Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Government Enforced Islamic Indoctrination

Here is a great list of examples of dhimmitude in our very country, it starts with our young.
The entire post is here:
A San Diego school adjusts its schedule to accommodate Muslim worship.
Like a growing number of school districts around the country, San Diego's is changing its ways to meet the needs of its Islamic students. Here, a controversy with constitutional overtones erupted: In accommodating Muslim students, is the school unfairly promoting religion? (Also the school is now offering classes in Arabic, no longer serves pork and other foods which conflict with fundamental Muslims diet restrictions. In addition, single gender classes for girls have been set up there.)
The school's policy "presumes that Christians are less religious and less inspired to worship and praise the Lord and come together," says Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute. He is asking the school district to set up special rooms where Christians can pray, too.
The ACLU will squeal like stuffed pig if special rooms are set aside for Christians. But they might not have to worry. Muslim prayer is allowed in San Diego BUT Christian prayer is denied in Bayonne.
The Bayonne High School graduation ceremonies on July 20 were marred by a controversy over the inclusion of a prayer in this year’s Valedictory Address. Traditionally, the top student of the graduating class speaks during the ceremonies, often expressing feelings about the past and hopes for the future. But a few days before the June 20 ceremonies, Jeremy Jerschina - this year’s valedictorian - was asked to submit his speech for review. The speech ended with a prayer to God, which was deemed unacceptable by school officials. Seventh-graders at a San Francisco-area school were required, even after 9/11, to "become Muslims" for two full weeks as part of California's world history curriculum. This included reciting the Muslim profession of faith -- "Allah is the only true God and Muhammad is his messenger" -- and chanting "Praise be to Allah" in response to teacher prompts.
And these examples from Jon Quixote World:

(Taxpayer-funded) Amhurst, NH middle school students engage in borderline dhimmitude: 7th-graders host Islamist night in order "to encourage participants to reach out and learn from people around the world, and to promote curiosity and cultural understanding," complete with misogyny, veiled (& separated) girls; nametags warn "death for drug trafficking"
(more pictures & details at LGF, here; more commentary at AtlasShrugs, here).


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