Thursday, November 29, 2007

Immigration: The Gift That Should Be Returned
Half of the nearly 3.5 million immigrants living in Texas are in the country illegally, the Center for Immigration Studies says in a report being released today.
Based on the latest Census Bureau data, the report said Texas has one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations of any state. It said that 50 percent of the state's foreign-born population — slightly more than 1.7 million people — are illegal immigrants. Only Arizona at 65 percent, North Carolina at 58 percent and Georgia at 53 percent had a higher proportion of illegal immigrants in their immigrant populations.
The influx of immigrants into Florida reflects the national trend, the report showed. The nation’s immigrant population - legal and illegal - reached a record 37.9 million in 2007.


Anonymous pfwag said...


People tell me it is one of the most comprehensive collections of information on illegal immigration available. Sections and portions are quoted all across the net.

As a follow-on to the CRIMEs reporting in the DARK report, we have created Victims Of Illegal Alien Crime

This is the only resource avaialable for tracking and reporting documented serious crimes agaisnt persons committed by illegal aliens in the United States. The GOVT doesn't do it (See the DARK report.) so we are.

We are just starting to load crimes in. We would welcome your support.

4:18 PM  
Blogger Just the Girlfriend said...

I live in Austin, the liberal hub of Texas. I have seen, over the course of my life, the public school system crumble under the weight of "special programs" directed at immigrant children. Not to mention the burden on state TANF benefits, which I prefer to go to children of legals. But see, that's how they do it - they use their children to play on our pity. I am a liberal and proud of it ... but I will never bow to political correctness. We Texans need to stop being politically correct and think about the direction our state is headed.

11:27 PM  

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