Saturday, December 05, 2009

Fall of the Republic: Adjust, Adapt, and Overcome

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By Frank Roman
Several days ago I watched an online video called Fall of the Republic. In this two hour documentary we are given a healthy dose of what appears to be rock solid evidence depicting the cause of our nation’s current slide into a monetary and cultural abyss.
Without mercy, Fall of the Republic eviscerates Republicans, Democrats, corporations, the media, education, and financial institutions which are clearly responsible for the political social and moral meltdown of the West, in particular the United States. The film paints a lurid picture of corrupt interconnected universal/corporate networks and how they have morphed into The New World Order.
The film explains how a generation’s long criminal enterprise managed by globalists (urban-coastal types) are operating under the guise of humankind’s "greater good;" all the while undermining our nation’s people, sovereignty and resources for the sake of unimaginable wealth and power. Of course, the centerpiece of this film is the presidency of Barack Obama and his unfailing complicity toward this end.
While Fall of the Republic was spot on regarding the government’s obstruction of the Bill of Rights as a deep-seated threat to the freedom of its people they forgot to mention exactly how the government began to incrementally abrogate those rights.
To that end the film said nothing as to how in the 1940’s a group of Marxist intellectuals who had been subverting Germany fled and landed in New York to set up shop in order to begin their long march here through the institutions and obstructing the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. As a result institutes like the government, the media, banking, education, psychology, religion--all that had previously belonged to white Americans -- are now considered ugly, alien, and threatening by a large share of the population.
Fall of the Republic didn’t address the historical record which reveals it was the Frankfurt School Marxists who gave us Third World immigration, destroyed the nuclear family, encouraged sloth, encouraged miscegenation, incited campus chaos in the 60’s, marginalized the middle class, and mangled the ideals and traditions that made America what it used to be prior to World War II and just afterwards.
In other words they attacked us from within. And now today under the accelerated sedition of Barack Obama -- he who cannot be criticized because he’s black – the film accurately presents the United States as having become deeply sick racially culturally and politically.
Not unlike most other living entities on earth an organic nation can’t by definition remain in a state of profound rot for very long…echoes of the Roman Empire...
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