Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One, two, three what are we fightin' for?

Bush is now working with the U.N. to create a Muslim state in Kosovo.
On July 25, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom held a major hearing on religious persecution in Iraq that made your stomach turn. It effectively demonstrated that American soldiers, many of them Christians, are giving their lives and limbs to prop up a Muslim government that encourages or tolerates religious persecution against Christians. Michael Cromartie, chairman of the group and an appointee of President Bush, said reports indicate that nearly half of Iraq's Christians have already fled the country.
Bush Policies Promote Global Jihad
By Cliff Kincaid July 30, 2007
One problem stems from the constitution for Iraq, crafted with U.S. help, that established a Muslim state.
Conservative thinker and strategist Paul Weyrich sees a Republican political disaster in 2008 because of Iraq. "I believe that the Democrats, most likely with Senator Hillary R. Clinton (D-NY) as the nominee, will win," he says. "The Republicans, regardless of who they nominate, will lose because of the war in Iraq. Voters want to punish the Republicans for Iraq."It's easy to see how this might develop. But the backlash could get even worse when members of the conservative Republican base begin to grasp how the Bush policy has led to the virtual destruction of the Christian community in Iraq. It is nothing less than an outrage for this to be occurring under the auspices of a conservative Republican President who claims to be a born-again Christian...
Treatment of Palestinian Christians ‘Medieval’
Yet most Palestinian Christians still identify entirely with the jihad imperative. Will they awaken to the fact that this is not in their best interests before it's too late?
From Charisma (thanks to Andrew Bostom):
(July 30, 2007) – Arab Christians are leaving the Palestinian territories in droves due to discrimination and persecution from a Muslim-dominant police force and government, Dr. Justus Weiner, a distinguished scholar in residence at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told reporters and academics at the Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. on July 17.
“For a number of years now, this minority community [of Christians] has been in dire need of assistance,” he said. “Palestinian Christians are unable to practice their religion in freedom and in peace.
“Most in danger are Arab Christians. And most in danger among Arab Christians are those who have converted from Islam. They are often left defenseless against cruelty from Muslim fundamentalists.”
Weiner, an internationally recognized human rights lawyer, began advocating for Palestinian Christians nine years ago, after being surprised to discover that a problem even existed. He learned that “systematic persecution” was being met with total silence by most of the developed world, including human rights groups.
Read it all...
U.S. touts new Mideast "aid" package
"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the proposed U.S. package, estimated at more than $20 billion, 'will help bolster forces of moderation and support a broader strategy to counter the negative influences of al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran'."
Are you sure about that, Secretary Rice? And who exactly are the "moderates," other than the people pretending to like us while we're useful?
More on this story. "US touts new Mideast aid package," by Matthew Lee for the Associated Press:


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