Thursday, July 19, 2007

Call me an Islamophobe, please. Seriously.

Winds of Jihad
Of the fifty-three Islamic nations on the planet, there is hardly a single one that isn't characterized by some combination of debilitating corruption, economic blight, third-world standard of living, political repression, or an appalling human rights condition.
Unfortunately, however, more Muslims in America will inevitably result in a more Muslim America, which ultimately means having to deal with the problems that plague Muslim society.
- Glen Reinsford
Moderate Muslims are breeding Islamic extremists, but it is rare that Islamic extremists breed moderate Muslims. Therefore, the US and other western governments are putting their “infidel” population at risk by allowing Muslims to live among us.
The Muslim world does not accept non-Muslim immigrants. In fact, it is becoming more homogenous as Islamic regimes drive out religious minorities or whittle them down through other means of attrition. Even Muslims who feel entitled to life in the West often decry the presence of foreigners in Muslim lands.But if Muslim lands are for Muslims, then it is all the more reason for insisting that this is where they stay, particularly since the legacy of Islamic immigration into the West is becoming a series of unilateral concessions to appease Muslims that not only go unreciprocated, but are then the new foothold for even bolder demands.
Muslim immigration is a losing proposition for America. At best, it is an unnecessary risk that offers no comparable benefit. At worst, it is suicidal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why beat around the bush? why not just publicly advocate for all the Muslims in America to be put in concentration camps and baked in ovens? Now THAT would take guts wouldn't it?

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