paso.

This is another hard-hitting speech from Bob Wright, Ist BDE New Mexico Militia and former Minuteman:
I submit to you tonight that REVOLUTION has come to Our Republic. That, it is the Government who now stands in OPEN ARROGANT REBELLION TO IT’S PEOPLE. They have made it CLEAR that they do not represent us anymore. Remember this, if you remember nothing else. The elitist conservative Republican Senator has far more in common with, and will identify far more with an elite Liberal Democrat Senator than he will ever identify with you!If this Republic is to be saved, it will not be saved by the very bureaucrats who seek to destroy it. If the Republic is to be saved, it must be saved by YOU! You working in unison with other Patriots who are committed to seeing the Constitution returned to its place of Supremacy.
The next point is critical.
How far should we go in order to restore Constitutional Government? We must make them understand, with no room for confusion that we are prepared to go to ANY length to restore the Republic...


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