Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mohammed Is The Antichrist

Articles & Commentary
The Dangers of 'Peace' Making
(Opinion Journal)
The lesson of Gaza is that radical Islam feeds and flourishes from appeasement.
(Islam Watch)
Islam has always been very good at one thing: making martyrs. Indeed, how can you blame Allah's Holy Warriors for seeking the fast track?
(Investors Business Daily)
"The notion that America doesn't have a radical Muslim problem unfortunately is a myth."
(Channel 4)This is part 1 of the Channel 4 video that is making waves in Britain. The other parts can be found in the 'Related' margin to the right of the video.
(Real Clear Politics)
Hundreds of thousands of black Africans have been slaughtered in the name of Islam explictily because of their race over the last five years, yet the world hasn't seen fit to notice.


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