Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday Night Cinema WAR COMES TO AMERICA

This beautiful and touching post I grabbed from
Thank you!!!
Sadly the last of the Frank Capra Series, Why We Fight. And it's the sweetest. America, as she was. "We believe in the future."
"War comes to America", the last in the brilliant Frank Capra series, of films produced for the US government, "Why We Fight". This last film is nothing short of a love letter to America.
This series is the best done historical account of the run up to the second World War. America goes to war.
Fighting for America ..... fighting for an idea. "These are the times that try mens souls."
If you missed any of them, let me strongly suggest you click below, kick off your shoes and learn how we ought to be.
Why We Fight - The Frank Capra Series:


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