Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hold Their Feet to the Fire XII
April 21 - 26, 2007
Washington D.C.
Here's how Roger puts it to his listeners:
Are you ready to stop whining about immigration reform?
Are you ready to do something about it?
Will you get off the couch and get to work?
Join us in Washington, DC as we confront Congress and demand:
The time for complaining is over...The time to rise up is long overdue...The time for action is NOW!!
The Time for Complaining is Over
By Jan Herron
Feb 27, 2007 - 1:59:41 PM
The illegal alien invasion is more than ("I just want to put food on the table,") illegal aliens wandering across our borders, it is a massive "conspiracy" on America, aided and abetted by our "blinded government" as well.
With 12-20 million illegal aliens camping out in our country, the invasion has now touched every citizen in America.

This invasion must cease immediately...
Join Roger Hedgecock in Washington, D. C.
It's time to get off the couch and let your voices be heard loud and clear. No, not just a few of you. We need millions! Roger Hedgecock of San Diego (also substitute for Rush Limbaugh show) together with many other talk show hosts throughout the US will be in Washington April 21 - 26, demanding a stop to the invasion of illegal aliens into our country.
Over the last 10 years, Roger has taken large groups of his listeners to Washington, DC to lobby Congress on key issues. Once again, he is asking radio talk show hosts around the country to join him in a national effort culminating in five days of citizen lobbying on Capitol Hill for immigration reforms.

Other talk show hosts who are committed to travel to DC with their listeners:
Terry Anderson - KRLA, Los Angeles
Peter Boyles - KHOW, Denver
John & Ken - KFI, Los Angeles
Melanie Morgan - KSFO, San Francisco
Lars Larson - Westwood One, Portland, Oregon
Mark Williams - KFBK, Sacramento
Bruce Jacobs - KFYI, Phoenix
Martha Zoller - WDUN, Gainesville, Georgia

Further details are provided below and more information will be provided in future updates.
Action: The first step is for all of you to commit to participating.
Please send this alert to your like-minded friends, ask them to do the same, and mark your calendars. More importantly ... Call Phone 619-523-0090 - Fax 619-523-0040 make travel arrangements to join Talk Radio America in DC.


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