Wednesday, February 28, 2007

File this under "Duh"

Does anyone remember hearing a few weeks ago about a large number of counterfeit security and NYPD badges confiscated in a sting operation along with numerous arrests here in the city? I saw a quick clip (FOX or MSNBC) early one weekend morning and then the story disappeared before I could even make my coffee.
Let me know if any of you saw/heard that as well.
Iran to Target New York?
Erick Stakelbeck
CBN News
February 27, 2007

And the plot thickens. What this Newsweek article doesn't mention is that Iran will likely act here through its proxy, Hezbollah:
Increasing tensions between Washington and Tehran have revived New York Police Department concerns that Iranian agents may already have targeted the city for terror attacks. Such attacks could be aimed at bridges and tunnels, Jewish organizations and Wall Street, NYPD briefers told security execs last fall, according to a person with access to the briefing materials who asked for anonymity because of the sensitive subject matter.
NYPD officials have worried about possible Iranian-sponsored attacks since a series of incidents involving officials of the Iranian Mission to the United Nations. In November 2003, Ahmad Safari and Alireaza Safi, described as Iranian Mission "security" personnel, were detained by transit cops when they were seen videotaping subway tracks from Queens to Manhattan at 1:10 in the morning. The men later left New York. "We're concerned that Iranian agents were engaged in reconnaissance that might be used in an attack against New York City at some future date," Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly told NEWSWEEK. A spokesman for the Iranian Mission in New York said he was aware of the allegations but had no immediate comment.


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