Wednesday, August 01, 2007

EXCELLENT VIDEO! CAIR Leader vs.Christopher Hitchens and Dennis Prager

On Paula Zahn’s show tonight, discussing the Pace University Koran-dunking incident, Ibrahim Hooper simply could not let anyone else finish a sentence. Hitchens was clearly very irritated at the constant interruptions, but got off this excellent line: “Mr. Hooper, you have neither read nor understood the First Amendment.”
And at the very end, Hooper threw in a series of dishonest smears against Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch, who of course was not on the show and could not defend himself.
It’s a good development that Hooper is now going on shows with people like this, who understand the issues and won’t sit still for his distortions and lies.
But every time he goes on television, he should be asked whether he, and CAIR, are willing to condemn terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hizballah. Because he just can’t bring himself to lie about that and say, “Yes.”
(Video will be posted shortly.)
Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly handed CAIR a big propaganda win last night, by supporting the hate crime charges against Stanislav Shmulevich; CAIR has posted video of O’Reilly’s disgraceful position, with the gloating title:
O’Reilly Supports Charges in Quran Vandalism Case.
UPDATE at 7/31/07 7:06:04 pm:
My full-length video is still queued up at Liveleak, and
Allahpundit has already posted the show in two parts. So without further ado, and with a thank-you to AP and Hot Air, here it is:


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