Saturday, December 05, 2009

'09: Jihad in America - A list to remind all we are under attack
There are many American people who have short memories and do not remember that in this Country, there is a Jihad movement under way.
It is in the interest of the Nation to realize what has occurred and by so doing, know what to expect in the near future. I believe that all of these cases and incidents brought together on a single listing will prompt most readers to conclude that the magnitude of the threat we face inside the United States is greater than they previously believed. There were more but the serious incidents are listed below.
Start doing your homework and wake up to the fact we are under attack, right here on our home land. The Anti-Terrorism Task Forces are working overtime to secure the safety of this Country and are working in tandem with a weak and incompetent President that is not and has not shown resolve to protect this Country. Why???
There are many reasons and I leave that up to each individual to determine.Serious and Patriotic citizens are already aware of the dangers around us and thank the good Lord there are more of them than the citizens that care only about " American idol" "So you think you can dance" etc.... and all the mind dulling garbage on the TV.
These are the same people that put Abeam in the Oval Office... that tells the story!
Stay alert and stay informed!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

do yourself a favor and learn about Islam in person befor you start bashing. there are people who live to paint Muslims as monsters and brainwash innocent people into hating a group of people just using plain words, no evidence.Muslims fear ALLAH and no one else. NONmuslims fear ALLAH'S creation; the Muslim humans. BUT DON'T FEAR, learn about this faith and you'll see the difference in you.PEACE.

8:42 PM  
Blogger jillosophy said...

Trust me, I HAVE. I have first hand, real-life experience with muslims in this country. We cannot rid islam of its violent roots. But we can rid our country of islam, and that is the only way we can keep ourselves safe from it. Sorry, but that is the bottom line. It is up to them to reform their "religion", not us. And we should not have to pay the price for their violent ideology. And we will not submit.
Just watch and learn. You seem to be pretty ignorant.

12:08 PM  

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