Monday, August 06, 2007

These NEW guys know how to PARTY

1) Border defense before anything else.
Triple the number of border patrol agents.
Mandate funding towards a concrete reinforced steel-meshed fence with a system of video cameras and motion sensors on our borders.
Investigate creating an entirely new federalized border patrol, and support existing private border defenders such as ‘The Minutemen.’
2) Moratorium on all immigration.
Make moratorium permanent for immigration from Muslim countries.
Allow exceptions based on a point system giving preference for educational aptitude, intellectual capital, professional contributions, and English fluency.
3) Debate the legitimacy of Islam as a protected religion.
Push for Islam and the Quran to be officially debated in as many legislative bodies as possible with the goal of having Islam declassified as a religion and classified as a subversive political movement and/or a hateful and dangerous cult.
4) Law enforcement monitoring of all mosques, Islamic schools, and Islamic organizations for the purpose of national security.
Focus on institutes advocating and/or glorifying Jihadism, Sharia, sedition, and terrorism.
5) Ban all Muslims identified as members of potentially dangerous organizations and mosques from positions in national security, government, and law enforcement.
Muslims identified as members of these organizations must have this information provided on their personal identification.
6) End all special practices, observances, and privileges in public places, workplaces, and prisons based on Islam.
7) Ban seditious teaching in schools.
Seditious teaching would include supporting or glorifying violence and subversion against our nation or condoning organizations that share these goals.
Special attention given to Islamic institutions.
8) No official recognition of any Islamic holidays.
9) Allow ethnic profiling for the purpose of national security.
10) Embargo on all oil from Islamic regimes and restrictions on Islamic outsourcing.
All oil imports from Islamic regimes to be cut over an eight year period.
Alternative fuels and Arctic drilling to be introduced to offset decrease.
Most forms of outsourcing to Islamic regimes to be barred.
11) Push for a Constitutional amendment barring the burning of the American flag.
Exceptions for respectful flag retirement ceremonies.
12) Make English the official language of our country.
13) End bilingual education in our school system.
14) End inequitable international trade agreements.
Revise, overhaul, or abandon trade agreements such as N.A.F.T.A. that allow unbalanced trading practices and taxation.
15) Deport all incarcerated illegal aliens held for non-violent crimes.
All future arrested lawbreakers must immediately have their immigration status checked and will be deported if undocumented.
16) Harshly penalize employers for hiring illegal aliens and landlords for renting to illegal aliens.
Set up a nationwide system that all employers/landlords must comply with that thoroughly confirms a potential employee’s/renter’s proper documentation.
Penalties may include jail-time for first time offenders.
17) Strict opposition to any extension of amnesty to illegal aliens.
18) Proof of citizenship or visa mandatory for all public services.
Services include both educational and health benefits, other than life and death emergencies.
19) Encourage and assist citizens that hate America to leave.
Provide for safe and legal naturalization into foreign nations.
Include strict guidelines that allow for financial incentives of up to $5000 per family for expatriation.
20) Military strength to counter future jihadist threats.
21) No government funded foreign aid, unless for the purposes of national security. 22) Remove racial and ethnic quotas and profiling for matters not relating to national security.
Illegalize affirmative action and any other form of racial/ethnic questioning for occupational and school applications.
23) Eliminate the anchor baby privileges for all.
Prohibit U.S. citizenship of children born to illegal alien parents in America and to parents legally visiting America (Dual Citizenship privileges).
24) Allow law enforcement to ask for proof of citizenship for all suspected lawbreakers.
25) Allow for special funding to help legal aliens learn English and American history with immersion programs.
26) Strongly support Second Amendment rights for all law-abiding citizens.
27) Remove corporate welfare and drastically limit social welfare.
Exceptions to be made for severely handicapped individuals.
28) Allow school choice for all parents, including the availability of a voucher system.


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