Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Clips From Islamic Media

Palestinian Media Watch
Click here to view a collection of clips from Islamic media:
Egyptian Video Clip: Hate USA and Israel
An Egyptian music video clip promoting hatred of the USA and Israel, entitled "Hey Arab Leaders," is a major hit in Egypt and the Arab world. Among other hate messages, USA and Israel are "bullies" against the world. it claims Israel destroyed the World Trade Center, and the US and Israel are dividing up the Arab world.
"Under Siege"
Promo for Afkar Media (Syrian) video game to be released 2005
Iranian TV: Jews stone crucified early Christians
A TV series currently being broadcast on Iranian television features an odious scene of Jews eagerly stoning crucified Christians. As-hab Al-Kahaf (The People of the Cave) is a fictionalized account of the Roman oppression of the early Christians, based on the ancient tradition of the Seven Sleepers. In one scene, the Romans have crucified a number of Christians. Stereotypically evil-looking Jews wearing prayer shawls notice the crucifixions, and bribe the Roman officer to permit them to stone the Christians.
Religious leader presenting the conquering and killing of the Jews of Israel by Muslims as God's goal
Aug. 19, 2005
Hizbullah video directing children through a cartoon clip to Shahada
[Al-Manar TV June 2002]
"The Diaspora" [Al-Shatat]
The Diaspora [Al-Shatat], the Syrian-produced series aired last year during the Ramadan on Al-Manar (Hizbollah TV) is now being aired on Iranian TV. The series covers the period of the Zionist movement, and is primarily a depiction of the classic anti-Semitic libel that attributes to Jews the desire for world domination.
Al-Manar Video Clip: Hate USA
Hizbollah TV anti American video clip compares Iraqi prisoners' suffering to the suffering of Jesus.


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