Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Judith Moriarty --
In America, you are not permitted to discuss the great migration of immigrants into this country in a reasoned rational manner. The well funded PR by corporate interests; has Americans labeled as racist, bigoted, and intolerant. The immigration of old - is held up as a banner of 'give me your tired and huddled masses who yearn to be free'.
Yuma Sun
Two illegal [aliens... criminals] arrested in separate busts Tuesday night in the Yuma area have long criminal backgrounds in the United States, the Border Patrol said. -- One of the two is a convicted sex offender who has a 17-year criminal background, the patrol said in a news release. **
Fjordman -- Global Politician
...In 2006, the total immigrant population of the United States stood at 33 million, or 11% of the entire population, which, according to The Center for Immigration Studies, was significantly higher than at any time in history. With 10.3 million illegals there now, with at least 800,000 more entering every year, in twenty years there will be...


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