Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hizballah/CIA/FBI spy has terrorist cousin and ties to Nazis in Syria

FBI/CIA Hizballah spy has terrorist cousin and ties to Nazis in Syria
November 20, 2007
Just when you think the Nada Nadim Prouty case can't possibly get any worse, new revelations emerge. In "Jihad Jane's Poison Family: Her Bomber Cousin" in the New York Post, the intrepid Debbie Schlussel has more:
November 20, 2007 -- THE story of the US government's bungling in the case of Nada Nadim Prouty - "Jihad Jane" - gets worse and worse. Here are two more danger signs in her background that got overlooked: her cousin the terrorist, and her family's involvement in the Syrian National Socialist Party.
That's right: It's not just Prouty's links to the terrorists of Hezbollah that got missed, but her ties to a Nazi party.
Since Prouty pleaded guilty last week to naturalization fraud and conspiracy, as well as unauthorized computer access at her FBI and CIA jobs, the two agencies have launched probes of how they bungled background checks before employing her. Then came reports that her sister, now a commissioned Marine officer, pulled a similar sham-marriage scam to gain US citizenship. But the scandal will only grow with this new information.
The failure of the background checks on Prouty puzzles sources familiar with her family's background in Lebanon.
The Syrian National Socialist Party is actually an organization in Prouty's native Lebanon, where everyone knows it's a pawn of Syria's Baathist dictatorship; its stated goal is the formation of a greater Arab state, including Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Cypress and part of Turkey.
Prouty's maiden name is Al-Aouar - and the Al-Aouar family is noted back in Lebanon for its extremist political activity on behalf of the SNSP. That activism is all the more notable, because they are members of Lebanon's Druze minority - distinct from Syria's usual Shia Muslim allies there, and generally at odds with Hezbollah.
And intelligence sources from Israel and its old ally, the South Lebanese Army, say that Prouty's cousin, Nidal Al-Aouar, was a terrorist - one who trained in North Korea and the old USSR and went on to set roadside car bombs in Lebanon on behalf of Syria.
That the CIA did not uncover these elements of Prouty's background is cause for concern, since it is hardly a secret in Lebanon and Syria.


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