Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Behold! The Wisdom and Righteous Works of Islam!

(Amil Imani)
Moderates pick and choose what they will from their religion to support their desire to see it resemble Judeo-Christianity. Fundamentalists do not have to play these games.
(Jihad Watch)
Robert Spencer addresses the murky semantics of Islam and terrorism.
(Opinion Journal)
The Mullahs use executions and targeted "disappearances" to keep the people in line.
(FrontPage Magazine)
CAIR's legal bullying and the murder of a newspaper editor are just different means to the same end of Islamic dominance in America.
(Brussels Journal)
The kids are squandering their inheritance.
(OC Register)
One-way multiculturalism isn't working for the West.
(Fresno Bee)
The hyopocrisy is wearing thin with the rest of us.
(Islam Watch)
Did you know that Muhammad believed that the sky was actually a solid object that would fall on our flat earth were it not for Allah's mercy?
(Human Events)
Every terror attack in the West wins the Religion of Peace another concession from sycophantic dhimwits.


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