Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tom Tancredo: A Voice Of Clarity

This is the kind of guy we need leading our country now.
I would love a Tancredo/Hunter ticket!
The Islamofascists would hate it.
The Clash of Civilizations. I happen to be a devotee of Mr. Huntington and believe it’s true, it is a clash of civilizations. I believe that what we are fighting here is not just a small group of people who have hijacked a religion, but it is a civilization bent on destroying ours. Radical Islam has been the foe of Christiandom for centuries. The most serious foe of Christiandom. The battle ebbs and flows, peaks and becomes less intense, but it has been going on for centuries. We have never really been bothered by it, because the world was a place in which you could not really attack the United States physically. There were oceans separating us and if you did come, what were you going to come with? A gun, a rock, an arrow? But today it has all changed, it has taken on a different dimension.
People ask me, “Well of the Islamic Community, how many would you say are really terrorists?” I say, “There are relatively few, less than 10% of the Muslim population that you could categorize as (supporters of) terrorists.” Now how many people in their heart of hearts in that community want to see the demise of this country? How many would cheer, not out loud maybe, but in their heart when things like 9/11 occur and I’ll tell you; it’s a majority among them. Now this becomes a little more complicated, so hang with me. Remember that I said the threat to the United States comes from two things; the act of immigration combined with the cult of multiculturalism? We strain to tell Americans and aliens in this country that there’s nothing unique about America, nothing unique about American civilization, nothing that requires their allegiance, nothing of great value that they should sacrifice for. Then of course people come here in big numbers, from other countries, in other cultures, in other political and religious ideologies, and they come ready to do battle and we encourage it. We don’t try to integrate them, we actually encourage their separateness. We encourage them to stay separate, to retain political allegiance to other countries, to other ideologies.
This combination, massive immigration & radical multiculturalism, is a prescription for our own demise. We will never be able to win in the clash of civilizations, if we don’t know who we are. If Western civilization succumbs to the siren song of multiculturalism, I believe we’re finished.


Anonymous najistani said...

A gruesome, bloody and sickening photo at The Green Arrow [ ] shows female genital mutilation in progress. The little girl has just had her clitoris and surrounding tissues cut away.

However this hasn't been done by the local Islamic witch-doctor using a rusty knife or scissors. The procedure is being carried out under clinical conditions. This means that the girl is probably anesthetised rather than being forceably held down, and will be less subject to the risk of infection. But it raises some very disturbing questions. A surgical team, presumably consisting of 'educated' doctors and surgeons who have sworn the Hippocratic oath to 'do no harm', are mutilating a child in a clinic somewhere in Dar al-Islam (one hopes this procedure is still illegal throughout Dar al-Harb). No doubt they are being paid a hefty fee for this work.

Taken together with the recent 'Doctors of Death', we need to ask ourselves whether we really want 'medical professionals' of this caliber in our country.

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