Monday, August 06, 2007

Bailey's confessed killer saw himself as 'a good soldier'

Soldier of what, exactly? No one asked?
I guess he didn't mean Soldier of Islam, as they didn't mention it.
Just four years ago he was attending the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley. Then he found Islam, apparently.
Funny, they never mention it.
By Angela Hill and Harry Harris

OAKLAND — In his confession to police, 19-year-old Devaughdre Broussard told detectives he considered himself "a good soldier" when he shot and killed journalist Chauncey Bailey for writing negative stories about Your Black Muslim Bakery, where Broussard was a member and worked as a handyman, authorities said.
Broussard, who also uses the spelling Brossard, was formally booked Saturday on suspicion of murder. He was already on probation for a robbery conviction in San Francisco, and also had a pending case on charges of assault with a firearm from a 2006 San Francisco incident. In addition, there was a failure-to-appear warrant out for his arrest in that case.
He was taken into custody Friday along with six other people in an early morning police raid on the bakery and affiliated buildings as a result of a two-month police investigation. Broussard had been staying at one of the raided houses on 59th Street, its rear yard connecting to the bakery property. At the house, police recovered the shotgun they believe was used to kill Bailey, the 57-year-old editor of the Oakland Postnewspaper.
One of those arrested in the raid was Yusuf Bey IV, son of the bakery's founder, the late Black Muslim leader Yusuf Bey. Bey IV was booked Saturday on a $375,000 warrant out of San Francisco stemming from an incident in which he allegedly ran over a security guard at a strip club. His brother, Joshua Bey, and two others arrested in Friday's raids, are being held in
connection with the July 19 kidnapping and assault of a woman.
The suspects could be arraigned as early as Monday afternoon. Attorneys for Broussard or the Bey family could not be reached Saturday.
In what may be an unrelated coincidence, someone fired a shot Friday night at the West Oakland home of a tax accountant for the bakery. "I don't think it has anything to do with what's been going on, though," said the accountant, who asked to remain anonymous.


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