Sunday, August 12, 2007

Postcards and Video From The Edge

CNN Lou Dobbs - video:
More evidence that our broken borders are allowing dangerous criminals to enter this country... An illegal alien out on bail for previous crimes in this country is charged in the execution style killing of three college students. The killings happen in one of the nation's sanctuary cities -- Newark, New Jersey. A 28-year-old illegal immigrant from Peru, Jose Carranza, is in custody and pled "not guilty" to the charge of murder as well as attempted murder, robbery and weapons possession. He was facing other criminal charges as well, and these are entirely separate cases. In one case he assaulted four men with a bottle and a chair and, most shocking of all, he is charged with raping a young girl when she was 4, 5 and 6 years old, over a long period of time. He pled not guilty to both of those charges in both of those cases. He posted bail of $200,000, and he was out free. Only after this latest charge did the director of New Jersey's homeland security department decided to do some digging. He took it upon himself to check his Social Security number and quickly found out it was a bogus Social Security number, and he contacted ICE, which immediately placed an immigration detainer on him. New Jersey is home to almost half a million illegal aliens. Unlike other states, New Jersey's legislator and its governor, Jon Corzine, have taken little action on illegal immigration. Now he wants a commission to investigate the state's growing problems with immigration. The governor is facing sharp criticism for failing to allow local law enforcement to participate in a federal program to help enforce immigration laws.
[Our take: So, Governor Corzine has announced a commission to study immigration... Amazing how politicians portray themselves as experienced and knowledgeable leaders on the issues during their election campaigns, but ignore the basics like public safety, skyrocketing social welfare costs, and crime once they settle into the job. Fortunately, they can call up a commission to study the problems they have ignored for so long, deflecting blame to intangibles like "the high cost of growth" as if the situation got out of control all by iteself. The problems of illegal immigration have been studied ad nauseum, yet it seems to be new turf for clueless Corzine. Voters are not fooled by such ploys. This incident will be remembered.]
Newark Star-Ledger
ICE records indicated [suspect Rodolfo] Godinez may also be in the country illegally. Rodolfo Antonio Godinez Gomez entered the U.S. from Nicaragua on Oct. 24, 1992. He was ordered deported on May 5, 1993, but it isn't clear if he ever left the country, according to Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontura. [More family values]
Alan Caruba --
On August 20-21, in Montebello, Quebec, secure behind a cordon of fifteen miles maintained by the Canadian Mounted Police, Security Quebec, and reportedly even the U.S. Army, the leaders of America, Mexico, and Canada will meet to further discuss the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and, no doubt, the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC).
El Paso Times
The fourth annual Border Security Conference starts Monday at the University of Texas at El Paso and focuses this year on new strategies and technologies and on strengthening collaboration with Mexico, organizers said. -- The event is also the first time Jose Rodriguez, who heads the National Clandestine Service...
Jim Kouri -- The Conservative Voice
Gang-related violence continues to garner headlines in the news media -- and rightly so -- especially the emerging, more organized gangs of criminal illegal aliens who prey on US citizens and illegal [aliens... criminals] alike. -- According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, released by the US Department of Justice...
Associated Press
Three men were ordered to stand trial for murder in connection with the freeway shooting death of a 12- year- old boy that stemmed from a soured smuggling deal. -- Gabriel Garcia of Hesperia was shot in the back of the head on Dec. 11 during a chase on Interstate 215 but the driver kept going...
Los Angeles can and should be the envy of the world. Instead, our city is a mess, and it gets worse each month. We can't afford four more years of a mayor who spends all his time running for the next office, staging photo-ops and going on out- of- town trips. We need a competent, full-time working mayor who takes the job seriously...
In Newark, NJ this week, 4 american Citizens were lined up and shot in the head by illegal immigrants. -- I know I dont exactly spin this in a balanced way,.but the reality of the story is, this is what happened. -- In New Jersey where senator Frank R. Lautenberg and Senator Robert Menendez both voted to legalize and make these illegal immigrants...


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